How Did A Cup Of Coffee Lead To A Life Of Travel?

We’re Josh and Liz.  Who would have thought that something as small as a cup of coffee could change the course of our lives.

We certainly didn’t.

We were your typical twenty-somethings.  Working hard at our 9-5 jobs, trying to make our way in the world.   And we each had a passion for travel and exploring the world in our free time.

On the surface, it seemed like things were going well.  But we couldn’t shake this feeling that something was missing in our lives.

As fate would have it, we both resorted to an unconventional way of meeting.  But lucky for us, that coffee date was the first of many coffees together – all over the world.

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Countries Visited...and Counting!

How Could We Travel So Much?

While dating and even after we were married, we traveled together like crazy!  Yes, we worked full time…and no, we didn’t win the lottery!  Everyone wanted to know how we were doing it.  Friends and family were always coming to us for travel tips & advice.

They Even Told Us On Many Occasions That We Should Have A Website…So We Finally Listened.

Our Most Awesome Travel Memories!

This Is Just A Start. Check Our Full “Bucket List” For Things We Want To See And Experience!


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Taking Our Lives On The Road

After a year of working full time on Peanuts or Pretzels and full time at our corporate jobs, we realized just how much we loved working on PoP.  We wanted to get out there and travel – exploring and working.  Unfortunately, our “normal” jobs were tying us down.

So just 2 years into our marriage, we decided to quit our “normal” jobs, sell everything and pursue our dreams of traveling and working on the road.

We’ve been on our Around the World Adventure since mid 2014.  Our lives as “digital nomads” has been exciting, especially teaching English in China, but it’s not all sunsets and beaches.

It’s hard work.  But we love every minute of it, and are passionate about sharing what we’ve learned with our readers so they can plan their trips!

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With Peanuts or Pretzels, we’ve combined our professional work experience in tourism, travel planning, and business with our life-long passion for travel. Our stories inspire and provide helpful information about popular, and off the beaten path travel destinations.  And we are proud to say that this online resource has helped hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world!

Our goal is to make trip planning easier & more fun for everyone.

If you have travel related questions or want to chat, then feel free to contact us.  Or you can start planning a trip right away!

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