things to do in killarney ireland, ross castle and lake

Things to do in Killarney Ireland

If you want to spend a romantic vacation amidst blue lakes, green hills, historical sites, and colorful villages, then a visit to Killarney as a part of your trip to Ireland can provide a memorable experience. This widely visited Irish city boasts of a plethora of picturesque regions that add to its natural beauty. Located in close proximity to the southwest part of Ireland, the beauty of this place attracts a wide array of tourists every year.

You can indulge in a variety of water sports like kayaking as you visit this city during your vacation. In addition to this, it has a wide array of attractions which make it the number one choice of tourists in Ireland. So here is our list of some of the top things to do in Killarney, Ireland!

1. Visiting Ladies View in Killarney National Park

Ladies View is regarded as one of the top vacation spots on the famous Ring of Kerry drive. This enchanting viewpoint is located at a distance of twelve miles to Kenmare from Killarney. The panoramic view of this tourist place attracts a wide array of tourists across the globe.

Killarney National Park
“Ladies View” – Killarney National Park, Ireland

If you are planning your Ireland trip during summer, you need to start a little early as the place is insanely busy during the time. In addition to this, you need to find a good parking spot. You can enjoy a cup of coffee and have a great time as you sit in a non-crowded and peaceful spot here.

2. Visiting the Muckross House & Traditional Farms

If you want to explore the historical attractions in this Irish city, then it is highly recommended to pay a visit to Muckross House. Constructed in the year of 1843, it is nestled in a small peninsula on the Lakes of Killarney. We absolutely loved our visit to the Muckross House, and especially the farms!

It is recognized to be an amazing mansion that boasts of Tudor style. Besides this, it is equipped with sixty-five rooms. It also offers panoramic landscaped grounds. You can enjoy amazing gardens and architecture as you take a guided tour of the interior part of this place.

3. Go to Ross Castle

This place has attracted a number of history lovers across the globe, and it was one of the first castles we visited in Ireland during our trip. This 15th Century castle is present on the edge of Lough Leane, which is one of the popular lakes in Killarney.

Ross Castle, Killarney

In addition to taking a stroll around the castle, you can enjoy boat trips on the lake. Adventure lovers prefer to rent a rowboat for boating around various spots on Lough Leane. It is also considered to be a perfect tourist destination for enjoying a picnic or reading book.

4. Explore Killarney National Park

This national park is located at a distance of a few miles from the town center. You can visit it by car, on foot, by bicycle or via jaunting car on a tour. During your visit to the park, make sure to visit the spectacular Tor Waterfall which runs through the beautiful landscape, which is surrounded by lichen-covered trees. You are sure to love the majestic setting of this national park. You can go for deer spotting in Killarney National Park.

5. Go for a Picnic by the Lakes

Muckross Lake, Lough Leane, and Upper Lake are the three most popular lakes in the city which are present in a low valley and are surrounded by mountains. These places boast of amazing views and they are recognized to be an ideal place to enjoy picnics with friends.

Killarney Ireland

6. Go on a Kayak or Boat Ride

If you are an adventure enthusiast, it is recommended to opt for a kayak tour around Killarney. It is considered to be an amazing option for spending most of your day outdoors. You can choose to go to Innisfallen Island for Kayaking where you can visit the Abbey and explore the folklore as well as certain secrets of the lakes.

7. Take a Horse Drawn Carriage Through Town

As you keep exploring this city in Ireland, you will find a variety of carriages and horses across the town. They are referred to as jaunting carts and have gained high popularity in exploring different sites around the Killarney National Park. These carts are recognized to be a unique option for enjoying the view of the sites across the city. And if you want a unique and traditional place to stay, why not stay at a cozy bed and breakfast in Killarney too!

8. Hiking at Torc Mountain

The Torc Mountain is located at a higher of 535 m and offers a bunch of magnificent viewing spots around the city. This place has turned out to be the prime choice of hikers as a wide array of them comes to visit this place during good weather conditions.

9. Wandering around Downtown Killarney

Downtown Killarney boasts narrow streets where you can experience the bustling vibe of the town. Besides this, it also houses a number of historical sites and shops. As you take a stroll around the place, you will be amazed by the beauty of the colorful and long buildings.

You can also find some wonderful shops and restaurants here. If you are a shopping lover, do not forget to take a look at the sweater collection at the Aran Sweater Market.

10. Have a Bite & Drink in a Traditional Irish Pub

Killarney is also considered to be an ideal tourist destination for people of all ages. If you are planning to visit this place with your friends or spouse, then you will no doubt enjoy having a drink in the local pubs. But remember, in Ireland you can often bring your kids to the pub as well (at least in the day) so you don’t have to worry about missing out on the vibe even if you have little ones with you.  You can also relish in a wide array of mouthwatering cuisines here.

pub in Killarney Ireland

If you are a food lover, you can savor in traditional Irish dishes, fresh fish, as well as Indian cuisine and Italian pizza here. The city has a wide assortment of restaurants where you can enjoy a top quality night out.

So Many Things to Do in Killarney…Which is Right For You?

There is a wide array of fun things to do during your trip to Killarney. You can go cycling in the National Park amidst the lush parkland, enjoy magnificent views over the landscape by hiking a mountain, you can take boat rides, traditional jaunting cars, or even rent a car in Ireland to drive around.  

You can immerse yourself in the traditional practices and history of the are at the Muckross house and farms, or you can just wander around and admire beautiful castles from a time long ago.  Add to that the charm of downtown Killarney and all the pubs and restaurants, and you have a truly great travel destination that will bring you many memories for years to come.


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