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Italy is literally a dream destination for many people we talk to.  Does it live up to the hype?

From personal experience, I’d have to say absolutely!  In fact, I’ve traveled to Italy many times and I must say it is honestly a place I would go back to again and again!

So take your time and explore this travel guide.  From our own personal experience, we’ve gathered plenty of tips, tools, sample Italy travel itineraries, and other advice to help you plan your dream Italy trip!

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Italy Travel Planning FAQ's

Italian is the official language in Italy and is spoken throughout the country.  However, being that the country is so heavily visited by tourists from all over the world, English is frequently used in some of the most popular tourist area. 

Don’t expect the locals to be fluent in English.  They may just know a few words, and if you venture outside of touristy areas then English may not be spoken at all, especially by older generations.

We highly recommend that you learn some basic Italian, things like “hello” or “thank you” as well as a few numbers or directions.  You would be surprised just how far this can get you — and it will earn you much respect from the locals. 

If you are planning to travel to Italy, you first need to make sure you have a valid passport. 

If you are from the USA and don’t have a passport yet, check out this post about how to get a US passport.  You need to be sure that your passport will be valid for your entire visit to Ireland (check that expiration date) & be sure you have at least 1 blank page in your passport. Entry requirements may vary depending on which country you are coming from.  If you are coming from the USA, currently you do not need a visa to enter Italy.

However, if you intend to work, study, or stay longer than that then you will need to contact the consulate for the proper entry paperwork.  However, you should always double check with the department of State for more information regarding current travel entry requirements for Italy. You do not need any special vaccines to enter Italy, other than routine vaccines.  

Since Italy is in the EU, their currency is the Euro.  We always advise bringing some local currency with you on arrival, so you have some cash right away.  The best way to get local currency in advance of your trip is to buy at your bank if they sell foreign currency (most big banks do this) or you can also convert currency at the airport, except the fees will be higher for the convenience.

Best Way to Get Cash Overseas = ATM Withdrawl

Once you are in Italy, the best way to get cash is actually just to pull out out of the ATM.  It’s the most convenient and gives you the best conversion rates.  Double check with your bank back home first to be sure that you can use your ATM card overseas (most major banks allow this, but smaller local credit unions may not).  Also be sure you contact them ahead of your trip to put a “travel notification” on your card and check if there are ATM fees for using non-network or foreign ATMs. Usually they are nominal, the same as which you may have back home. But good to know so you can plan out how much money to take out at a time. Read More About Our Money Travel Tips HERE Lastly, most major credit cards are acceptable in Italy as well.  Just be sure to check if your card will charge you foreign transactions fees…because they will really add up!  We use the Chase Sapphire card when we travel, which gives us no transaction fees abroad.

Italy Travel Tips & Recommendations

Planning a trip to Italy for the first time can be a bit overwhelming, but there’s really no need to worry! 

While you can do a guided tour, I assure you that it’s completely possible to visit Italy on your own.  You just need to do a bit of planning.

Here we’ve provided you with a couple different itineraries from our trips, including our 10 day Italy Itinerary as well as 2 weeks in Italy.  1 week in Italy just isn’t really enough…unless you just want to go to may 1 or 2 cities.

You can also check out our road trip map of Tuscany that I took with a good friend of mine years ago, a girls trip of Italy!

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