10 Reasons We Love RV Travel (and Why You Will Too)!

RV travel is increasingly becoming popular with many families and it is for a good reason. If you are an avid traveler, RVing is arguably the best way to travel and explore the country. Whether you are going to a national park or a music adventure, an RV (recreational vehicle) will enable you to take all the comforts of your home with you on the journey.

Although most people tend to associate RV travel with those who have saved for years to be able to afford it, we are proof that you don’t need to wait until you retire to enjoy the perks of RV travel.  There are very many benefits that overshadow those of traditional travel including flexibility, cost savings, and much more. If you are still not convinced, here are 10 reasons why we love RV travel (and why you will love it too!).

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Home on the Road in Your RV

One of the biggest pros of RV travel is the ability to feel at home while on the road. Whether you own a motorhome or even if it’s just a rented RV, most will likely have some comfy chairs or sofas, a kitchen with microwave and fridge, TV and VCR, bathroom with shower, and some beds.

Our RV – we really enjoy the “L” shaped kitchen and sofa to relax at night while watching some TV before bed.

In addition, some RVs even up their game by coming with slide out rooms (like ours does) that further increase the space inside to make it feel even more spacious. Traveling and camping in an RV offers far more comforts than you would get with tent camping.

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Save Money With RV Travel

While it is true that traveling in an RV involves higher gas costs, the savings on other travel expenses can be immense. Even if you have rented an RV, all the costs incurred could still be up to 50 percent less than that incurred during a traditional travel.  Of course, this savings calculation depends on how long you will be gone, how many miles you drive, how many people in your family, and your vacation style.

With a motorhome, you can save significantly on lodging costs because even most of the expensive RV parks are on par with a moderate hotel.  Although, most RV parks are significantly cheaper in price (maybe $30 – $50 per night) and there are also super cheap or even free public lands campgrounds too!  And while the gasoline may be expensive, so is booking flights for the entire family!  These transportation and lodging costs can be some of the biggest costs in a vacation!  Also, meal costs can be reduced as well because you don’t need to dine out every meal, which can also add up to a significant travel cost.

RV Travel Provides a Flexible Itinerary

RV travel is the best choice if you are looking for a flexible vacation.  Imagine not being tied to a particular schedule, just going with the flow not worrying about getting to your hotel each night.  Traveling by RV gives you complete freedom and spontaneity. You can choose to stop wherever you like, whenever you like, and even choose to extend or shorten your stay there. In addition, you have the flexibility to change locations even at the very last minute.

Josh & I can’t tell you how wonderful having this type of freedom and flexibility can be.  In fact, most of our RV trips are loosely planned.  We have an idea of the area and number of days, but we totally make it up as we go.

See Video Belowon a recent trip through Utah, I looked at the map and realized we would be driving near Zion National park.  So we decided to take a spontaneous detour and drive through Zion National Park!  It was not on our itinerary, but we decided to change up our plans!!!  Neither of us had been there before, but we’re SO glad we did because it was gorgeous!

Unlimited Luggage – Well, Sort Of

Unlike traveling with airlines, trains, or busses, with an RV there are no restrictions on how much luggage you bring as long as it fits in the RV. You have the luxury to pack everything that you will need, and even extras like sports equipment, bicycles, computers, etc.  So if you are tired of always having to limit your suitcases when traveling by airplane, perhaps you should consider giving RV travel a try.

Another benefit is that most RVs come fully equipped.  If you rent an RV, it should have many necessities already such as dishes, cutlery and even bedding.  And when you own your RV then you will likely keep it stocked with all the necessities anyway — meaning that you could just show up with your clothes in a bag and be ready to hit the road!  This is actually something that Josh and I really enjoy about our RV.  It’s stocked with everything so we just bring our clothes and entertainment (and Hana’s travel gear) and we’re ready to go.

Family Time Together & Making Memories

With the current busy life that many of us have, it can be hard finding time to connect with family. Since a motorhome acts as a small living area, you can’t help but have some “together time.”  Going on RV trips enables parents spend quality time with their children, and gets everyone together without many of the distractions of modern life.  At home, it may be easy to go in the backyard or get away from each other in different rooms of the house.  With an RV you may have some space, but not like home — so chances are, everyone will be hanging out together throughout the days.

See Video BelowThis is my Dad and Josh acting like 2 big kids in the KOA campground where we were staying in San Diego last April!  You can see where I get it from!!! 

Plus, RV travel provides opportunities to engage in family activities that you don’t normally do, such as telling stories at night around a campfire.  These are memories that last a lifetime.  It improves family bonding and creates an atmosphere where everyone can get a little closer.  In fact, growing up in an RVing family, I can personally attest to this.  As I’ve become an adult, I realize that my relationship with all my family members is really close (of course we have our differences, as anyone does).  I really attribute it to all those days / nights when we were camping together in our RV – telling jokes at night and trying to get mom to laugh and arguing about whose idea it was to give dad chili before bed.

Ah, those are the moments when memories are made.


Another thing that we have discovered about RV travel is that there seems to be so much more camaraderie.  When you go to hotels, most people keep to themselves.  But RV parks are the perfect place for developing friendships and chatting with people from all over the globe.

Nicer campgrounds and RV parks such as the popular KOA’s offer entertainment, game nights, and socials where you can get to know other fellow campers. You can share stories with other adults and let your children play with their children.  While many resort hotels have activities, we’ve found that it’s just not the same.  There is something truly different about people who frequent these RV parks – it just seems everyone is more open to talking to each other and building friendships.  It’s quite a wonderful experience!

Not just RV parks, but even at National Park campgrounds have lots of fun activities to enjoy (this is a program board at Colter Bay in Grand Teton National Park).

Power Up Your Devices

While many of us want to take a vacation to getaway from technology, with the advancement in technology, it can be hard going off-grid completely even when on a camping adventure. And on the other hand, sometimes having a bit of technology can add comforts to your trip – such as being able to watch Netflix in the RV together.

Of course this means that your devices will need to be charged regularly.  Thankfully, an RV recreational vehicle provides you with the ability to fully power-up most used devices like smart phones, tablets, and laptops even when traveling down the road. You can easily plug the motorhome into that campground’s electricity hook-up or choose the option of generator or solar power that many RVs are equipped with.

For Josh and myself, having internet access and the ability to charge our computers and other devices whenever we need them is a real necessity.  Which is why we’ve appreciated having these modern conveniences in our RV – even when we are completely out in the wilderness!

Get Closer to the Great Outdoors With RV Travel

One of the major reasons people choose RV travel is because it’s a great way to get close to the great outdoors.  There’s just something about being in the wilderness where you can wake up to a moose in your camp (it just happened on our trip to Grand Tetons a few weeks ago!) or being able to gaze up at the stars at night while campfire smoke swirls around you.

Nothing better than cooking over a campfire at night!

It’s a peaceful experience, and luckily with an RV you don’t need to be some wilderness expert to survive — which makes RV travel a great option for families with children too.  In fact, children absolutely LOVE camping in the wilderness because it gives them a chance to indulge their curiosities with in-depth explorations of museums, wildlife, and geographical formations.  It fosters learning in a fun way!  Alternatively, kids can choose to go out to play and meet other kids or take part in educative campground activities.

But it’s not just families and kids who love traveling by RV to explore the great outdoors. Josh and I absolutely love this aspect of RV travel – possibly even more than just going to a fancy RV park!

You Can Bring Your Pet Along

Duh!!!  One of the best things about traveling in a motorhome is the ability to bring your pet along with you for the ride.  And we can tell you, our pup Hana absolutely loves exploring in the RV!

Since dogs are an integral part of the family, it can be hard leaving them behind when you go on vacations.  In fact, on our recent trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, we can’t tell you how many people approached us asking to pet Hana because they missed their pet back at home.  They all told us they wished they could have brought their pet along but traveling by air with your pet can be costly, and quite stressful. Also, you then have to search for hotels that are pet-friendly (often with extra fees). Fortunately, with RV there is enough space for your pet to fit and enjoy the ride too.

There’s a Motorhome for Everyone – Whether You Buy or Rent

There are so many different types of RVs that you can choose from depending on your traveling needs. If you find motorhomes looking like tour buses intimidating, you can still get the same experience with available smaller options. There are Airstreams and pop-up travel trailers that can be pulled by your car and still offer you with nearly all the motorhome’s features. If you like going big, there are motor homes that come with more convenience options like several sleeping rooms.

It all depends on the size of your family, and your travel style.  The great thing about renting an RV is that you can test out different sizes / types to see what you prefer most before you take the leap and buy an RV.

Remove the Hassles of Typical Travel With an RV!

From using your own kitchen and bathroom while traveling to forgetting about dealing with long hours of flight delays, RVing removes all the hassles you face with traditional travel. With a motorhome, you simply gather your whole family, pack up all your stuff, and set out on your road trip. If you’ve never done it before, we highly recommend that you should consider closing that flight booking tab and give RVing a try.

Check Out Our Complete RV Travel & Lifestyle Guide!

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5 thoughts on “10 Reasons We Love RV Travel (and Why You Will Too)!”

  1. I love that you mentioned how RV parks are a good place to develop friendships. My family and I are planning on taking our RV to a park site soon. Hopefully, we can meet plenty of nice people.

    1. Hi Stefan – thanks for reading!

      That’s wonderful, I’m sure you will really enjoy yourselves and meet all kinds of great people. We’ve had some great chats over the years and a lot of fun. You definitely don’t have to be by yourselves if you don’t want to 🙂

      Happy RV travels to all of you!

  2. We are considering a class c purchase but so many negative comments about quality and maintenance. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Jim & Marilyn – thanks for reading and for the comment!

      In my experience, every single type of RV has pros and cons and there are high quality and low quality options across the board no matter the style of RV. I think there are plenty of quality class C RVs out there. Personally speaking, I think even most Class C RVs are of higher quality than a lot of the cheaper travel trailers out there.

      We had a Thor Four Winds Chateau Class C (we have since upgraded to a larger Class A). But we LOVED our Class C a lot for many reasons. We never had any mechanical issues with it, and it was actually easier to get it into a shop than our Class A we have now because the Class C was more like a regular van instead of a bus.

      We found things inside our Class C were of a fine quality, although we have seen some cheap ones out there. Honestly, it depends on the individual unit and the brand. But overall I wouldn’t say all Class C’s are low quality. Ours was wonderful and we absolutely loved it. Personally, I think Class C’s are a great option for those getting into RVing – they really are easy to drive and maintain and are less expensive than Class A’s yet have a lot more space than Class B’s.

      Hope this helps. Happy travels!

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