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About Josh and Liz

Who knew a cup of coffee would bring these two “travel nuts” together.  As two fun-loving, curious people who are always up for an adventure, we always enjoyed traveling — and even more after we met.

After a while, we discovered that people were always asking us how we could travel so much.  So we combined our love for travel with our love for helping others so they can enjoy exploring the world like we do!

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After traveling to 30+ countries over the years, our friends and family are constantly asking us for our best tips & tricks.  DOWNLOAD this free guide to find out exactly what we tell them! 

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Helping you to plan your trip easier!

Vacation Planning Template

Start planning your trip using this FREE tool.  Download the pre-formatted Excel file, input different trip ideas on worksheets & formulas automatically calculate budgets!

"Cheat Sheet" - Itinerary Template

It’s difficult to keep everything organized for a trip. From confirmation numbers, flight details, train schedules, opening hours, etc. Just print this pocket-sized template & go!

Disney World Adults Itinerary

There’s more to Disney World than kiddie rides. In fact, Disney World is an amazing place for adults, if you know where to go and what to do. Includes: weekend / long weekend / 1 week.

Disney World for Adults eBook

Get the most out of your adults-only Disney World vacation with our detailed 200+ page eBook! Complete with detailed plans, and comprehensive park, resort & restaurant reviews.

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