Travel Caching: Combining Our Love of Travel & Geocaching

Being travelers who love to Geocache, we have found GeoTours and GeoTrails to be a really fun way to explore a destination…and go Geocaching!  But we realized that there was no solid place online to find a comprehensive list of GeoTours & GeoTrails that was organized by destination.  So we set out to create one. Introducing “Travel Caching” – a new resource on our website for GeoTours, GeoTrails, and vacation planning!

Now Geocachers can save time searching for GeoTours and GeoTrails (or planning their trips), which means more time for discovering caches!

What is a GeoTour or GeoTrail?

GeoTours (or GeoTrails) are a “Tour” of a destination through a series of geocaches that are set up by an organization or individual.

There are a wide variety of tours all over the world, and especially in the USA.  In fact, many state and local tourism boards have discovered how Geocaching can enhance a tourist’s experience though GeoTours or GeoTrails.

Stamping our passport while doing the Jackson County GeoTrail in Georgia!
Stamping our passport while doing the Jackson County GeoTrail in Georgia!

Each GeoTour or GeoTrail is unique, and often provides an entertaining and deeper understanding of the destination.  Some will have specific themes, while others will have prizes at the end for finishing the entire tour.

Collect cards from the Georgia State Historic Sights tour, and you can turn in for special coins!
Collect cards from the Georgia State Historic Sites GeoTour, and you can turn in for special coins (pathtags)!

How to Find GeoTours & Trails Near You

(or Your Travel Destination)

We have gathered information on some of the major GeoTours & GeoTrails that we’ve completed, and others that we are looking forward to checking out sometime.  We’ve compiled all of this information on our Ultimate Guide to GeoTours and GeoTrails page and organized it by State and by country (for international destinations). You’ll also find a blurb about some of these GeoTours and GeoTrails as well as links directly to their websites for more information and details about the caches. 

In addition to official GeoTours, we have included include GeoTrails that may not be deemed “official” by Geocaching but do have the backing by an official organization, such as a tourism board.


Geocaching Adventures With GeoTours & GeoTrails!

We’ve had a lot of fun over the years going on some of these GeoTours and GeoTrails. For example, one of our favorite GeoTours we did was a part of the Georgia State Parks back when the two of us were still dating (so long ago!). We’ve also enjoyed d a few other trails while we were traveling, including near GroundSpeak Headquarters in Seattle, and even with some friends at the launch of a Geotrail in Georgia. As travelers, we know that finding vacation destinations and GeoTours is just one piece of the planning puzzle. The next part is actually planning your trip! 


** NOTE: Currently we are ONLY listing official (Permanent) GeoTours or GeoTrails that have the backing of an organization, such as a tourism board.  We also require that they either have their own website for the trail, and / or they provide some kind of reward for completing the tour.  Sorry, the line had to be drawn somewhere – although, you could stumble across a number of “unofficial” geocaching or sometimes called “geo-seeking” in various destinations. – Thanks!


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