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Where to stay in Hong Kong?  Having visited Hong Kong a number of times, we can attest to the wide variety of accommodation options for travelers. But when you are planning to visit Hong Kong, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to know what area is the best, or which hotel / hostel is any good.  From our many trips to Hong Kong and staying at a variety of places, here are some tips and recommendations of great places to stay in Hong Kong!

A busy weekend of shoppers in the Causeway Bay shopping district of Hong Kong.
A busy weekend of shoppers in the Causeway Bay shopping district of Hong Kong.

Where to stay in Hong Kong – Location, Location!

When it comes to deciding where to stay in Hong Kong, you should first research the different areas of town and things that you want to do so that you know what district of Hong Kong you want to stay in. Hong Kong actually has quite a large area to choose from when it comes to accommodation options.

And while Hong Kong has great transportation, you don’t want to be crisscrossing town everyday…because it can get quite expensive!

Also, you want to choose a hotel that has quick and easy access to public transportation in Hong Kong, or that is walkable to certain attractions. This is going to save you a lot of time and money during your trip.

Where to stay in Hong Kong – Adjust Your Hotel Expectations: Sticker Shock & Size

The thing to keep in mind about accommodations in Hong Kong is that overall, you will pay more for a hotel (or hostel) in than you will in other cities. And if that wasn’t enough, be sure to lower your expectations of size. Due to the limited land in Hong Kong, real estate is at a premium.  So hotel rooms can be spendy, and small.

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Where to stay in Hong Kong – Proving how small Hong Kong hotel rooms can be, I am touching the bathroom, front door, two walls and laying across the bed all at the same time!

While the size of your room will depend greatly on the location of the hotel and the price you pay, we have been overall satisfied with our choices over the years. For the most part, hotel rooms make an efficient use of space, and we are rarely in the room anyway because we are out exploring.

Where to stay in Hong Kong – Recommended Accommodations in Hong Kong

Budget Hostels

YesInn (Fortress Hill & Causeway Bay)

The YesInn is a budget-friendly hostel with 2 locations in Hong Kong.  Each location is a little different, offering a mix of bed / room options, amenities, and prices.  Previously I have stayed at the YesInn.  I found it to be a great hostel.

It was simple, but everything was clean and the workers were friendly.  It was also in a convenient location just a few minutes from the MTR Central Line on Hong Kong island.  At the time that I stayed here, I was a solo female traveling in Hong Kong; and so I found this hostel to be convenient and in a safe area.

The YesInn at Causeway Bay is in an incredibly great location!  It is literally just around the corner from Times Square, and easy walking distance to all the shops and activities in the Causeway Bay area.  It is also located on the corner of a major street — so in less than 5 minutes you can be on many types of transportation including the MTR, bus, and old tram street cars!  Super convenient.

Hong Kong, Where to stay in Hong Kong, Hong kong hotels, Best places to stay in Hong Kong, Best area to stay in Hong Kong
Where to stay in Hong Kong – The main common area at the YesInn Causeway Bay in Hong Kong – a big kitchen, free coffee & tea, comfy couches & even a FREE massage chair!

The Causeway Bay location also has some great common areas.  Near reception, there is a huge room with comfy couches, and a massage chair (yes, a FREE massage chair!).  They also have a complete kitchen for guests, as well as a few items for purchase in the fridge.  However, coffee and tea are always free!  They also have a rooftop terrace, and another outdoor terrace on the 4th floor, so you can relax outside at a table, in the shade and chit chat with new friends.

Where to stay - PinWe have also stayed at the Hong Kong Hostel, in the heart of Causeway Bay just 1 block from Victoria Park.  While we found it to be a little older than some of the other accommodations we have mentioned above, we did find the rooms to be much bigger! We booked a private room, which had both a double and a twin bed.

The bathroom was quite large with a separate shower (a rarity in  Hong Kong budget hotels) as well as a TV and a common area just outside the rooms that included a fridge, water, maps, etc.  There is also a common room on the 3rd floor, where the main lobby is.  Overall for the price, it was not a bad deal for a private room right in the middle of the action of Causeway Bay!

A word of caution for any hostels / budget hotels in the infamous Chunking Mansions.  While they are cheap and conveniently located, the quality is very low, and it is a sketchy area (lots of touts and pushy sidewalk sales people all around).  We have heard travelers complain about the touts, the long lines for elevators to get up to the rooms; and some have just said that they don’t feel comfortable staying here.  In our opinion, you can find better options elsewhere for just as cheap.

Budget Hotels

Homy Inn

The Homy Inn is our new favorite budget hotel in Hong Kong, and they actually have a few different locations now around the city.  We stayed there recently during a last minute trip.  All we were looking for was a great location, good reviews…and cheap.  We found the Homey Inn and were surprised at how great the reviews were, and what a good price it was for being in a popular and convenient part of town, only a 5 minute walk from the Tsim Sha Tsui metro station.

Hong Kong, Where to stay in Hong Kong, Hong kong hotels, Best places to stay in Hong Kong, Best area to stay in Hong Kong
Where to stay ing Hong Kong – Homy Inn front desk. They were great from start to finish.

The Homy Inn is new, so it’s in great condition, and the staff was super friendly.  The room was small, but yet larger than many other budget hotel rooms that we have stayed in Hong Kong.  And they include towels (something you don’t always find in the lower-end hotels).  Overall, we really loved this hotel and would highly recommend it while staying in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, Where to stay in Hong Kong, Hong kong hotels, Best places to stay in Hong Kong, Best area to stay in Hong Kong
Where to stay in Hong Kong – They even had fresh towels for you everyday and the rooms were so cozy and comfortable.

Moderate – Higher priced Hotels

Hotel MK

The Hotel MK is a moderate hotel, but during peak season and over holidays, the price skyrockets (as with many hotels).  We found a great deal on a visit a few months back, and had a great experience with them.  The hotel is modern, very clean, and the staff was super friendly and helpful.  We found the facilities to be basic, but comfortable.  For Hong Kong, the bathroom was actually a reasonable size (you could at least stand and move around).

Hong Kong, Where to stay in Hong Kong, Hong kong hotels, Best places to stay in Hong Kong, Best area to stay in Hong Kong
Where to stay in Hong Kong – Hotel MK is one of our favorites in Hong Kong.

This hotel is also in a great location.  It is just a few blocks from the Yau Ma Tai station in the heart of Kowloon.  It is 1 block off of Nathan road, so you are close to the action but just far enough away that it is much more quiet.  There is a little park outside where elderly people hang out and play Mahjong, and there are many local restaurants and convenient stores all around.

Luxury Hotels & Icons

The Historic Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong

If you have the budget to stay here, then by all means do it!  The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong is the oldest hotel in Hong Kong built in 1928.  Not only is it an incredibly historic hotel, even being the place where the Hong Kong surrendered to the Japanese, but it is the epitome of luxury.  They even have a fleet of luxury emerald green Rolls-Royce Phantoms!

Hong Kong, Where to stay in Hong Kong, Hong kong hotels, Best places to stay in Hong Kong, Best area to stay in Hong Kong
Where to stay in Hong Kong – The Peninsula is the top of the pack in Hong Kong luxury.

Although it used to be on the waterfront, it is now set back a little because of land reclamation — but still has a great view!

Even if you can’t stay here, you can pop in for a visit to admire the beautiful colonial architecture and design, as well as enjoy their amazing afternoon tea set.


The Sheraton Hotel and towers in Hong Kong is not so much a historic hotel, but it’s a more affordable high quality and in an awesome location (right next to the Peninsula).  With views of the harbor and the nightly shows over the water, you are in the heart of the action of Hong Kong here.

The Intercontinental Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, you can’t get a better location and view than the Intercontinental in Hong Kong.  This hotel is set out right along the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade and along the Avenue of the Stars.  The hotel offers unobstructed views of Victoria Harbor and the skyline of Hong Kong Island.  This a convenient location, and a great place to grab a drink and gaze out at the lights over the water.

Hotels for Every Budget in Hong Kong

Overall, you will have plenty of options for hotels in Hong Kong.  The most important part is to decide what your budget is, and what part of town you want to stay in, which will be most convenient to what you want to do.

** This post was originally published in 2015, but was updated in 2019.

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  1. Chelsea Saldanha

    Hi there!

    I found your website while doing research on budget hotels in Hong Kong. Yessinn @ Causeway Bay was perfect for a single solo backpacker. They were courteous, helped me out with the Ding DIng details, let me keep my trolley for an extra couple of hours, free access to wifi – was a great experience overall. I stayed in the 9 sharing dorm with girls and everyone was polite.

    Thanks once again for some great information on Hong Kong, where and what to do… I didn’t bother with any other site – took your word for granted and wasn’t left disappointed.

    Chelsea (India)

    1. Wow – thanks so much Chelsea for reading and for the comment. We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed your experience in Hong Kong, and that we were able to help you with your trip!

      I actually stayed at the YesInn just last summer, also in a dorm room with 9 girls. I found it to be a good experience too — really a great establishment! I loved the rooftop terrace, but it was too hot in the summer to stay out there long.

      Thanks again for your comment! Please stay in contact and happy travels to you!

      – Liz

  2. Some very helpful tips! Traveling to Hong Kong for the first time in a few months. Some great things to check out and some excellent options for places to stay! 🙂

    1. That’s great Robert, thanks so much for reading and for the comment. We hope you enjoy Hong Kong as much as we do…in fact, it’s probably one of my most favorite cities in the world…LOVE IT!

      Have a great trip!

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