10 Idyllic Castle Hotels in Ireland Where You Can Stay

Ireland is one of the most loved tourist destinations in the world. Beyond the iconic landscapes, traditional music and friendly locals, it’s the legendary castles which many visitors long to see.  And who wants to just visit a castle when you can actually experience staying in a castle hotel in Ireland!  To help you plan your trip to Ireland, we’ve chosen some of the top castle hotels in Ireland where you can stay overnight.

#1. Ashford Castle

This is one of the best-known castle hotels in Ireland, and holds the country’s top and most luxurious spot. You’ll be welcomed in a complete Downton Abbey style, and staying here will make you feel like you are queen or king. Guests can explore the beautiful & historic grounds of this castle, and if you’re good at fishing, you might want to try your hand on Lake Connemara.

In addition, you can engage yourself in other activities such as hiking in the National Park of Connemara or visit Kylymore-Abbey and its tremendous Victorian Walled-Gardens.  If your travel budget can afford it, a stay at Ashford Castle will be well-remembered for years to come.

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#2. Ballyseede Castle

Although it’s the only castle hotel in county Kerry, Ballyseede is also among the best castle hotels in Ireland. Having a history dating back to the sixteenth century, the castle presents four-star old-fashioned splendor and elegance with essence of modern culture.

Being located in county Kerry, Ballyseede Castle is in a prime tourist area for those who want to explore the area. Driving the Ring-of-Kerry is a highly popular (although at times, a bit crowded) activity for tourists visiting Ireland.  Exploring the Wild Atlantic Way and some of the Kerry beaches is also a popular activity. Additionally, you can enjoy hiking within the tallest mountain in Ireland (Hike Carrauntoohil) or explore the nearby National Park of Killarney for gentle-hikes. The lovely and charming town of Kenmare is a wonderful place to stop for a pint, or there is plenty of pubs and lively Irish music if you visit the town of Killarney.

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#3. Clontarf Castle

This castle has a history that originates back to the twelfth-century and contains more modern portions built in the nineteenth century (1837). The castle is situated five miles from Dublin Airport, and just ten minutes from the city of Dublin, which makes it a great option for those who want the castle hotel experience while also being able to explore Dublin city.

This castle has played a very important role in the economy of Ireland. It’s near the waters of the Irish Sea and is surrounded by numerous golf courses. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant and bar, or read a book in the charming lounges.

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#4. Lough Eske Castle Hotel, Donegal

This Irish castle hotel is a five-star and located in Donegal, one of the most-rugged and least-visited areas in Ireland. Its history dates back to the fifteenth century, although it has been upgraded to become one of the best and an award-winning castle hotels in Ireland. It includes a fitness center and swimming pool, deluxe rooms, a courtyard, bar and daily Irish-breakfast in the restaurant.

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#5. Kinnitty Castle Hotel, Kinnitty

This is a gothic-revival-castle that was re-built in 1213 following its entire destruction in 1209. In 1922, it was again destroyed by the Irish Army and was restored back in 1928. The castle has gone through various renovations over the years, and now features a luxurious hotel with thirty-seven bedrooms set within six hundred and five acres of land.

The castle has an elegantly designed restaurant on-site that’s bound to make you feel like royalty. This hotel also has conference facilities and can serve as a wedding venue.

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#6. Dromoland Castle

This castle presents one of the country’s finest five-star castle hotels situated in county Clare, just beside New Market-on-Fergus. Inside this historic building you can relax while warming yourself in front of an ornate fireplace, and gaze upward at a traditional chandelier.

The hotel is near the National Park of Burren where you can enjoy wild-flowers and moon-like landscapes that seem like another world away. Additionally, this castle hotel in Ireland serves a variety of fine wine, traditional honey, and Irish cuisine. Those who visit this castle hotel in September get the chance to take part in the annual Burren-Walking-Festival.

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#7. Adare Manor

What makes this castle special is the large area of land – eight hundred and forty acres of it. This castle was built in the nineteenth century, which is said to have brought a lot of employment to the surrounding neighbors at times when Ireland was devastated with dreadful famine.

The castle has on-site restaurants, including five-star dining options, and an quintessential afternoon tea. The surrounding villages have traditional buildings made of thatched roofs, which adds to the charm and ambiance of the area.  You can also find a number of pubs and restaurants in the villages to explore.

#8. Castle Leslie

This castle hotel in Ireland is known for their unique rooms – no room is made exactly like the other. Each has its own style and design. Browsing the different room options and picking the one that matches your style is just part of the fun!

Outdoor lovers will enjoy staying at this castle hotel because of the number of activities available nearby.  The Mourne-Mountains offers great hiking and the mountain of Slieve-Donard is great for climbing. Horse-riding is also a popular activity, or you can stroll along and admire the Lake of Glaslough near the Castle.

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#9. Lisheen Castle

Following a total destruction by fire in 1921 during the Independence Irish War, this castle was rebuilt and restored anew in 1996. Originally, it was a 3-story building made using a European architectural style back in the eightieth-century.

The castle offers quality accommodations and modern facilities, with the comfort of Wi-Fi and smart TVs. Additionally, it offers traditional dining facilities which are both formal and family-friendly. A highlight of this castle is relaxing on the beautiful lawns surrounding this castle with your loved ones.

#10. Kilkea Castle

This castle is situated about three miles North-west of County Kildare near the village of Kilkea. It has a history dating back to the twelfth century, but recent renovations have made this unique castle more luxurious.

This castle welcomes guests from every part of the world to experience and caters to events such as family gatherings and weddings. Nearby golfing options are also popular with visitors to this castle hotel.

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Which Castle Hotel in Ireland Do You Want to Stay?

There is possibly no better way to immerse yourself in the Irish experience than staying overnight in a castle hotel in Ireland.  Choosing the right castle to stay in Ireland will depend on the type of experience you are looking for, the area of Ireland you are planning to visit…and of course, your budget.

Luckily, many of Ireland’s castle hotels offer not only quality accommodations, but charming design and amenities so you can feel comfortable while also appreciating the history.  Lastly, many of these castle hotels are situated on lush green landscapes or near water, while offering outdoor activities to keep you busy during your visit.  No matter which castle you choose to stay, we’re sure your experience will be a memorable one.

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