2 Minute Vacation: Explore the Ancient Wonders of Rome Italy

Rome, Italy is known as the “Eternal City,” and it is truly incredible to see relics of such an ancient civilization sitting in the middle of modern, bustling city.  From the famous Colosseum where gladiators entertained, to Palentine Hill where aristocrats lived.  Wandering through the expansive Roman Forum and seeing the very spot where Julius Caesar was assassinated so long ago is unbelievable.  Experience ancient wonders, including the Pantheon, and beautifully sculpted fountains in lively piazzas that come alive at night.  Rome does not disappoint.  So take a break from your day and explore Rome, Italy with us on this 2 minute vacation!

Explore the Ancient Wonders of Rome Italy With Us!



Tips for Planning a Visit to Rome, Italy

  • Summer is brutally hot, and very crowded.  Try to avoid it.
  • The airport is a bit outside the city. But you can easily take the Leonardo Express train into the city center.
  • Rome is huge! Choose accommodations near the sights you want to see, likely central Rome. Don’t waste time and money commuting around – pay the extra to stay in the heart of the city.  You won’t regret it!
  • The Roma Pass is worth it, even just for the expedited entry to the Colosseum (which has a long line!).  But it’s also good on other attractions and transportation.  Great value!  For more details, review our post on how to get more out of your vacation budget!
  • The hop-on hop-off bus tour is quite good. The routes are convenient for transportation and sitting on the open-air second level of the bus is a really nice way to rest your feet and see the architecture.
  • I highly recommend downloading audio guides / walking tours to your mobile device.  With so much history in the area (especially the Forum) it will add a lot to your experience knowing what you are looking at.  I highly recommend Rick Steves free audio guides of Rome.  Very thorough!
  • My favorite dish in Rome is cacho y pepe!  Basically, super cheesy pasta with fresh ground pepper.  Yum!
  • If you want to go to the Vatican Museum, buy your tickets in advance online and book a reservation time — so you don’t have to stand in that INSANELY long line!  You just walk right in at your appointed time.
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