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Shopping is one of the most famous attractions for travelers who plan to visit Hong Kong. The very roots of this global city is international trade, so you can find a huge variety of products…some of which, at bargain prices. And while there are so many other things to see and do in Hong Kong, we must admit that it is a shopper’s paradise.  Exploring Hong Kong’s street markets on your own, or with a group walking tour, is a must for all visitors.

Even if you aren’t looking to buy, just window shopping or strolling through the numerous street markets can make for an entertaining afternoon or evening…just make sure your are prepared to conquer a foreign shopping market.  So here are some of our favorite Hong Kong shopping areas and street markets!

A busy weekend of shoppers in the Causeway Bay shopping district of Hong Kong.
A busy weekend of shoppers in the Causeway Bay shopping district of Hong Kong.

Luxury Shopping in Hong Kong

If you are in the market for luxury goods in Asia, then Hong Kong is the place to go.  Shoppers from all around Asia, especially mainland China, flock here for the more reasonable prices, good service, and selection.

Luxury shopping can be found everywhere in Hong Kong, but the highest concentration is in the main financial and business districts on Hong Kong Island — stretching from the Central district, through Admiralty, Wan Chai, and into Causeway Bay.

On the Kowloon side of Victoria Harbour, the lower areas of Tsim Sha Tsui along Nathan Road is a luxury hot spot.

Luxury Shopping Hong Kong

If you are a luxury shopper, then you will be in heaven around these parts of Hong Kong.

But if luxury is not quite in your budget, then you can still enjoy the ambiance by taking a stroll through these areas and window shopping.

Other Popular Shopping Areas in Hong Kong

You don’t have to be in the market for luxury to enjoy shopping in Hong Kong. There are plenty of mid-range and budget stores and boutiques. Many of these shops are located alongside luxury stores. The primary shopping districts of Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai, Causeway, and Tsim Sha Tsui are where you will find the large concentrations of shops, alongside entertainment and dining.

"Times Square" is at the heart of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong - a Shopping and Entertainment mecca.
“Times Square” is at the heart of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong – a Shopping and Entertainment mecca.

The Famous Hong Kong Street Markets

Aside from luxury shopping, by far the most vibrant of shopping experiences can be found at the local street markets in Hong Kong! There are a variety of markets all over Hong Kong, each with a little different vibe and products available.

If you are a newbie to street markets, then be sure that you are prepared for your visit by checking out our story: “How to Conquer a foreign shopping market like a BOSS!” before you set out in Hong Kong.  You may also want to take a walking tour of famous Hong Kong street markets to learn even more about them!

local street market in hong kong


MAP (interactive) – Shopping & Street Marketings of Hong Kong

On the map above, we have pinned the location of some of the most popular markets in Hong Kong.  Click on the pins for the name of the market, and some brief information. 

For more information about each of these markets, check out the full descriptions below and photos.

Temple Street Market

This market tends to come alive in the late afternoon and runs through the evening hours. There are a variety of products here, including inexpensive clothing and electronics. There are also some unique vendors here at night, including fortune tellers!

Temple Street market

Bowring Street Area & Market

This market seems to crisscross the streets near Temple Street, just south of where the Temple Street Night Market takes place. But during the day on these side streets, you can find all kinds of things ranging from clothing & shoes, to vegetables, fruits and meats. It’s a lovely market, and we always enjoy taking a stroll through here. We find it to be less touristy than the other markets and gives a glimpse into local Hong Kong life.

Hong Kong Market

Ladies Market

The Ladies Market is probably the most popular market for tourists to visit. Therefore, it can get really busy…and the shopkeepers may not be the nicest. The market is hopping during the late afternoon / evening hours, and you will find a wide selection of products here. Items include knock-off luxury goods, clothing, watches, jewelry, toys, trinkets, etc.

It’s a big market that goes on for many blocks. It’s fun to take a stroll, but be prepared to haggle a lot here. We’ve found shopkeepers to be relentless and not always interested to make a sale.

Flower Market

These markets are located in the heart of old Hong Kong, in vibrant and traditional neighborhoods. The flower market is along “Flower Market Road” street, near the Po Street Bird Garden (a highly recommended activity). It’s fun to walk among the beautiful flowers and smell their sweet scents. Some of the arrangements are just stunning.

fruit & flowers

Goldfish Market

Located in Mong Kok just south of the Flower Market, the Goldfish market is on Tung Choi Street North. It’s not terribly exciting, but it’s a nice stroll and gives you a glimpse into the local culture by seeing all the different gold fish for sale.  Goldfish play an important part in Feng Shui design…and of course they are also thought to bring good luck!  So having goldfish as pets is quite popular in Hong Kong.

Goldfish market hong kong

Throughout history, the Chinese domesticated and bred different species of gold fish. Given their fascination with Dragons, who they believed evolved from the sea, unique-looking goldfish (with protruding eyes, fancy fins…and even tumor-looking growths) can be sold for incredibly high prices!

The Jade Market

Located not far from Temple Street and the Man Mo Temple in the Kowloon area, the Jade Market is actually a series of shops inside a semi-open building. In the early afternoon, not many vendors are open but it will be less crowded than later in the day. There’s a lot of jade products to choose from, mostly jewelry, but other home décor and art as well.

Jade Market CC
Creative Commons Jade market (Hong Kong 2010)” by Paul Arps is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It’s beautiful to look, but the shopkeepers can be pushy. So you may want to be careful at how close you look at something, before you know it, the shopkeeper will be shoving items in your face. And don’t get into a negotiation unless you really want to buy something. We’ve had good experiences here, but it can be a little stressful if you don’t enjoy haggling!

Wan Chai Market

The Wan Chai market is a very local market for vegetables, fruits and meats. You may find a few places with some clothing and trinkets, but not much. If you are staying in a long-term apartment in this area or an Airbnb, then this is a great place to visit to buy your groceries. However if you are just a visitor staying in a hotel, it’s worth taking a stroll through here just to feel the atmosphere of a local street market and see life happening in Hong Kong.

Foreign Market

Li Yuen Street Market

This market is actually located on a couple side streets (Li Yuen East and West Streets) in the Central District, just off the main street of Des Voeux Rd. Personally, we really enjoy these markets because we have found a lot of good stuff here. From shoes, clothes, trinkets, home décor, electronics / accessories and watches.

We find this market to have less tourists than the Ladies Market, and the shopkeepers tend to be a lot more friendly!

Jardine’s Crescent

This inexpensive clothing market is located in the heart of the busy shopping district of Causeway Bay. In fact, it’s hidden on some side streets just around the corner from expensive luxury shopping. Jardine’s Crescent is a crowded and small grouping of outdoor stalls, usually covered with tarps for the rain.

It comes alive in the afternoon, and is primarily full of inexpensive clothing and shoes. Really great if you just need something cheap. I’ve gotten flip flops for $1 USD here, and $3 USD sunglasses. The shopkeepers are friendly, although it can get busy, and some people might feel a bit of claustrophobia in the tight spaces.


Stanley Market

Another favorite market of ours is the famous Stanley Street Market! Located on the opposite side of Hong Kong Island, you can take a beautiful bus ride and be there in about 20 or 30 minutes (depending on traffic).  It is possible to get to Stanley quite easily by public transportation in Hong Kong, but another option is to take the Big Bus Tour (which we actually loved) because one of the routes stops right near the Stanley Market!

We love the quiet beach of Stanley. It’s a wonderful place to relax at the beach, or a sidewalk café overlooking the water. But they also have one of the largest markets here in all of Hong Kong.

Stanley Shopping Market

The Stanley Market is huge. It’s located near the main area of town and spread across a number of buildings, winding inside and outside. You can find just about anything you want here, and it’s easy to spend hours here (and easy to get lost inside). If you plan on shopping for clothes, shoes, jewelry, home décor, artwork, etc. then this is the place we recommend for a huge selection and good prices. Plus, we find that the shopkeepers are some of the friendliest.

We always have a great experience at the Stanley Market.  It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon; have dinner on the promenade overlooking the water, and enjoy this lovely beach town.

Cat Street Market

This street is full of antique shops, this street has a lot of cool works of art, embroidery, wood and stone carvings, and old propaganda collectibles. Located on Upper Lascar Road, just below Hollywood road near the Man Mo Temple.  You can also find some reasonably priced jade trinkets nearby on the street, and sometimes Chinese Calligraphy painters!

Toy Market – Tai Yuen

On Tai Yuen Street in Wan Chai, you will find the nostalgic toy market!  Before production moved to the mainland many popular childhood toys that many of us knew growing up were made here.  Walking through this area will definitely bring flashbacks from your childhood, and maybe you will be able to replace some of your favorites from long ago!

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