What to Pack for Ireland: Tips from Our Experience

Oh, Ireland!!  It’s green pastures, incredible landscape, amazing and open people that are always up for a laugh – and a pint of Guinness!  There’s little to dislike about Ireland, but surely, if you ask an Irish the one thing they’d like to change to make the beautiful Country even more perfect, the answer would probably fall on the likes of better weather.

There’s a reason why Ireland is so green…it rains. Though that shouldn’t even for a second put you off, you’d do well to prepare ahead for the trip and make sure that, should the Irish weather decide to make an appearance, you’re set to go.

We’ve prepared a packing list of items that will go great together and ensure that you leave nothing behind so that you may focus on the only thing that matters – enjoying your visit to one of the world’s most beautiful countries.

Here’s a list of 13 things to pack for your Ireland vacation that will help make your trip a perfect one.

packing list for Ireland

Travel Umbrella

We’ve mentioned the weather, so it might just be a great idea to pack a travel umbrella.  It’s extremely compact and light and you don’t need to use it only for rainy days as it will also protect you from the high UV on sunny ones.  Its windproof design will hold strong should the roughest of Irish weather conditions present themselves. This is a good investment because during our visit specifically to the Cliffs of Moher the wind was pretty harsh!

Packable Raincoat

You knew this was coming. But the trick is having a compact and packable raincoat that won’t take up much space.  This one we like because it’s very light and it will keep you nice and dry.  It’s the ideal clothing item to challenge the open plains even when the sky is looking menacing and overall, it’s a great option to take with you due to the little space it takes and the great protection it offers when necessary.

Next Travel Wallet

Obviously you need to bring some type of wallet on your trip, but nowadays, it’s also important to protect your money.  This travel wallet’s greatest feature is the lined RFID-proof fabric, which will protect you against digital theft. In case someone tries to collect your information without you noticing, the wallet will act as a barrier preventing it from happening.

It’s also very fashionable and comfortable, making it a great travel wallet instead of a bulkier, heavy wallet.

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Waterproof Phone Case

You’re already aware that Ireland tends to be a little prone to rain, so we wanted to make sure that you keep all your belongings dry.  And that includes your ever-important SmartPhone

Any smartphone up to 6.8″ (diagonal size) will fit and you have a credit card and money waterproof bag built-in too.  The phone case is so great that you can actually take it with you if you are doing water activities, or if you are just caught up in wet outdoor weather.

Its 100ft IPX8 waterproof certification means that you’re protected to an elevated standard when it comes to adverse water, snow or dirt conditions.  It’s handy to take on your trip due to a convenient neck strap, making it even more portable.

Travel Adapter

If you have never traveled internationally, then you may not know that other countries have different electrical outlets.  It would be a surprise if you arrived at your destination and realized that you couldn’t plug in some of your devices!  You don’t want to go through the trouble of arriving in Ireland and still have to look up for a travel adapter that suits your devices. The ideal travel adapter will not only be handy for this visit but also for any future trips you may embark on.

Certified to cover more than 150 Countries (with US/EU/UK/AU plugs) and Dual USB Ports, you’ll need to look no further.  To ensure you still travel light, this unique device allows you to charge up to three simultaneous devices via its AC power socket and dual USB ports.

Moisture Scarf

Ireland is also home to occasional colder weather, especially the further north you travel.  To ensure you’re protected against any conditions that may come your way, this Moisture Scarf is the ideal partner that will protect you both in cold and warm weather.

It’s highly multifunctional with 12 different ways to use – head wraps, neck gaiter, scarf bandanna, sweatband headband, face mask, neckerchief, and others.

It acts as an efficient warm layer or as one that will keep you dry on warmer climates. Great-looking, light, and made with quality materials, it will surely outlast your Irish trip to join you in future adventures. Personally, Liz loves wearing scarves like this when we travel because they are so versatile, warm and comfy!

Travel Packing Cubes

Most of us don’t like packing.  Whether you’re traveling to Ireland or anywhere else in the World, packing may be the worst part of it all.  With these cool packing cubes, your packing will be done easier.  By allowing you to organize your personal belongings in five smaller but adaptable compartments, it’s like your traveling with a light version of your wardrobe.

Light, practical and time-saving to allow you to enjoy the Irish landscape, as well as help you pack some great suggestions covered in this article – you already know they don’t take up too much space!

Personally, we didn’t think we needed packing cubes for years. But after finally buying a set, we can’t see ourselves ever traveling without them. And we’ve even bought more because we want a cube for everything!

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VPN (Virtual Public Network)

packing list for ireland

You want to get the same online experience as you already do at home, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.  But some countries have different rules and restrictions when it comes to browsing online, such as when you are traveling to China. However, VPNs are also a way to keep your connection more secure.

The VYPR VPN service will provide you anonymity and safety when you’re online in Ireland.  Whether you’re looking to do banking transactions, access personal e-mail and files or simply connect with friends and relatives in a safe way – even over an open Wi-Fi – this VPN service will look after you and your data.

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Travel Day Pack

Day packs are the most useful way to carry your belongings, such as the one.  Making your personal belongings always accessible and safe.  This bag has extra room for your smartphone, and it’s weather-resistant and will be a great way to have everything available at the moment when you’re somewhere out there in the Irish countryside.

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Waterproof Camera

A great trip to Ireland won’t be complete without the ideal travel camera.  While many SmartPhones will do the trick, a lot of travelers want to capture the adventure in an even better way! The GoPro Hero 7 (Black Edition) will capture your adventures in Irish soil with fine detail and adrenaline.  This specific bundle is ideal for travelers with added recording capacity via its MicroSDHC cards and batteries.  You will find it will deliver on hours of endless memories, recorded in great style. Personally, we LOVE our GoPro Hero 7 because the picture is so clear and the stabilization is amazing compared to previous versions of the camera.

Swimming with gopro

Waterproof Hiking Shoes

We hope you’re not planning to go into the Irish countryside with your regular sneakers. Though as cool as they may look, they will be no match for the green and lush hills of Ireland.

In this case, your best companion will be the Salomon X-Mission 3 Trail Running Shoes.  They provide the ideal measure of protection, adaptability and are designed to face all off-road conditions.  Extremely comfortable and reliable for hiking, they will provide you an enjoyable walk surrounded by beautiful sights.

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Refillable Water Bottle

There’s nothing better than having a drink while you’re out there in the Irish countryside. The refillable water bottle will not only allow you to do exactly that but also deliver the same experience if you wish to enjoy a hot coffee or tea.  Keeping beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12h, this BPA and phthalate-free bottle made of stainless steel are light and the perfect travel companion.

Waterproof Dry Pants

We’ve looked after you up until now to make your Ireland trip a success.  Keeping in mind that Ireland is prone to a little rain, it’s never too much to suggest you protect yourself against it. With the very handy waterproof dry pants, you’re comfortably protected – and dry – when the rain comes.  They are extremely light and durable, easy to fit and will also protect you against the Sun.  With multiple pockets and pocket bags, your belongings will remain as protected as you.

So…Are You Packed Yet?

Of course, there are many other things you may want to bring on your trip to Ireland. But if you make sure to pack some of these essentials for Ireland then you will be prepared for whatever fun and adventure (and weather) comes your way. Happy travels to you!!!


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