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“Sukhothai, Thailand…where the heck is that?”

That’s what I thought when Liz mentioned taking a detour during our trip from Chiang Mai to Bangkok through this town.  Even after explaining to me that it was the capital of an ancient kingdom, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But wow — was I in for a surprise!

Ancient kingdom of Sukhothai, Thailand

Ancient kingdom of Sukhothai, Thailand

This historic area of Thailand isn’t a very heavily visited area, due to the fact that it’s slightly off the beaten path (1 hour away from the train line).  However, it isn’t that difficult to access via bus. Our plan was to relax at our awesome little bungalow nearby the historic site, and just enjoy ourselves while riding a bike around to explore the countless ruins in the area.

Little did I know, we would stumble across one of the coolest GeoTrails that we have experienced!  We had an absolute blast exploring the different temples and ruins around this ancient capital city.  But it made it even more fun because we had a goal to go after, the geocaches.

So come explore the ancient city of Sukhothai with us — watch the video (below)!

We hope you love the experience just as much as we did!


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