Money for Travel: Budgeting & Saving

One of the biggest obstacles for many of us when it comes to travel is money!  Most of us aren’t born rich, but the thing is…you don’t need to be rich to travel!

You can go on that vacation you deserve!


I didn’t grow up in a family with a lot of money and yet I was lucky enough to travel so many places. From Hawaii, Florida, Mexico, Disney, cruises and more. I learned at a young age it really comes down to knowing how to budget and save money for vacations.

Even as a young adult when I didn’t make a ton of money, I was able to save up enough to go on my first trip to Europe and even a trip to Asia while in my 20’s.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. And that’s very true when it comes to saving money for a vacation. But also, if you do a great job at planning your trip then you can also find so many ways to maximize your travel budget and even creative ways to score deals on vacations. Allowing you to do a lot more with less!

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