Geocaching is a Scavenger Hunt Around the World!

We love combining a our hobby of Geocaching with our travels — not only is it fun, but it adds adventure to our sightseeing and gives us different experiences along the way. We call it, #TravelCaching.

What is Geocaching?

If you have never heard of it, Geocaching is basically a scavenger hunt game that you can play all over the world! While it’s fun to play the game on the road, you can also play the game at home too — taking the family out for a mini-adventure, or just enjoying a nice day in your hometown.

The great thing about Geocaching is that it is an inexpensive activity. Imagine if you combine the Amazing Race with the movie National Treasure…only YOU get to play & see some pretty cool new places!


To learn more about Geocaching and how to play, check out our Geocaching 101 section.

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Find answers to common questions about Geocaching.


Learn more about what geocaching is and how to play.


Combine travel with Geocaching for an adventure with a series of caches to explore a destination.


Read stories about our experiences geocaching during our travels.

Geocaching FAQ's

Geocaching is a GPS based game. “Caches” are hidden around the world and the GPS coordinates are used to enter it into the Geocaching system. 

When users create an account on, then they are able to open the app or website and search for nearby Geocaches that may be hidden.

Using a GPS unit (or even modern SmartPhones) players can search for clues and follow the compass to the GPS coordinates and find the geocache.

It’s super easy to get started Geocaching! You just need to go to the Geocaching website and create a free account. 

Then you can use a GPS or SmartPhone to start playing the game!

** Note: there is also an upgraded paid version of the account, if you want to access more Geocaches.

Back in May of 2020 Matt Stum created a “GPS Stash Hunt” where he hid some items and sent emails to people with GPS coordinates.

To play off the word “geo” for Earth and “cache” to describe a collection of items that are stored in a place (usually hidden) – the name Geocaching came about.

To play off the meaning of the word in the Harry Potter books, the word “muggles” is used to describe non-geocachers. 

For example: “When searching for a geocache try not to attract the attention of the muggles nearby.”

For more information about words like this, check out our glossary of geocaching terms post!

It depends. People can technically hide whatever they want in a geocache. Most usually you will find a log book and a few trinkets, because some people like to trade.

** For more details, check out our complete post about What’s Inside a Geocache.

Geocaches come in all shapes and sizes…and some of them you can’t even touch because they are virtual!

They could be tiny little magnets under a bench, they could be hanging in a tree. They could be a tupperware container in a hole…or a giant trunk in someone’s backyard (yeah, we’ve found that before!).

** For more details and lots more cool examples and pictures, check out our complete post What Does a Geocache Look Like.


What is Geocaching?  Geocaching is a real-world scavenger hunt game where people use handheld GPS devices (or a smartphone) to search for a “cache” that has been hidden.

There are more than 2 MILLION Geocaches hidden all over the world. So you can play nearly anywhere…at any time. Everyone plays the game differently, but for us, it’s all about the adventure that it takes us on.

Wanna Learn How to Play?

We’ve compiled a Geocaching 101 series of posts to explain to you more about how the game works, and how you can get started.

So go ahead…indulge your curiosity!


Another way to experience Geocaching is what is called “GeoTours” or “GeoTrails.” These are a series of Geocaches, often times sponsored by a local group or even a tourism board, which takes you on a tour of an area. 

TravelCaching Through GeoTours & Trails

We really enjoy GeoTours and GeoTrails because they are a fantastic way to combine geocaching with your travels as you explore new destinations. In fact, it’s a great inexpensive activity and can even feel like your own tour guide! 

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