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Make a plan, and Just Go!

If you want to take a trip, don’t let anything hold you back! It’s totally possible to save money, plan an amazing trip, and have the time of your life. Why not?!?

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, we’re here to help you achieve your travel dreams by making it easier and more fun to plan a trip.

From camping in an RV, visiting Disney with your family, going on a cruise, that big trip to Europe…or even just going on a road trip and doing a bit of Geocaching along the way.

We believe life is all about the memories you make, and the adventures you take.

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This is a community full of people just like you who want to plan a trip…or just enjoy talking about travel! We encourage members to share their own travel advice and ask questions of others who have already been there!

Let’s chat & get to know each other more!


Check out our library of sample itineraries to help plan your trip. Download editable versions so you can easily customize to build your own vacation!

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