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I must admit, I hate shopping.  There I said it.  But the thing I probably loathe the most is shopping for shoes.  Especially when it comes to finding the most comfortable walking shoes for women like me who travel.  Why?!?!  I’m sure some of you think it’s strange for a woman to say that she detests shoe shopping.  But for me, it’s because I’m not only picky…but I’m a perfectionist who only wants to spend my money on the absolute best.  It’s not easy finding the right mix of comfort & functionality, and a long list of additional requirements.  In short, my primary travel shoes need to tick a lot of boxes.

This makes shopping for shoes a less enjoyable experience.

So when I found a pair of shoes that fit the bill, I was determined to not settle for anything less.

An Unexpected Find Turned Me On to a Brand of Shoe

A few years ago before Josh and I set out on our around the world adventure, we were living in Atlanta.  We’ve always been active people who enjoy going out and hiking, although we’re not die hard extreme hikers.  More casual hikers who just like to be outside and enjoy the day.

We happened to be rummaging around an end of season sale at REI when Josh noticed an awesome pair of ladies Solomon shoes at a great discount price.  I protested at first, because I didn’t need a pair of shoes.  But I begrudgingly put them on, and immediately went quiet.

The moment I put them on I was impressed with the fit and feel.

Again, I’m not one to go crazy over shoes.  But these shoes really got my attention fast.  First, they were SO light – even though the shoes had good traction and could be used to play sports or outdoors on a trail.

Walking to bus station in SUkhothai, Thailand - Peanuts or Pretzels Instagram

Liz trekking in Sukhothai, Thailand

Also, they had incredible arch support!  Personally, I used to have quite high arches on my feet — but they had fallen in recent years due to me wearing those popular “ballerina flats” (yeah, those are actually pretty bad for your feet!).  My fallen arches had caused quite a bit of foot pain over recent years, but the arch support on these Solomon’s were incredible…and I could notice the difference right away!

I walked around the store, not really wanting to take them off.  I was sold.  Except of course, I’m cheap.  I didn’t want to pay for shoes that I didn’t really need.  As usual, Josh talked me into the purchase.

Ya hear that Josh…you were right!

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It’s About More than Comfortable Walking Shoes for Women Who Travel

At the moment I purchased my first Solomon shoes, I didn’t know just how much I’d come to love them.  That would come later, as we embarked on our adventure around the world.  I actually almost didn’t bring them with us, because I was trying to pack light.  However Josh (again) convinced me that I’d want these shoes on the road.  Being on the road long term now, it’s amazing how dependable you are on a good pair of shoes.  Comfort is extremely important, but it’s more than that.

Liz on Lava - Volcanoes National Park - Peanuts or Pretzels

Just walking on Lava! Thankfully, these shoes grip just about anything!

The Reason’s I’ve Come to Love My Solomon’s On the Road

Light Weight

These shoes are SO light that they really don’t add weight to the bag.  The material is also flexible, so I can cram them into a crowded pack too.

Soft, breathable material

I’ll be honest, my feet tend to sweat.  So I love that these shoes have a very soft, breathable material over the toes and around the shoe in order to foster air flow and keep my feet cool in the heat.  Great since we spend a lot of time in south east Asia!

Great Traction for a Variety of Outdoor Activities

While the shoes are technically made for outdoor trail running, I’ve found that the traction on the shoe is great for all kinds of terrain; whether it’s dirt, rocks, pavement, etc.  I have found these shoes to really get me around anywhere confidently (and I am clumsy…so this is important!).  I always feel like I have a good grip, and my feet feel secure in the shoe.

No-Tie Shoe Laces Are Quick to Cinch Up

I admit, I’m also a bit lazy when it comes to shoes.  I really do hate tying laces, or having the laces come undone during the day.  So one of the reasons I love these shoes is that I can just cinch them up and tighten them with this cool lace lock contraption (QuickLace I think is the technical name).

liz new solomon shoe

The great thing is that the laces NEVER come loose on me during the day, yet they are super easy to tighten or loosen up.  I also have the option to keep them semi-snug so I can take them on and off without ever tightening or loosening it…I can just keep it the same tension.  Great for lazy people like me!  Also, they have a little lace pocket where you can stuff the end of the laces so the extra string isn’t flopping around when you are moving.

Lastly, the shoes don’t even have to be that tight for me to feel like my feet are completely secure in the shoe.

Great Arch support and Comfort

My Solomon shoes are also amazingly comfortable.  It hugs my foot so well in all the right places, and they have a special type of Ortholite technology.  I believe this is a special type of breathable cushioning for the foot and heel.  Whatever it is, it feels great!  All of this combined with the strong arch support for my feet, make my feet feel actually more comfortable with the shoes on than off!

Versatile & Functional

As mentioned, these particular Solomon shoes are technically for trail running.  However, I’ve found that these shoes are really great for when I’m traveling and walking around all day.  We tend to do a LOT of walking when we travel, and it could be over a variety of surfaces – in town or out in the countryside.  My feel don’t hurt, even after 10 hours in these shoes…which is really important to me!

Plus, I can also use these shoes for outdoor activities that are more strenuous than just typical walking, like casual hiking or even a bit of climbing.  I’ve found that these shoes can really handle just about anything I throw at them during our travels.

Being such a versatile and functional shoe, they are really great for the kind of travel that we do!

The True Testament…The Day They Wore Out!

I really came to love these shoes so much during our travels.  And it really hit me just how much I depended on these shoes for comfort when they began to wear out.  After a couple years (and 12 months of wearing them almost every single day), they started to show their age.  A few small holes here and there, where the fabric had bent so much over time, as well as the interior being worn away in places around the heel and toe.

To tell you the truth, I could have kept wearing them.  They actually still felt REALLY comfortable & they had just as much traction as ever.  I wanted to keep them.  Unfortunately, we are long-term travelers who are currently residing in Asia.  We are about to set off on an extended trip around Tibet and China, and room in our backpacks is limited.

Even though I really believed that these shoes still had more life in them, I couldn’t risk having a pair of shoes that were on their last legs — especially when we were going to some remote regions.  So we decided it was time to replace them before we left civilization.

Liz riding around Sukhothai Thailand - Peanuts or Pretzels

I Wouldn’t Accept Anything But These Same Exact Shoes…And I Found Them!

However, I didn’t want just any shoe…I wanted THESE EXACT SHOES!  I was determined to get exactly what I wanted.  Luckily, we were heading back to Hong Kong, so I made a trip to “sneaker street” where there are SO many shoe stores.  And I was so excited to see my exact Solomon shoes available!  After browsing a couple different stores for prices and sizes, I snagged a new pair. The only difference is that my old shoes were black and pink, while the new ones are black and green.

I can’t tell you how good if felt to put them on.  My feet seriously love these shoes!

Without a Doubt, I Recommend These Shoes!

So if you are looking for high quality, versatile, comfortable walking shoes for women who travel and explore like we do, I would without a doubt recommend these Solomon shoes.  These shoes were 100% paid for by me (both pairs), and all opinions are my own.   I am officially loyal to this brand, and hope I can always have these shoes when I travel.

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