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Best Apps for RV Travel 2023: From Trip Planning to Full-Time Living

Are you an RVer, or maybe just someone who loves hitting the open road for a weekend getaway? Or maybe you are planning a long-term trip or even full-time RV living? If so, you know that planning your RV trip can involve a lot of different factors, from mapping out your route to finding the perfect spot to park your RV for the night.

Luckily, there are tons of fantastic apps out there that can help with all of that and more! These apps are specifically designed for RVers of all types, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started with RVing. Not only can they help you plan your trip and find great campsites along the way, but they can even help you locate convenient dump stations and water sources as well as find some fun things to do. 

So why not make life on the road a little bit easier with one of these awesome RV apps? Here are some of our favorite that we use and think you’ll love too!

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Best Apps for RV Travel & Route Planning

rv life trip wizard is one of the best apps for rv travel for route planning, campgounds, stops and moreRV Trip Wizard

RVers know that planning a great (especially a longer) RV trip can be quite the undertaking. There’s a lot of research that needs to be done to put together the best route and all your stops. The RV Trip Wizard is one of the most popular apps because of its comprehensive information for all aspects of your trip. It’s a one-stop-shop for planning and organizing your RV travels like never before.

With the RV Trip Wizard, you’ll be able to customize your route, find the best campgrounds, plan your fuel stops, and factor in any RV-specific road restrictions or fees. Plus, with the app’s easy-to-use interface and helpful travel tips, you’ll feel confident and prepared for whatever the open road throws your way.

Although there is an annual fee for this app, it’s definitely WORTH IT for the ease of use and amount of information. It will save you tons of time and help you feel super organized!

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Togo RVtogo rv app is a helpful rv app for planning tv travel all in one

This all-in-one travel companion offers helpful tools such as trip planning, campground booking, RV checklists, and even weather forecasts. You can also upgrade for premium features such as GPS RV navigation, specialized checklists and even keeping track of RV maintenance. Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country road trip or simply weekend camping, the Togo RV app has got you covered with real-time updates and helpful tips.

Roadtrippersthe roadtrippers app is helpful for road trips and rv trips for planning and finding things to do

This app is a great resource for anyone planning a roadtrip, but it’s really great for RVer’s too. This app makes it easy to plan your adventure, from finding the best campgrounds and RV parks to discovering hidden gems along the way. With Roadtrippers RV app, you can customize your route based on your interests and preferences, whether it’s scenic drives, local restaurants, or unique attractions. Plus, you’ll have access to easy-to-use navigation and user-generated reviews to make sure you’re getting the best experience possible.  

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Favorite Apps for Finding RV Parks & Campgrounds

 AllStays Camps & RVs

The go-to for all RVers on the road.  This is a great all-in-one RV app that has covers most needs of RVers on the road, including finding campsites, Walmarts or other “boondocking” locations, propane, truck stops, etc.  It really does make RV travel (or RV living) much much easier, no matter which type of RV you have.  This app does cost money, but we have found it extremely useful on the road and well worth every penny!

DOWONLOAD –  iOS | Android

Campground Views

This is a really helpful app that we’ve used many times when we are trying to confirm what a campground actually looks like! When you are camping off the grid or at a more rural campground than an RV park, this app is especially helpful so you know what you are getting into and if the campground is going to be suitable for you.

The app includes actual photos uploaded by campers who’ve stayed there and advice for others who plan to stay there. It’s super helpful! They even have virtual tours and videos too.  You can also search on their website, but the app is great if you are on the go.

RV Parks & Campgrounds

Searching for places to camp with your RV? With over 40,000 parks and campgrounds at your fingertips, this app is a must-have for any road trip. Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or a newbie to the camping scene, RV Parks & Campgrounds is a great resource. And the best part? It won’t cost you a penny to download! So it’s an affordable way to scope out your options and plan your trip.

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android


Are you an RVer constantly on the lookout to get away from it all? Are you wanting to avoid crowded and expensive RV parks? This Bookdocking RV app is a great way to find off-the-grid places to stay. With this app, you can discover hidden gem locations for boondocking and enjoy some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of campgrounds and city life. This is a great way to immerse yourself in nature and discover some of the most scenic places to camp wherever you are. 


Harvest Hosts

Harvest Host is a free app, but the subscription service is not.  Think of Harvest Hosts a bit like an “Airbnb” but for RVs. Basically, property owners offer their land as a place to stay for a night, free of charge to RVers

Usually, the property is some kind of business, such as a vineyard or a farm.   It’s a lovely community and a great way to meet friendly people and support businesses.  However, you do have to pay yearly for the subscription, and when you stay on someone’s property please show your support by purchasing some of their product. 

Who doesn’t want to camp in the middle of a scenic winery?  

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 

Campendium – RV & Tent Camping

Campendium is an app made by RVers for other RVers.  This is a free app that has a great list of all different types of RV sites from fancy campgrounds to some great boondocking sites.  What we really enjoy about this app is the fact that there are great reviews and photos from other campers who give you the scoop on the place…including cell signal.  This is a great RV app!


KOA | RV, Cabin & Tent Camping

Looking for the ultimate campsite experience? Then check out KOA and their app. With just a few taps, you can browse, book, and get information about all the amazing KOAs out there on the open road. There’s nothing quite like camping at a KOA – the amenities are unbeatable. From game rooms, sports courts, go-karts, boats, bikes, ice cream socials, dog parks, movie nights, mini golf and so much more. We’ve had some great times staying at some really fun KOA’s over the years. From cozy cabins to sprawling RV sites, this app has it all. 

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 

RV Parky – Parks & Campgrounds

RV Parky is another great app that helps you find a place to stay when you are on the road.  With over 25,000 listings of RV parks, cozy campgrounds, convenient rest areas, and fan-favorite spots like Walmart, Camping World, Cabela’s, Cracker Barrel, and Truck Stops, finding the perfect place to rest your head has never been easier. And with coverage spanning across the USA, Canada, and Mexico, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on your next adventure again. 

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android

Walmart Overnight Parking

Have you ever stayed overnight in a Wal-Mart parking lot during your RV journey? It’s a pretty common occurrence among RVers. But, while the Allstays app can be a helpful tool it does cost more money. That’s where the Walmart Overnight Parking app comes in handy.

Not only will it save you a few bucks, but it also provides valuable information on Wal-Mart locations and their overnight parking policies. So next time you’re on the road and looking for a convenient and affordable overnight stay, be sure to check out this app.



Helpful Apps for Unique RV Needs

Sanidumps RV Dump Station Locator

If you are an RVer, this is a MUST HAVE app!  Specifically, there are times when you are on the road and need to dump your holding tanks or get fresh water.  It’s not always easy to find this information, and that’s why we love this app!  We all need to make sure we keep those black tanks empty and ready for next destination. And be sure you have all the right RV accessories and tools with you to do the job!

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android

Blue Beacon Truck Wash

When you buy and RV, one of the things you have to consider is how you are going to wash it!  It’s not easy to do on the road (because many RV parks don’t allow this) and you may not have good facilities at your home.  This RV app will help you find the nearest RV Truck Wash to get your rig shining.  We have used them before and have had good experiences thus far.  

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 

RV Checklist

This is a $.99 app that we could all use.  There is always a checklist of things to bring, breakdown, setup with your RV.  This is an easy app to use to keep track of all of your checklists on the road. 

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 


Are you an avid camper, but worried about losing phone service while venturing into the great outdoors? That’s where this app comes in. With its ability to display coverage maps for the four major phone networks, you can plan your travels with confidence and stay connected while on the go. Whether you need to stay in touch with coworkers or simply want to post your latest adventure on social media, this app is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 


RVillage is a social media type app for full-time RVers.  One of the reasons we love RV travel is that the community is so wonderful and you can meet so many great people along the way. If you are a full-time RVer, then this app is a must-have because it makes it so much easier to socialize with other like-minded RVers who are staying at the same park as you are!

DOWNLOAD –  iOS | Android 

Accuweatherthe accuweather app is extremely helpful when you are traveling in an rv

So while the weather forecast is important to know during any kind of trip, when you are RV’ing knowing the weather is even more important! But it’s not just preparing your campsite or planning your activities accordingly, it’s really a lot more about driving. It can be quite dangerous to drive your RV in inclement weather, especially high winds.

Many times when we are traveling in our RV we can see that we are driving into bad weather. So sometimes we would need to adjust our route, go around the weather, or plan to stop somewhere to have lunch and wait it out. Having a great weather app is super important when you are traveling in an RV. 

Clime NOAA Weather Radarclime noaa weather radar is one of my favorites for checking the radar and real time weather updates when traveling in our rv or even everyday life.

This is another weather-related app that I especially like because of the radar. I find it to be very user-friendly to zoom in and around the map to see what type of weather is in the area – where we are or where we are going. It also has some really good features for notifications too. I also like how it updates quickly so I can monitor a storm in real-time. In fact, I use this app all the time even at home here in Florida (where we can get some pretty bad thunderstorms certain times of the year). 

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Apps for RV Fuel, Traffic, Stops / Exits / Rest Areas


This is one of the top travel apps out there on the market.  If you are willing to drive a couple of extra miles in one direction to save some money on gas, then this is your app.  We can all save a couple of bucks while out on the road, and in the case of an RV…it could be a lot more than that given the size of the fuel tanks! Definitely worth the extra effort!

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

This is our go-to for navigation, even at home.  The Waze app keeps up to date on on-going traffic situations and it is easy to search locations and find the fastest route possible.  

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 

iExit Interstate Exit Guide

Wondering what’s coming up on the next exit?  This is a great app that breaks down everything coming up ahead of you. With its comprehensive rundown of all the exciting stops and attractions ahead, you’ll never miss out on a must-visit spot again. 

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 

Rest Stops Plus

This app, created by the reliable team at All-Stays, focuses specifically on rest stops along the road. With Rest Stops Plus, you’ll be able to find the perfect break spots, rest areas, and even 24-hour gas stations on your route. 

Being able to plan out rest stops on your route can be really helpful so you can plan out where you can pull over and take a break. We enjoy pulling off to relax and make some lunch, change drivers and walk Hana. And it’s much easier and convenient to pull off in the RV and then easily get back on the highway without pulling off into a town and having to navigate traffic, stop lights, and congestion – which is always a little stressful when you are in an RV. 



Best RV Travel Apps for Finding Things to Do

AllTrailsalltrails is one of our favorite apps for finding trails for walking and hiking as a fun thing to do when traveling in our rv

Whenever we’re looking for nice hikes and walks in nature to explore a destination, we pull up the AllTrails app. This is a fantastic app that shows you all different kinds of trails where you can go for a nice walk or hike. We love their maps and the details they include about the trail, including the difficulty and what to expect with the terrain.

There are also photos and reviews from other travelers which really helps you get a good idea of whether or not it’s suitable for you. It’s also nice to see about how long the trail will take, so that you can figure out if it works with your itinerary. PLUS – our favorite part is that the app includes sights to see along the way, so it’s a nice way to find fun things to see and do during your visit.  

geocaching app, geocaching suppliesGeocaching

So if you are new to our website, then you might not be familiar with Geocaching. Geocaching is a real-world scavenger-hunt game using GPS coordinates to find “caches” hidden literally all over the world! We really enjoy going Geocaching during all of our travels, in fact, we found our first Geocache during a road trip to Asheville 13+ years ago. 

What we love about the game is all the adventures it can take you on. From hiking trails, to history tours around a city and hidden landmarks or beautiful scenic outlooks. You use the Geocaching app on your phone to play, and that’s really about all you need to get started. 

To learn more, we have an entire Geocaching section here on our website. If you are looking for something fun and cheap to do no matter where you are, then definitely check it out.

We can almost guarantee there are geocaches not far from you…and you may not even know it!

Get ready for a world of RVing possibilities with these amazing apps! Whether you’re a solo adventurer or travel with your furry best friend, there’s an app for every RVer out there. Get your travels on track and avoid any unforeseen challenges with these helpful tools. From planning your route to finding the best pet-friendly stops, these apps have saved many RVers like you from unnecessary stress. We hope these apps will make your RVing journey even better and more memorable.

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Do you have a favorite RV App that we missed? Share in the comments below!

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