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How Did A Cup Of Coffee Lead To A Life Of Travel?

We’re Josh and Liz.  Who would have thought that something as small as a cup of coffee could change the course of our lives. We certainly didn’t.

We were your typical twenty-somethings.  Working hard at our 9-5 jobs, trying to make our way in the world.   And we each had a passion for travel and exploring the world in our free time. On the surface, it seemed like things were going well.  But we couldn’t shake this feeling that something was missing in our lives.

As fate would have it, we both resorted to an unconventional way of meeting.  But lucky for us, that coffee date was the first of many coffees together – all over the world.

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How Could We Travel So Much?

Liz grew up in a traveling family and traveled extensively on her own as an adult before meeting Josh (she even had dreams of becoming a travel agent, which she did for a few years). As a young adult Josh, traveled a lot with his friends and for work. But we both had a burning wanderlust to explore the world so much more!  Luckily, the two of us were able to meet. 

Travel was a huge part of our relationship when we were dating, from road trips to overseas trips. And we traveled even more after we got married.  Yes, we worked full time at “normal” jobs…and no, we didn’t win the lotteryLiz, is the type-A super organized travel planner (and former travel agent who has a real love of spreadsheets) and Josh is the go-with-the-flow, always up for adventure type!

Everyone wanted to know how we were doing it.  Friends, family, and even work colleagues were always coming to us for travel tips & advice. They even wanted copies of our travel itineraries! People were telling us for years that we should start a website. So finally in 2013 – we listened and created this website, Peanuts or Pretzels.

What’s With the Name “Peanuts or Pretzels?”

Haha, we get asked that a lot.
When we started our travel blog over 10 years ago, we knew it would be bigger than just us. And truthfully, it wasn’t supposed to be about us. The purpose was to share our travels, tips and experiences to HELP OTHERS be able to travel more and have a great time! So we didn’t want our names in the title. Instead, we wanted something TOTALLY different.

We wanted something that made people scratch their heads a bit and say, “huh, I get it. That’s fun!

Since the two of us were living in Atlanta at the time, we always flew Delta Airlines and preferred it. Back then, during the flight they would offer you the option for peanuts or pretzels as a snack (yeah yeah, I know there are some delicious cookies in the mix now!).  Anyway – that’s how we came up with the name Peanuts or Pretzels. We wanted something that was fun, unique, memorable, and represented travel…as well as us.
Over the years it’s been especially fun to see our travel community members post photos on social media of their travel snack choices and tag us on Instagram & Facebook. It’s a toss up – some days peanuts win. Other days pretzels comes out as the top choice!

3+ Million Readers!

With Peanuts or Pretzels, we’ve combined our professional work experience in tourism, travel planning, and digital marketing with our life-long passion for travel. Our stories inspire and provide helpful information along with sharing our trip planning tools and resources so our readers can enjoy amazing vacations too. And we are proud to say that this online resource has helped millions of people from all over the world!

Our goal is to make trip planning easier & more fun for everyone.

If you have travel related questions or want to chat, then feel free to contact us.  Or you can start planning your next trip right away!

Taking Our Lives and Work on the Road!

After a year of working full time on Peanuts or Pretzels and full time at our corporate jobs, we realized just how much we loved working on PoP.  We wanted to get out there and travel – exploring and working.  Unfortunately, our “normal” jobs were tying us down. So just 2 years into our marriage, we decided to quit our “normal” jobs, sell everything and pursue our dreams of traveling and working on the road.

We set out on an Around the World Adventure in mid 2014.  Little did we know, as soon as we left on our worldy adventure our business took a turn. We immediately discovered that people and businesses were asking (and paying) us to help them with digital marketing, content, SEO, social media, etc. Which led us to launch our consulting arm of the business – PoP Digital Media!

As of 2023, our business has grown to become a marketing and media company.

We have a parent company and multiple businesses fall under it (as we keep coming up with new ideas!). This includes our original consulting business that we still run, as well as multiple online businesses and websites in various industries from travel and lifestyle to real estate and even affiliate websites. We’ve been “digital nomads” before that was even a popular term – because we can move around traveling and working from wherever we want!  However, we prefer to refer to our lifestyle as “location independent” — because we do actually own a home. We just don’t have to live or work there.

The best part is that we get to do work that we enjoy while indulging our passion for travel.

But it’s not all sunsets and beaches.

It’s hard work.  But we love every minute of it!

Interested in Working Together?

We’ve been happy to partner with many organizations throughout the years. From content collaborations, building ambassador programs, developing a digital & brand strategy, social media support, consulting and more!
If you are interested In talking with us about collaboration opportunities or even digital marketing consulting, please visit our Work With Us page.

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