Best RV Apps for Full Time RVers

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It’s crazy how many apps are out on the market, including specific apps for occasional or full time RVers.  These apps are awesome because they can really help you on the road with a variety of things including RV travel planning, navigating, finding campsites, and even dump stations and water!  Here are some of our favorite RV apps which we highly recommend because they make life on the road a lot easier. 

Top RV Apps to make life a bit easier on the road

AllStays Camps & RVs

The go-to for all RVers on the road.  This is a great all-in-one RV app that has covers most needs of RVers on the road, including finding campsites, Walmarts or other “boondocking” locations, propane, truck stops, etc.  It really does make RV travel (or RV living) much much easier, no matter which type of RV you have.  This app does cost money, but we have found it extremely useful on the road and well worth every penny!

DOWONLOAD –  iOS | Android

RV Parks & Campgrounds

This is another go-to app with over 40,000 RV parks and campgrounds listed on it.  While we love the AllStays app, this is another good option as a back up.    Plus, this is a free RV app to download. 

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android

Sanidumps RV Dump Station Locator

If you are an RVer, this is a MUST HAVE app!  Specifically, there are times when you are on the road and need to dump your holding tanks or get fresh water.  It’s not always easy to find this information, and that’s why we love this app!  We all need to make sure we keep those black tanks empty and ready for next destination. And be sure you have all the right RV accessories and tools with you to do the job!

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android

Campendium – RV & Tent Camping

Campendium is an app made by RVers for other RVers.  This is a free app that has a great list of all different types of RV sites from fancy campgrounds to some great boondocking sites.  What we really enjoy about this app is the fact that there are great reviews and photos from other campers who give you the scoop on the place…including cell signal.  This is a great RV app!



Many RV travelers want to get off the grid from time to time, and if so then this RV app is exactly what you need.  This app will show you all the great places to boondock for a little while, so it’s a great app to add to your phone. 


Harvest Hosts

Harvest Host is a free app, but the subscription service is not.  Think of Harvest Hosts a bit like an Airbnb…but it’s a free short stay! Basically, property owners offer their land as a place to stay for a night, free of charge to RVers.  Usually the property is some kind of business, such as a vineyard or a farm.   It’s a lovely community and a great way to meet friendly people and support businesses.  However, you do have to pay yearly for the subscription, and when you stay on someone’s property please show your support by purchasing some of their product.  Who doesn’t want to camp in the middle of a scenic winery?  

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 


RVillage is a social media type app for full-time RVers.  One of the reasons we love RV travel is that the community is so wonderful and you can meet so many great people along the way. If you are a full-time RVer, then this app is a must-have because it makes it so much easier to socialize with other like-minded RVers who are staying at the same park as you are!

DOWNLOAD –  iOS | Android 

KOA | RV, Cabin & Tent Camping

This is KOA’s official app and it’s all you will need to search, book, or get info about a KOA you may be thinking of booking.  There are some great KOAs out there on the road.  We love staying here when we can because of all the amenities offered.

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 

RV Parky – Parks & Campgrounds

This is another free app that will help you along on the road. 25,000 listings of RV parks, campgrounds, rest areas, Walmarts, Camping Worlds, Cabella’s, Cracker Barrels, and Truck Stops in USA, Canada, and Mexico.

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android

RV Checklist

This is a $.99 app that we could all use.  There is always a checklist of things to bring, breakdown, setup with your RV.  This is an easy app to use to keep track of all of your checklists on the road. 

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 


This is one of the top travel apps out there on the market.  If you are willing to drive a couple of extra miles in one direction to save some money on gas, then this is your app.  We can all save a couple of bucks while out on the road, and in the case of an RV…it could be a lot more than that given the size of the fuel tanks! Definitely worth the extra effort!

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

This is our go to for navigation.  This app keeps up to date on on-going traffic situations and it is easy to search locations and get you there the fastest route possible.  This is one of our must have RV apps.

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 

iExit Interstate Exit Guide

What is coming up on the next exit?  This is a great app that can breaks down everything coming up a head of you off the exit.  

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 


Does your T-Mobile work out where you are camping?  This app will show you where the coverage is for the 4 major phone networks.  This is a great app to have if you have several hotspots to stayed connected for work or leisure.

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 

Blue Beacon Truck Wash

When you buy and RV, one of the things you have to consider is how you are going to wash it!  It’s not easy to do on the road (because many RV parks don’t allow this) and you may not have good facilities at your home.  This RV app will help you find the nearest RV Truck Wash to get your rig shining.  We have used them before and have had good experiences thus far.  

DOWNLOAD – iOS | Android 

Rest Stops Plus

This another one of All-Stays app.  If you don’t want to purchase the entire app then you can grab this more specific app on Rest Stops along the road. 


Walmart Overnight Parking

Nearly all RVers have stayed at a Wal-Mart at some point during their journeys. If you don’t want to pay full price for Allstays app, then you can save a little with getting this app.  


There are so many good RV apps out there for all types of RVers and also RVing with pets too!  These apps are especially helpful when planning your travels or when you are on the road, and some of them have really been lifesavers for us at times. 

Do you have a favorite RV App that we missed? Share in the comments below!

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