A Magical FTF Geocaching Adventure at Disneyland Hong Kong

Imagine our surprise when a fun trip to Disneyland Hong Kong turns into a day finding multiple caches…including a completely unexpected FTF!  Our Geocaching adventure at Disneyland Hong Kong was one that was unexpected.  As you usually do not find geocaches near Disney Parks, but there were a couple near this park and there was an FTF (First to Find) to go after.  

*Geocaching Glossary of Terms*

Entrance to Disneyland
Entrance to Disneyland Hong Kong

Geocaching near Disneyland Hong Kong

While there are no geocaches allowed inside theme parks, anything outside the park is considered fair game.  And Disneyland Hong Kong has some beautiful grounds surrounding the park, along with some creatively placed geocaches to go after.

For the two of us, this scenario was perfect.  Besides traveling, our two favorite things are Disney and Geocaching.  In fact, some of you might know that we actually got engaged at Disney World!  It was pretty awesome to be able to combine two of our favorite things, as well as a totally unexpected FTF prize in Hong Kong.

Disneyland Hong Kong Train Station
MTR Disneyland Station – Geocaching Around Disneyland Hong Kong

Disneyland Hong Kong is unlike other Disney parks we have visited around the world.  For starters, it has its own metro line and an especially Disney designed train which connects guests to the park with the typical Hong Kong MTR trains.  Disneyland Hong Kong also has its own ferry pier, so it looks like you though you can also come by boat.  However, we didn’t see any signage or schedules – so perhaps this is a seasonal thing.

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Disneyland Hong Kong Pier
Ferry Pier for Disneyland Hong Kong

Disneyland Hong Kong also has a couple of beautiful hotels on the property too, walking distance from the park. These walking paths along the water as well as between the park and hotel make for some perfect grounds to place a couple of cool geocaches for traveling geocachers, like ourselves.

Time To Do Some Geocaching in Hong Kong!

Liz and I are currently living just over the border from Hong Kong, in the city of Guangzhou in mainland China. On a previous trip to Hong Kong, we decided that since we are so close, we should become Disney Pass holders for the park. One of the benefits of being pass holders is that we can come and go from the park anytime we want.  Because of this, we didn’t feel so rushed to get into the park to start riding the attractions.  We were content wandering the grounds to explore.

Liz geocaching Disneyland Hong Kong
Liz doing a bit of Geocaching before going into Disneyland Hong Kong

Before this trip, I had done some research and was excited to discover several geocaches hidden all around the Disneyland Hong Kong grounds!  Armed with this information, and plenty of time on our hands, we were thrilled to see what some of these caches had in store for us as soon as we arrived at Disneyland Hong Kong.

Geocaching Disneyland Hong Kong
Do you see the geocache? – Geocaching Disneyland Hong Kong

In Search of Our First Geocache at Disneyland Hong Kong

After popping inside the park quickly to watch a parade, we headed back out to the promenade area to search for a cache hidden along the walkway. Because we were visiting during the week, and not during a holiday, it was like we had the entire walkway to ourselves…which as geocachers – we love!  We took our time strolling along with the “happiest place in Hong Kong” and finally arrived at the GZ for our first cache.

We started our search without any immediate luck and looked again and again at the clue.  Both of us were puzzled.  We knew that the geocache had to be hidden really well, considering all the foot traffic this area could get during high season. We were starting to get frustrated, combing this entire area when finally, Liz broke the clue and found the cache.

This cache was really well hidden, and a great cache for this area (but we won’t give it away with a picture!).

Adult Itineraries (1)

DNFs Are Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

Liz signed the log and we posed for some pictures, then we continued on our stroll down the promenade towards the pier…and another geocache.  Logging this cache only got us more excited to discover more Disney themed caches on this nice day in Hong Kong.

As we approached GZ, we took a couple of moments to pause and watch the fisherman on the pier doing their thing.   It was so nice and relaxing.

Fishing off the pier in Disneyland Hong Kong

Then we started our search for the cache.  We got down and dirty for this one, really scouring the area…but unfortunately, no luck this time.  We couldn’t find this one and had to DNF it. I’m sure you know, it can be very disappointing to find a DNF, but on the other hand, even DNFs can lead on you on fun adventures and cool places, like this one.

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Time to Explore the Disneyland Hotel

Feeling a little disappointed with our DNF, especially after our first cool find, we headed toward another Disney themed geocache.  This time, we took a slight detour with our route so that we could go inside and see one of the beautiful Disney Hotels located on the property.  While the cache was actually hidden outside the hotel grounds and along the shoreline, we wanted an excuse to walk through the hotel…and to see the Christmas decorations!

Maze at Disneyland Hong Kong

Visiting Disney parks during the holidays is always a beautiful sight, and the Disneyland Hotel in Hong Kong did not disappoint.  After seeing the magnificent tree in the lobby, we headed to the back of the hotel and tested our skills in the life-size maze built in the shrubs at the back of the hotel.  Once we made our way through the maze, we found ourselves walking on the shoreline again…directly toward the next geocache on our list.

Geocaching at Disneyland Hong Kong 1

Sometimes when geocaching, you accidentally make it more difficult than it needs to be. Well, that was the case with this cache. After a while of searching (in the wrong place) we finally made the find, and admired the really cool container!  It is a bigger cache than we are used to here in Asia, so it was quite the surprise.  It was another great hide, with an even nicer backdrop to admire while sitting to sign the log.

Accidentally Discovering a Disney FTF Mystery Cache

After multiple finds, a nice walk, and pauses in our steps to take in the scenery and the shoreline of Lantau Island in Hong Kong, it was time for some rollercoaster fun inside the park!  On our way back to the park entrance, I saw that there was a Mystery Cache which happened to be located along the route of our walk back. Normally, Liz and I don’t go out of our way for the puzzles or mystery caches.  But since we had a bit of walk back to the park entrance, we had some time to dig into the clues of this cache and toss some ideas around.

water fountain Disneyland Hong Kong

As we were walking, we discussed many of the great Disney movies that we grew up with as kids, as well as new movies that have come out recently.  As it turns out, this is exactly what we needed to do to solve this mystery cache!  I looked at logs from the past and noticed that there weren’t any. “FTF!!!” I shouted to Liz.  We couldn’t believe it.  So now it was time to get serious.

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After years of geocaching, it was only a couple of weeks prior to when we discovered our first international FTF in Macau.  Now we were hooked on those FTF’s and couldn’t believe that we had another opportunity in front of us already.  We were definitely motivated more than before.  After a bit of talking, we felt pretty confident that we had figured it out.

Clean Log FTF Geocaching Hong Kong

Found it! 

We made our best guess as to the location of this cache, and both looked around.  At first, we were a little stumped about where it could possibly be.  But I had a good feeling.  I dug around in a place that I thought it could be…and sure enough I laid my hands on a tin.

Liz looked at me, and she could tell by the smile that came across my face.  “I think I found it.” I told her, “No way!” she replied. “Yep! Here it is.” I said with excitement as I raised the canister in the air proudly!

FTF Disneyland Hong Kong

I let Liz open the cache to see if it could be an FTF for us. I was too nervous to look, especially after disappointments in the past.  She opened the cache and sure enough a clean log. “FTF in Hong Kong!!!” We both shouted together with excitement and smiles on our faces.

What a Magical Day at Disneyland Hong Kong

We both grabbed each other and started to do our little FTF Dance (thankfully, no muggles were in sight). Not only was it an FTF in Hong Kong, but we were even more excited to know it was a Disney FTF.  How cool is that — and how fitting for the two of us!

Josh & Liz Geocaching Adventure in Disneyland Hong Kong

What a way to top off a nice geocaching stroll around the Disneyland grounds in Hong Kong. And what a magical day it was.  Filled with fun, roller coasters, parades, lots of laughs, and us saying “How cool was that?!?! A Disney FTF!!!”  We definitely did not expect that.

Thank you for visiting Disneyland Hong Kong

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