Planning Small Group Vacation in Bibione, Italy (Near Venice)

Some of my favorite vacations are when we can travel with a group of friends. There’s no surprise that travel is a big part of my life, and luckily, a lot of my friends are travelers as well.  Over the years we’ve planned a lot of trips together, but during a recent chat with some of my college friends, we thought it would be fun to plan another adventure abroad together.  Italy has been on our minds lately – and Bibione, Italy seemed like just the spot for our small group trip.

Another Trip to Italy With Friends

Who doesn’t want to visit Italy?  I mean, it is really on the top of most traveler’s lists.  And even though I’ve visited Italy numerous times over the years, it seems I never tire of it and I’m always looking for a reason to return.

Fortunately, I’m not the only one.  In fact, a few years ago I went to Italy with one of my best girlfriend from college. She and I spent a couple of weeks touring around Rome, Naples, Cinque Terre, Florence, and of course Tuscany.  We had an absolute blast!  And ever since that trip, we always said we couldn’t wait to travel again in Italy together.

Fast forward a few years, and now we are both married.  Neither of our spouses have been to Italy, so we figure Italy would be a great destination for all of us to travel together.  The food, the fun, the history…and it wouldn’t be a vacation without a little beach time too!

Planning a Trip is Never Easy With a Group

When deciding on places to visit in Italy, I was really leaning toward the Venice area because it’s been many years since I’ve visited that part of Italy – and I know my husband would love it.  Plus, my friends had never been to that part of Italy either, so it seemed like a good option.

However, we also want to have a trip where we can truly relax.  My friend not only is married, but she has two young sons…and understandably she is looking for some full-on relaxation during this trip!  And as for myself and my husband, we work very stressful jobs that require a lot of travel overseas – so we’re wanting a more low key and relaxing vacation.

Bibione – A Destination We Can All Enjoy

Bibione, Italy is one of those destinations that would give us exactly that.  Located just north of Venice along the lovely Adriatic coast, it’s a charming resort town with miles of beautiful beaches but it also has numerous activities available and even some great spas.

Having the option to relax on the beach and soak up the sun, enjoy a spa day, dine in the open-air in the evening or just simply relax in this resort town is the exact vacation that appeals to us as a group of couples.  Plus, we have the option of venturing inland to explore some of the charming Italian towns and history – and of course, making a day trip to Venice and that area if we would like.

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A beautiful summer day along the Grand Canal, Venice Italy

Finding the Right Accommodations for a Small Group

When you are traveling with a small group, settling on a destination is important.  But even more important is finding just the right accommodation for everyone.  Naturally, we want something that gives enough privacy where we feel like we can relax…but we also want it to be easy to visit with each other. Lastly, the location is fine because we want it to be convenient to entertainment and dining – with consideration to parking or walking.

When it comes to the type of accommodation, our group is leaning toward a private villa / or apartment-type residence where we can all stay together and have some common areas – rather than just a hotel. However, hotels often offer more amenities such as inviting swimming pools and Jacuzzis to soothe our tired muscles.

Agenzia Serena is a great website that we have been searching for our small group of couples accommodations in Bibione.  I really enjoy their interactive map so that I can easily get a birds-eye view of the town and proximity of accommodations to the beach and popular areas for nightlife. Their website also has a lot of great information to help with our trip planning, such as weather details, transportation recommendations, and also news and events in the area. It’s also been nice to search both hotels and apartments / villas in one place.

Looking Forward to Our Getaway in Bibione!

We still have some details to sort out for our group trip.  Planning a trip with a group is always the hard part.  So we’re looking forward to having all the details wrapped up soon so we can be able to just start packing and the countdown to fun and relaxation.  Enjoying some authentic Italian cuisine, sipping wine, relaxing on the beach and chatting with friends – that’s my idea of a great getaway with friends.


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