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One of our favorite places to visit, Hong Kong is an amazing mix of East and West.  For first-time travelers to Asia, Hong Kong is an easy place to visit, but even if you are a frequent traveler…Hong Kong never fails to disappoint.

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Hong Kong Travel Planning FAQ's

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. There are technically 3 language widely spoken in Hong Kong. While the official language of China is Mandarin, locals in Hong Kong primarily speak Cantonese due to the heritage in this southern region of China. 

However, given the fact that Britain controlled Hong Kong for so long, you will find English spoken widely in Hong – particularly in the most popular and touristy areas.  You will find that many signs in Hong Kong are in all 3 languages, as well as transportation. 

Even though Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, you do NOT need to have a Chinese Visa to enter Hong Kong. 

Entry requirements will vary depending on the country you are coming from. But if you are from the USA, as of 2020 you do not need a special visa to enter Hong Kong.

You do need to have a valid passport to enter Hong Kong. Then US citizens will receive a visa on arrival.

Hong Kong has their own currency, the Hong Kong dollar. You will be able to exchange currency throughout the city, and you can also use the ATMs to get cash out – as long as you check with your bank and make sure you can use your ATM card abroad and put a travel notification on your account to let them know you will be in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong ATM machines actually give you the option to withdraw cash in both Chinese Yuan as well as Hong Kong Dollars. 

Hong Kong in in the southernmost part of China along the sea. The region’s weather is along like that of Florida. It is hot and humid much of the year, particularly in the summer, which a distinct rainy and dry season. 

April through September are the wettest months of the year, while the winter months tend to be more dry. 

The hottest month of the year is typically July, while the coldest is January. Hong Kong doesn’t see snow, so the winter months are still considerably mind yet chilly.

Typhoons (hurricanes) occur in the months from May through November. But the peak is between May to September. 

Hong Kong is a compact region that is extremely well connected. You do NOT need to rent a car or anything to get around Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong airport is connected to the city by express trains, and there are numerous metro lines that span the region, even across to Hong Kong Island. 

There are also an extensive bus system, as well as ferries. For more details, check out our complete post about Getting Around with Hong Kong Transportation

Hong Kong Travel Tips & Recommendations

Hong Kong really surprised me (Liz) on my first visit.  I traveled to Hong Kong on a complete whim — totally last minute…and alone!  Yet, I had one of the BEST vacations of my entire life!

Luckily, when Josh and I decided to live overseas for a few years we had the opportunity to live & teach English in Guangzhou, China — which is right near Hong Kong.  So we were able to visit Hong Kong regularly for weekend trips.  Turns out, Josh loves Hong Kong as much as I do, and we highly encourage travelers to visit this AMAZING city.

There’s more to Hong Kong than just the bustling, international city center.  Explore the many districts of Hong Kong to discover the Chinese / Cantonese culture.  Explore the many islands of Hong Kong to do some hiking and beach hopping — in fact, Hong Kong is an outdoor paradise with hiking and biking trails (you can even camp on the beach).  Don’t forget to visit the giant Buddha on Lantau Island, and possibly take a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland!

Even though accommodations in Hong Kong can be spendy, they are many cheap & unique accommodations in Hong Kong as well as plenty of free activities in Hong Kong to save money as well.  And with the awesome transportation in Hong Kong, you’ll be able to zip around the city and countryside with no problem.  So whether you decide to take in a museum, explore old fishing villages, or just relax on a Hong Kong beach – a visit to Hong Kong is always a good idea!

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