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Cozy Up in a Bed and Breakfast in Killarney Ireland

There are many reasons why Killarney is a top destination for tourists planning a trip to Ireland; and staying in a bed and breakfast is one of them.  Surrounded by rolling hills, and large lakes, Killarney’s landscape is stunning. Located in the southern section of County Derry, it is mainly known as a tourist town in Ireland because there are so many things to do in Killarney. It boasts natural attractions nearby, traditional Irish pubs, and unique, local boutiques.  After all of this fun, you will want to end your day cozying up in a bed and breakfast in Killarney. 

When building your Ireland itinerary, you’ll see there are many things to choose from in Killarney. You can stroll the downtown area and enjoy a traditional meal of fish and chips. You can tour Ross Castle, built-in 1420, or visit nearby Muckross Abbey and Muckross Farm. It’s also a stop on the famous Ring of Kerry Drive. Visitors can enjoy kayaks or boat trips on the Lakes of Killarney or ride over to Inisfallen Island and tour the fallen ruins of Innisfallen Abbey.

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Where to stay in Killarney?

Killarney has a variety of places to stay including hotels, resorts, and other lodgings. However, if you want to immerse yourself in the traditional Irish experience, and enjoy a home away from home, you should consider a traditional Irish bed and breakfast.

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Ross Castle Killarney Ireland

History of the Bed and Breakfast in Killarney Ireland.

What are bed and breakfasts? And what is so special about a traditional Irish bed and breakfast? The term B&B originated in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Historically, monasteries and private homes offered a room for travelers to rest and eat a meal. Today, a traditional B&B has evolved to mean more than just a place to rest and get a meal but an appealing choice over a hotel room with attractive and charming rooms and modern amenities.

Killarney bed and breakfast

Today, Irish B and B’s pride themselves in their warm hospitality. Hosts have local knowledge of the area to help guide their guests to see Killarney from a local point of view. The meals in modern B&Bs have come a long way. They usually don’t just serve one option of a meal, but provide guests with menus to cater to their needs.

Many B&Bs are now specialized to guests seeking certain experiences including golfing, bring pets along, ancestry seekers, and angling. There is sure to be a B&B that appeals to everyone in Killarney

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Why choose a traditional Irish B&B over a hotel in Killarney?

Why would someone want to choose to stay at a bed and breakfast over a regular hotel? A bed and breakfast in Killarney, Ireland offer guests the chance to capture the true spirit of Ireland. B&B’s have character and level of comfort that you can’t get in a typical hotel. The Irish hosts make the experience for their guests, without them, it’s just a room to stay in.

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B&Bs are now offering many more modern amenities such as free wifi, parking, and snacks. They provide unique rooms, each one in the house has its decorations and charms. Some B&Bs have different themed rooms and let guests book their choice. You can most likely experience a home-cooked, traditional Irish breakfast at a B&B. They offer visitors a comfortable way to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Imagine heading back to your B&B in Killarney, Ireland after a long day of sightseeing in Killarney or even driving the Ring of Kerry. Your host hands you a hot cup of tea and you happily settle down in a cozy armchair to warm up by a roaring fire. It’s a perfect way to visit the beautiful and bustling town of Killarney.

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