Geotours and geotrails

The Perfect Combination of Travel and Geocaching

As travelers, Geocaching has enhanced our travels by giving us a unique way to explore a destination. This is especially true if the destination has set up a GeoTour or a GeoTrail.

…And, Geocaching is an inexpensive activity!

To help you explore the different GeoTours & GeoTrails out there, we’ve compiled them all here for you!

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Discover GeoTours & GeoTrails in the USA, organized alphabetically by State.


Explore GeoTours & GeoTrails in countries around the world!

What is a GeoTour or GeoTrail?

GeoTours (or GeoTrails) are a “Tour” of a destination through a series of geocaches that are set up by an organization or individual.  There are a wide variety of tours all over the world, and especially in the USA.  In fact, many state and local tourism boards have discovered how Geocaching can enhance a tourist’s experience though GeoTours or GeoTrails.

Each GeoTour or GeoTrail is unique, and often provides an entertaining and deeper understanding of the destination.  Some will have specific themes, while others will have prizes at the end for finishing the entire tour.

Combining Geocaching & Travel For an Awesome Vacation

We love traveling. But we also enjoy Geocaching as a way to get out and about, and even do a bit of sightseeing. That’s why these two passions of ours go great together!  We’ve discovered that setting out on Geocaching adventures are a really cool way to explore a destination that we are visiting.

But even better than just normal Geocaching, we absolutely enjoy doing GeoTours and GeoTrails!

Often times when we do these, we feel like we are getting a private tour of an area – and we can even learn a bit about the area along the way. So it’s a fun, insightful, entertaining, and inexpensive way of enjoying and exploring a travel destination.

GeoTours & GeoTrails in the USA

KohlsFITgeo at Phoenix Children’s Hospital GeoTour

Phoenix GeoTourKohlsFITgeo at Phoenix Children’s Hospital GeoTour has created a 30 cache GeoTour around beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.  This GeoTour will take you on a tour of Phoenix or what some call it Valley of the Sun.  This is a great way to see and explore Phoenix through this GeoTour.

Milpitas GeoTour – Milpitas, California

Milpitas GeoTour - CAMilpitas GeoTour is the first official Geocaching GeoTour in all of California.  Milpitas is located just north of Santa Clara and San Jose, Milpitas is gem of the Silicon Valley.  With plans on adding more geocaches to the tour in the future, this GeoTour is surely a can’t miss while visiting this beautiful part of the state and country.

Across the Divide GeoTour

Across the Divide GeoTourAcross the Divide GeoTour is a geocache tour that takes you on a tour around the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park.  The beautiful town of Estes Park is the main host of the GeoTour.  Colorado is an amazing state to explore and this GeoTour will help you discover a bit more of the beauty of this state and this area.

Download Their Printable Passport HERE

Colorado’s South Park GeoTour – South Park

South ParkColorado’s South Park GeoTour is one GeoTour that you will want to check out.  Located just outside of Denver and Colorado Springs, this 76 cache GeoTour is a can’t miss stop while visiting Denver or beautiful Colorado.

Santa Fe National Historic Trail GeoTour – MO, KS, CO, OK, & NM

00000000-0000-0000-0041-000000000010_sThe Santa Fe National Historic Trail GeoTour will lead you and your family on a beautiful drive through Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, & New Mexico.  You will experience stunning landscapes and the well preserved history of the American West.

Are you planning a drive across the country?  This GeoTour is perfect to break up those long hours in the car!

Across the Divide GeoTour

Across the Divide GeoTourAcross the Divide GeoTour is a geocache tour that takes you on a tour around the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park.  The beautiful town of Estes Park is the main host of the GeoTour.  Colorado is an amazing state to explore and this GeoTour will help you discover a bit more of the beauty of this state and this area.

Download Their Printable Passport HERE

Colorado’s South Park GeoTour – South Park

South ParkColorado’s South Park GeoTour is one GeoTour that you will want to check out.  Located just outside of Denver and Colorado Springs, this 76 cache GeoTour is a can’t miss stop while visiting Denver or beautiful Colorado.

Santa Fe National Historic Trail GeoTour – MO, KS, CO, OK, & NM


The Santa Fe National Historic Trail GeoTour will lead you and your family on a beautiful drive through Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, & New Mexico.  You will experience stunning landscapes and the well preserved history of the American West.

Are you planning a drive across the country?  This GeoTour is perfect to break up those long hours in the car!

Delaware Tourism Geocaching GeoTrail – All Over the State of Delaware

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 5.35.39 PM


The Delaware Geocaching GeoTrail will take you on an adventurous journey throughout the great State of Delaware. This GeoTrail will bring excitement to you and your family with all of the historical and cultural treasures hidden in Delaware’s three counties.  On this GeoTrail you will be able to take in the beautiful estates, gardens and sanctuaries that envelope the great state of Delaware.

Florida State Park GeoTour – All Over the Sunshine State

FL State Park Logo GeoTour

FL State Park GeoTour Logo

Florida State Park GeoTour has 69 geocaches hidden in states parks all over the beautiful Sunshine State.  This GeoTour will take you on a tour through some of Florida’s hidden gems in various state parks from Pensacola, to the Pan-Handle, to the beautiful keys…all the way to Key West!

Destination Archaeology Resource Center (DARC Geo-Trail) – Pensacola, FL

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 10.24.04 PM

Pensacola, Florida is a beautiful area for a family vacation.  Not only can you explore the beaches, but you can explore Florida’s rich history and archaeology through DARC Geo-Trail!

Emerald Coast – Okaloosa County GeoTrail – Ft. Walton Beach & Destin

Emerald Coast Logo - GeoTour

The Okaloosa County GeoTrail is located in Destin and Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.  This area is full of gorgeous beaches and fun family activities, including Geocaching!  Geocaching is a great and inexpensive way to explore an areas history and scenery.  The Emerald Coast is full of both.  Download the GeoTrail and start planning your adventure toady!

See the Passport HERE


Manatee County GeoTour – Bradenton, FL (Sarasota / Tampa Area)

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 12.32.48 PM

Manatee County GeoTour located in Bradenton, Florida (just outside of Sarasota and Tampa) is a great family activity in Florida, especially for the bird lovers!

Pirates of the High Seas GeoTour – Panama City, Florida

Panama City GeoTourPirates of the High Seas GeoTour is a brand new Geocaching Tour located in some of the most highly sought after beaches in the country.  Panama City is known for several things that attracts tourists from all over the country and now they have a brand new GeoTour to attract geocachers from all over the country.  So you can now complete this GeoTour, retrieve your reward of a GeoCoin then hit the beautiful whites sands of Panama City, Florida.


Explore Pensacola GeoTour – Pensacola, Florida

Visit Pensacola GeoTourExplore Pensacola GeoTour will take you and your family on a great adventure all around the beautiful beach community of Pensacola, FL.  This 23 cache GeoTour will show you and your family the rich history of the area while also saving you money.

Space Coast GeoTour – Titusville & Palm Bay, Florida

space-coast-geotourSpace Coast GeoTour showcases the best of Florida’s Space Coast.  This Geocaching GeoTour will take you on a tour of Florida’s historic Space Coast.  This 20 Geocache GeoTour is a great way to see this historic part of the world and beautiful Florida coast.

*After completing the requirements and submitting your qualifying photos to the cache owner, you can claim your geocoin by visiting the store during business hours, home of A Cool Cache (GC15RQB). Coins will not be mailed.

Georgia State Historic Sites GeoTour – All Over the Peach State


Georgia State Historic Sites GeoTour takes you all over the beautiful state of Georgia.  Venture across the Peach State as you visit 14 historic sites, solving clues along the way.  Only by answering questions about Georgia’s history will you be able to open the combination lock to each cache.  Inside, you’ll find collector cards that you can trade with friends or turn in for custom pathtagsThis GeoTour can be played with or without a GPS device.

Check out this story on the blog about our own experience on the Georgia Historic Sites GeoTour.


Georgia State Parks GeoTour – All Over the Peach State


Georgia State Parks GeoTour has 46 geocaches hidden in 43 spectacular state parks.  From Cloudland Canyon’s cool mountain trails to Skidaway Island’s sunny historic coast, and everywhere in between.  Start your journey to reach all three levels, and collect all 3 custom geocoins!


Blackshear Geocaching Challenge GeoTour – Blackshear, Georgia

14439854-c4e2-4ba4-9f01-8c1700c73a58Blackshear Geocaching Challenge GeoTour consists of 30 geocaches that highlight the beautiful city of Blackshear, Georgia.  This GeoTrail showcases the area’s history, as well as must-see sight.  By completing this GeoTrail you can even earn a beautifully designed *PathTag (based on availability).

Columbus, GA RiverWalk GeoTour – Columbus, Georgia

00000000-0000-0000-0003-000000000002_lWith the RiverWalk GeoTour, there are even more reasons to bring the family for a hike along the Chattahoochee RiverWalk in Columbus, Georgia! Check out the longest urban whitewater course plus hiking, biking, kayaking…and Geocaching. Family fun for everyone!

Caching Duluth GeoTour – Duluth, Georgia

Duluth GeoTourCaching Duluth GeoTour is one of Georgia’s newest GeoTours.  Georgia has such a great geocaching community and this just solidifies that with its latest GeoTour.  Duluth is a great historic town just minutes from the hustle and bustle of downtown Atlanta.  The Caching Duluth GeoTour will take you on a trip all around Duluth and will show you some the award winning parks and hotspots around the city of Duluth, Georgia.

Jackson County Heritage GeoTrail – Jefferson, Georgia


Jackson County Heritage GeoTrail in Jefferson, Georgia is a GeoTrail that you should MUST do!  We’ve done this tour ourselves, and can attest that it is one of the hidden jewels of GeoTours and GeoTrails all around the world.  All of the caches on the tour are so well done, and incredibly creative!

The trail consists of 30 caches. You must find and log them all to complete the trail. Geocachers should take one sticker from each cache and place it on an official trail passport.

Peachtree City GeoTour – Peachtree City, Georgia

Peachtree CityPeachtree City GeoTour is one geotour that you should need miss out on.  Located just 45 minutes south of Atlanta, Peachtree City is a great town with some wonderful geocaches all over it.  Another great thing about caching around Peachtree City is that you can do all your caching around the city in your very own golf cart.  Yes this town is extremely golf cart friends as well as geocaching friendly.  Go and find out why this town was voted Best Small Town in America for Geocaching.

Cache Your Way Across McHenry County GeoTour – Illinois

McHenry Co GeoTourCache Your Way Across McHenry County GeoTour and find adventure in middle of Illinois.  McHenry County GeoTour highlights all off the best spots in the area.  This GeoTour will show some of the natural beauties around the area.  If you love EarthCaches then this is a GeoTour for you.

Davies County Historic Geocaching Trail

Davies Co - IndianaDavies County Historic Geocaching Trail is a great GeoTrail that will show you the beautiful scenery of Indiana.  Davies County is full of history and this trail will highlight the Wabash and Erie Canal, the Buffalo Trace, the Wratten Murders, and the Round Barn.

Berea Chamber of Commerce GeoTour – Berea, Kentucky

berea-geotourBerea Chamber of Commerce GeoTour is a great GeoTour highlighting the beauty of Kentucky. This 17 geocache GeoTour highlights the best of this arts and crafts town in the Kentucky foothills.


Kentucky State Parks GeoTour

State ParkKentucky State Park GeoTour is a 49 geocaching tour of the beautiful state of Kentucky.  The bluegrass state will not disappoint.  With jaw dropping rolling hills and mind blowing equestrian centers, the ride across this great state will be a memorable one for sure.

Houma Travel GeoTour – Houma, Louisiana

Houma Travel GeoTourHouma Travel GeoTour is a one of the few Geocaching Tours and Trails in Louisiana.  This tour will show you all the highlights of this bayou town.  While touring the south make sure to stop by Houma and experience this great GeoTour.

Captain John Smith GeoTrail – Chesapeake Bay Area

Captain John Smith GeoTour

Captain John Smith National Historic GeoTrail is a geocachers dream trail.  This historic trail is located all around the historic Chesapeake Bay region.  This region was extremely vital in the creation of the United States.  This trail has a little bit overthink for all types of caches.  If you are a history fan this trail is full of our nations history.  *Caches placed and maintain by Maryland Geocachers Society


Hagerstown Washington County GeoTrail – Hagerstown, Maryland

Hagerstown Maryland GeoTour

Hagerstown Washington County GeoTrail located in Hagerstown, Maryland is a great GeoTour for you and your family.  The Hagerstown GeoTrail has 39 geocaches that will take you to historic sights and some of the famous battle sites from the Civil War, while also showing you some of the beautiful landscapes that Washington County has to offer.  This tour will not disappoint the history and Civil War buff in the family.  *Placed and maintained by Maryland Geocaching Society

Helena Montana GeoTour – Helena, Montana

Helena Montana GeoTourHelena Montana GeoTour is a GeoTour you will want to add to your list.  Not only is Helena a gorgeous city to explore it is also an extremely friendly Geocaching city.  A couple of years ago it was voted best city in America to go Geocaching.  If you are anywhere near this part of the world, you will not want to miss the Helena Montana GeoTour.

Experience Cortland GeoTour – Cortland, New York

Experience Cortland GeoTourExperience Cortland GeoTour is a great GeoTour to experience while exploring northern part of the state of New York.  This 20 geocache GeoTour will take you on a historic tour that you will not forget.

** Each geocache site you find contains a three letter code. Visit all 20 sites, record all the code letters, decipher the correct message, and claim your prize at our office.

Butler County Donut Trail GeoTour – Hamilton, Ohio

butler-county-geotourButler County Donut Trail GeoTour is an unique GeoTour to say the least.  This 12 geocache GeoTour will take you around Butler County in southwest Ohio.  If you love donuts and geocaching then this is GeoTour is perfect for you and your family.  Have a road trip filled with donuts and geocaches and grab a sweet reward of cool geocoin.


Strolling Stark GeoTour – Canton, Ohio

Strolling Stark GeoTourStrolling Stark GeoTour is a Ohio’s newest GeoTour.  Located in the heart of Canton, Ohio.  Canton is known for the prolific NFL Hall of Fame, but it is now known for it’s new geocaching GeoTour.

Klamath Basin GeoTour – Klamath Falls, Oregon

Klamath Basin GeoTourKlamath Basin GeoTour is located in south part of the beautiful state of Oregon.  On this 20 cache GeoTour you can discover the areas mountains, rivers, vistas, trains, and miles of trails all within miles of  Klamath Falls.

Spring Grove Area GeoTour – Spring Grove, Pennsylvania

Spring Grove Area GeoTourSpring Grove Area GeoTour is a great Geocaching tour located in the heart of Pennsylvania.  Spring Grove was voted 8th best geocaching city in the world at one time.  This 65 geocache GeoTour will bring some excitement to you and the family.

Birthplace of Texas GeoTour – Washington County, Texas

Birthplace of Texas GeoTourBirthplace of Texas GeoTour in Washington County, Texas is a great geocaching experience for everyone.  This geocache is filled with adventure, history, and scenery.  Find 10 caches on the tour and win a geocaching pin.  Find 25 plus to get your official GeoTour GeoCoin.

JFK50 GeoTrail – A Day in Dallas, Texas

JFK GeoTrailJFK50 GeoTrail – A Day in Dallas is a geocaching history nuts dream.  Like many geocachers I too am a big history buff.  Geocaching and history go hand in hand and this GeoTrail is a great way to take a look into that infamous day in American history.  This well done GeoTrail will take you back to that day in November in 1963.  If you are traveling in Dallas then make sure t not miss out of this GeoTrail.

TRWD Trinity Trails Geocaching Adventure GeoTour – Fort Worth, Texas

Trinity Trails Geocaching Adventure LogoTRWD Trinity Trails Geocaching Adventure GeoTour is a 30 geocache GeoTour based around the Ft. Worth, Texas area and the Trinity Trails system.  This 70 mile Trinity Trail GeoTour will give you and your family a tour of the beautiful area and all of the historical hidden gems on this great trail through Ft. Worth.  This GeoTour is separated into 3 sections, History, The Trail, and Just For Fun.  Complete and answer the questions in all 30 caches to get your award for completion.

Download the Passport HERE!

Gems of Rockbridge GeoTrail – Lexington & Buena Vista, Virginia

Gems of Rockbridge GeoTrail

Gems of Rockbridge GeoTrail, located in and around Lexington, Virginia will take you and your family on a tour of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  This 10 cache tour highlights the beauty and natural heritage of the gateway communities to the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Route 39 Scenic Byway GeoChallenge – Virginia & West Virginia Border

Route 39 Scenic Byway GeoTourRoute 39 Scenic Byway GeoChallenge is located on a beautiful scenic drive in between West Virginia and Virginia.  This 9 cache GeoTour will guide you through the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains.  Starting in Lexington, VA and ending in Summerville, WV; this tour will lead you to several Visitor Centers along the way.

Visit Rainier Centennial GeoTour – Tacoma, Washington

Visit Rainer GeoTourVisit Rainier Centennial GeoTour is a nature lovers dream GeoTour.  Located in the beautiful mountains of Mount Rainier.  To celebrate the 100 years of the National Park Services, Visit Mount Rainier has placed over 100 caches  with 4 different series in the latest GeoTour in Washington state.  This beautiful area just outside of Seattle in the Tacoma area is full of great hiking trails and gorgeous landscapes for everyone in the family to enjoy.


Washington State Parks GeoTour

Washington State Park GeoTourWashington State Parks GeoTour will take you on a tour of one of the most beautiful states in the country.  Washington State Parks GeoTour has a little bit of everything for all cachers.  We love visiting state parks all over the country and Washington State Parks does not disappoint.

Booneville Bigfoots Search GeoTour – Booneville, Washington

Bonneville Bigfoot Search GeoTourBooneville Bigfoots Search GeoTour will take you on a hunt for the world famous Bigfoot.  Not the one who is a Henderson, but actual real live Bigfoot.  Along the way in your search you will be able to discover the picturesque scary all around Booneville, Washington.  This 10 geocache GeoTour is one that you can not miss.


Geocaching HQ GeoTour – Seattle, WA

HQThe Geocaching HQ GeoTour is easily one of the best GeoTours in the world.  This tour will take you around one of the coolest and hippest neighborhoods in Seattle, the Fremont Neighborhood.  Also on this tour, you will find some of the most favored caches in the world; including the world famous phone cache!

This is a GeoTour that you should definitely do while you are visiting Seattle.  Make sure that you also schedule a visit to take a tour of HQ. (*appointments needed)  There you can grab a passport for the GeoTour.

Olympic Peninsula Highway 101 Scenic Byway GeoTour

e5e6f983-b0bb-4282-a281-3e1189371ae9_lOlympic Peninsula Highway 101 Scenic Byway GeoTour is one of the newest GeoTours in the Seattle area.  This new GeoTour will take you a beautiful scenic drive of some of the best views in the Northwest.  The GeoTour will take you near waterfalls along on the Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail where you will see some WWII historic military history, and fill you up along the way on the Olympic Culinary Loop.  Turn this GeoTour into a great road trip for you and your family.

Spokane History GeoTour – Spokane, Washington

SpokaneSpokane History GeoTour is a geocaching tour based around the history of the Spokane, Washington area.  This GeoTour was put together with the lead of the great crew at Cache Advance and the help of the Washington State Geocachers Association.  If you love learning about local history then you will love this geocache.  Explore Spokane and add to your #TravelCaching adventures.

Smithsonian Natural History GeoTour – Washington D.C., PA, MD, VA

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 3.36.05 PM

The Smithsonian Natural History GeoTour will take you on a tour of the history of the United Sates,  and through several states including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.  The National Museum of Natural History is dedicated to inspiring learning about the natural world through its research, collections, exhibitions, and education outreach programs.  A great GeoTour for the history lover in the family.

Star-Spangled Banner GeoTour – Washington D.C. Area

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 9.30.24 PM


Star-Spangled Banner GeoTour is a great historic tour based around the Washington D.C. area.  Although this 32 cache GeoTour will show you some  amazing history around the DC area, it will also take you outside the region too – as far south as Newport News, VA.

This is a great road trip GeoTour to take the family on as you visit the Washington D.C. area.  *Cached paced and maintained by Maryland Geocaching Society. 

Hatfield McCoy GeoTrail – Williamson, WV & Pikeville, KY

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 5.56.34 PM

The Hatfield McCoy GeoTrail is one of the most popular geotrail in the U.S.  This geotrail will take you and your family on exciting historic journey through 75 rustic miles through Southern West Virgina and Eastern Kentucky.  This historic family feud in the Appalachian Mountains was documented on the History Channel and you can know relive the feud as the tour takes you to all of the historic highlights of the area and this monumental feud between two families.

Hatfield McCoy House GeoTour – Williamson, WV

Hatfield McCoyThe Hatfield McCoy House GeoTour is one of the first of its kind.  Not only is full of history around the infamous Hatfield & McCoy family feud it is one of the first GeoTours based around GeoArt.  This 150 geocache GeoTour is will take you all around beautiful scenic country roads of Southern West Virgina and Eastern Kentucky.  This famous feud that was highlighted in short mini series on the History Channel, is one with rich history for the area.  You are now able to step into history and relive this bloody family feud while exploring the are on the GeoTour.  You can also enjoy the Hatfield McCoy GeoTrail.

Discover Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods GeoTour

Milwaukee GeoTourDiscover Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods GeoTour is a perfect way to see and get the full experience of Milwaukee.  Milwaukee is the big city with little neighborhoods and this great 15 cache GeoTour will show you all of the best of the little neighborhoods.  This GeoTour will give you a sense of the history of Milwaukee and all of the little neighborhoods.  A GeoTour like this is a great way to get to know the area and all fun activities Milwaukee has to offer.


West Bend Four Seasons GeoTour – West Bend, Wisconsin

West Bend WI GeoTourWest Bend Four Seasons GeoTour is one of the best geocaching tours in the country.  It is the Geocaching Capital of the Midwest and is a 20 geocache GeoTour in the heart of Wisconsin.  If you are traveling around the MidWest make sure to stop by West Bend, Wisconsin.

International GeoTours

Check out these great GeoTours from other countries around the world!

Azores Geotour – Azores Archipelago Islands, Portugal

Azores GeoTour PortgualAzores GeoTour is one of the most adventurous GeoTours out there today.  The Azores Archipelago are made of 9 volcanic islands located off the shores of Portugal.  One thing is for sure you will earn this GeoCoin as there are 150 geocaches spread out on the 9 islands.  Wow!




Knokke-Heist GeoTour – Knokke-Heist, Belgium

51226c35-c9cd-4c8b-9f2e-8bbb4fcb8b9d_lKnokke-Heist GeoTour is a beautiful Belgium GeoTour that highlights the small coastal town.  Not only does this coastal area feature a beautiful beach, it contains woods, dunes and polders as well. Discover the Bay of Heist, bike along the lighthouse meadows, ending your Tour in the Zwin nature park.

Backroad Mapbooks GeoTour – British Columbia, Canada

Backroad Mapbook GeoTour Logo

Backroad Mapbook GeoTour highlights some of the most popular recreation sites and trails throughout the 6 regions of British Columbia.  You can discover caches hidden to different themes like On The Trail, On The Road, and On The Water.  Explore BC and learn more about the outdoors while exploring beautiful British Columbia!


Heritage Hide’n’Seek GeoTour – Northern Ontario, Canada

HeritageHide’n’Seek GeoTour is a series of related geocaches along a route in Northern Ontario that tell you a story.  Explore Northern Ontario and discover how it’s people, places and events shaped the Canada we all know today.  Find the caches, answer the questions, collect at least 100 points, and you’ll be eligible for a collectible Heritage Hide’n’Seek GeoCoin.



City of Richmond GeoTour – British Columbia, Canada

City of Richmond GeoTourCity of Richmond GeoTour is 30 cache GeoTour that will show you and your family the beauty of British Columbia and the city of Richmond.  This GeoTour will give you a tour of the cities parks, trails, and community facilities.  Discover all of the geocaches and fill out your passport to claim you prize of a trackable travel tag.


Other GeoTours & GeoTrails in Canada

Prague Airport GeoTour

Prague Airport GeoTourPrague Airport GeoTour is truly one of a kind.  It is the first and only airport GeoTour in the world.  Sometime when traveling you can long or the unexpected layover.  The Prague Airport has come up with a fun story about Peter, the trailer.  You help Peter find his way with a 10 geocache series hidden around the airport.  Nothing like fly in and fly out, grab 10 geocaches and a wooden souvenir coin all in a couple of hours.

South Downs GeoTour – South Downs National Park (England)

South Downs LogoSouth Downs National Park GeoTour is the first ever official Geocaching GeoTour in England.  This 30 cache geocaching tour will take you on a tour through some of the most beautiful landscapes in England.  With the help of Pulse 72 this GeoTour came to life.  On this unique tour you can collect points by visiting geocaches, traveling sustainability, eating and staying locally.



Other GeoTour & GeoTrails in the UK

Garden of Amsterdam – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Garden of AmsterdamGarden of Amsterdam is Amsterdam’s first official GeoTour with 24 caches hidden throughout the beautiful Gooi & Vecht region. This GeoTour will take you on a tour of  impressive castles, old fortified cities to the most beautiful natural areas.  Make sure to bring your hiking shoes for this multi-day GeoTour.  There is no better way to see this beautiful area than by hopping on Netherlands newest GeoTour, the Garden of Amsterdam GeoTour.

  • Thing Sites (Viking Heratage: Norway, Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Orkney, Shetland, Highland Scotland, and the Isle of Man)

Explore Royal Deeside GeoTour – Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Explore Royal Deeside GeoTourExplore Royal Deeside GeoTour is a great geocaching tour that will show you some of the pristine history of Scotland.  This new GeoTour will take you on an amazing road trip through the beautiful countryside of Scotland.  There are also a number of mini-trails leading you into some of Deeside’s historic landmarks, local estates, iconic villages, forestry trails and loch side walks.  Also there are some 70 new caches in total that have been hidden throughout the valley with more being planned for the future.


Let Us Know if We Missed Any!

Gathering this information was a big undertaking, so it’s possible that we have missed some great tours out there.

** NOTE: Currently we are ONLY listing official (Permanent) GeoTours or GeoTrails that have the backing of an organization, such as a tourism board. We also require that they either have their own website for the trail, and / or they provide some kind of reward for completing the tour. (Sorry, the line had to be drawn somewhere).


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