what does a geocache look like

What Does a Geocache Look Like?

When someone wants to know more about geocaching, one of the first questions is typical “What does a geocache look like?”  But the answer is not as simple as one would think.  For starters, hiding a geocache is all about creativity.  Being creative is what makes it fun, for both the seeker and the person hiding the cache.  

This means that there is NO standard look for a geocache…they all look different, and can vary widely!  One way that you can see the variety of Geocaches out there is to check out Pinterest and our Geocaching Ideas Board, which showcase the creativity of cachers all around the world. For the purpose of this post, we’ve actually collected some of our favorite creative Geocache Pins from Pinterest and embedded them here for you all to see! 

What Does a Geocache Look Like?

Some caches are hidden in plain sight, and very cleverly disguised.  While others are just really well hidden. But that’s the great thing about geocaching, you can make the game however you wish.  Some people love to get super creative with hiding caches. This cache is a great example of someone using their creativity to enhance the game. Hidden in plain sight, but it might be something that you would never consider as being a geocache.  This is why you should read the hints provided by the cache owner, in order to help discover the cache.

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Gadget Geocaches

Geocaching creativity starts and ends with a guy named WVTim is well known in the geocaching world for creating some mind-blowing gadget geocaches hidden all over the West Virginia area.  This particular cache requires you to actually play the right notes to open it.  Crazy! We never really saw too many of these when we were living in the states, but we have seen many of these while geocaching in foreign countries. If you don’t want to spend money buying pre-made caches or want to start a series or multi-cache, try this one.

GeoTour Geocaches

This is geocaching creativity at its finest.  This geocacher turned a real estate lock into a cache.  We have seen one geocache like this in Seattle, on the Geocaching HQ GeoTour.  There are so many cool ways to incorporate the code into the geocache. Yes, there are even geocaches hidden underwater!  It’s a really cool type of cache, and definitely one that not everyone can get to.  

We personally haven’t found a cache like this, but it is high on our bucket list for sure.  We have found geocaches hidden in the water, but nothing this extreme. Wow! The guard rail geocache is a great type of cache to start with.  More than likely, EVERYONE has found a guard rail cache at some point in their caching experience.  Here is a great example of all the different types of geocaches that you may find hidden in a guard rail. This is just an evil cache.  Caches like this test your patience as a cacher.  This type of cache is like a needle in a haystack challenge.  

We personally have not found a cache like this before, but it would be fun to check out. The magnet cache is a great type of cache to hide and find in big cities.  We found a couple of these types of caches while geocaching in Scotland and on the Historic Portuguese Trail in Macau.  It’s a cool cache to find because it is literally hidden in plain sight. This is a really cool, and yet an evil cache.  This is a waterproof matchstick case that was creatively turned into a geocache.  You would have to read the hints and clues for sure on this type of geocache.

Evil Geocaches 

Well, hidden caches are fun to find, but can be a real pain in the ass at the same time. Perhaps a little mean, the cache is hidden in plain sight – which are some of the hardest caches to find.  Searching for this particular cache may give you both a headache and a splinter at the same time.  But once you find a cache like this, you instantly love it.

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Sometimes geocaches can be a little bit on the creepy side.  Case in point, this geocacher decided to turn this cache into a tombstone.  A cool idea for sure, but a bit creepy.  I wonder if they made it into a cool story behind the cache and the “Cache Owner”? There are some caches that are pre-made by Geocaching.com which you can purchase and hide…and this one of them.  There are some that are magnetic bolts, while others are bison tubes with the geocaching logo on the side to let people know they have found the cache.

Basic Geocaches

Some companies like Cache Advance also have some pre-made tricky geocaches that you can purchase and hide in your area.  Check out this cool Tricky Cache Geocache Kit at Cache Advance. If you are just starting out geocaching, then we highly recommend finding roughly 100 caches yourself before trying to hide your own geocache.  This will help you get a feel for the game and spur your creativity.  

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This Geocaching Starter Kit is perfect for the new geocacher and will get you started on the right track of geocaching. So what does a geocache look like?  Well, as you can see there isn’t a clear answer.  One thing is for sure, you never know what a geocache will look like until you get to ground zero and start your search.  You may find yourself starring at a door for an hour or two before realizing it was right in front of you the entire time.  This does happen!  Happy Caching & Happy Travels!

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