Geocaching Around the World: Our Top 10 Destinations to Discover

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As Geocachers we are always looking for adventure and the next great cache.  As Liz and I set out on our round the world journey, we have come up with a list of places and caches that we want to discover along the way.  We know that as time goes on we will be adding to this list.  But in no certain order, here is our list of Top 10 places to go Geocaching around the world.

1.  Antarctica – Deception Island GC115ZX

Antartica Anartica 2

(33 Favorite Points – Earth Cache)

An 5/5 Earth Cache that is one of the toughest to get to in all the world!  Who doesn’t want to say that they cached in Antarctica?  There are several traditional caches on Antarctica, and we would love to discover a traditional, but they are so tough to get to.  However, this Earth Cache is accessible from cruise ships.  A Polar Plunge for a smiley sounds fun.

 2.  Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia – SALAR de UYUNI – ISLA INCAHUASI GC2FFMJ

Salt Flats 2Salt Flats

(29 Favorite Points – Traditional Cache)

This is a place that is on many traveler’s wish lists.  The Salt Flats of Bolivia is an experience that Liz and I look forward to.  The combination of the landscapes and the salt make for some very fun photos because of the optical illusions that take shape through your lens.  We have had many of our traveling friends visit this place, and it looks like a lot of fun.  The trek to get here is definitely an adventure within itself.  But we are looking forward to taking some fun photos to share with you guys.

3.  Yangshuo, China – Green Lotus Peak, Yangshuo (China) GCE866

Lotus Park ChinaLotus Park China 2

(25 Favorite Points – Tradtional Cache)

We have plans on visiting and staying in China for a while during our journey around the world.  Of course, we want to cache along The Great Wall of China, but this particular cache has an amazing view — and we are all about the views!  This rewarding geocache sits high on the mountain with amazing views of the city below.  The gorgeous mountain backdrop makes for a geocache to not pass up.

4.  Petra, Jordan – Petra GC282A


(60 Favorite Points  – Traditional Cache)

Petra is high on our list of exploring.  Beyond the history and magnificence of this world wonder, it was even the site for one of the Indiana Jones Movies!  We love that there is a physical geocache here for us to go after.  Exploring this historic city of Petra is a sight and an experience that we will never forget, but to be able to find a cache will just be an amazing memory!

 5.  Eil Malk, Rock Islands, Palau – Jellyfish Lake – Ongeim’l Tketau GC11A56


(17 Favorite Points – Earth Cache)

We have heard about the “Jellyfish Lake” for years.  This Earth Cache is another 5/5 cache that is tough to get to, but extremely rewarding once you arrive and start swimming with the jellyfish.  The experience of swimming among millions of jellyfish is one that we can not pass on.  Oh, and these jellyfish don’t sting!

6.  Mount Everest, China – Roof of the World Cache GC9A9E

Mt. EverestMt. Everest 2

(10 Favorite Points – Traditional Cache)

Let’s be clear, we know our limits.  And while we have no desire to cheat death and summit Mt. Everest, we do wish to sit at to the foot of the tallest peak in the world and sit back and take in the shear size of this mountain.  It would also be pretty cool to at least hike to base camp at the bottom of Everest.  Here we can enjoy the beauty of the mountain and also experience finding one of the highest geocaches placed around the world.  This will be one of the most exciting caches to find during our travels around the world.

7.  St. Petersburg, Russia – St. Petersburg’s Most Beautiful GCGNHF

St. PetersburgSt. Petersburg 2

(279 Favorite Points – Virtual Cache)

We would love to experience Russia, and particularly St. Petersburg.  We have set a goal to geocache everywhere around the world, and finding a cache in Russia would make our Geocaching world map look pretty full.  There are not as many geocaches in Russia as you might due to it’s size, but there are a few.  This one is Russia’s most favored geocache, so it would be a great one to have under our belt.

8.  Berlin, Germany – Lego – einer ist zuviel GC13Y2Y

Berlin 2Berlin

(4251 Favorite Points – Traditional)

Germany has a great geocaching community, and is the second most popular country for geocaching next the the United States.  This cache is a tough one to find, even though it is well hidden in plain sight.  This is Germany’s most favored cache and is a must do for us during our travels.

9.  Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Africa – Uhuru Peak GC10CTQ

Kilimanjaro 2Kilimanjaro

(30 Favorite Points – Traditional)

One of our dreams is explore the African wild and to stand on the tallest peak on the African Continent.  This cache will push us to our physical limit, but will reward us such a sense of accomplishment by trekking to the top and discovering the highest geocache in Africa.  So there would be two victories for us here, climbing to the top of Kilimanjaro as well as finding the cache!

10.  Easter Island, Chile – Easter Island Cache GCB357

Easter IslandEaster Island 2

(29 Favorite Points – Traditional)

Ah Easter Island.  That mysterious island hidden among the massive South Pacific Ocean.  It is quite the trip to make it out to this lonely island out in the ocean by itself.  We can not pass up finding a cache out in one of the most remote islands in the world.  There isn’t much on Easter Island besides the massive head statues, wild horses, and a geocache.  But that’s enough for us to want to make the trip out there!

It’s a Big World, With Lots of Geocaches to be Found

This is only a short list of geocaches that we would want to discover around the world.  We can see that hunting these out will take us on some great adventures.  The great thing about geocaching that we love  is that it’s a budget friendly way to explore a new area.  For the most part, we are not sure where are Geocaching around the world will take us, but wherever we end up, you can bet that wee will be searching out some caches!

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