RV Toilet Paper: What You Need to Know Before You Go!

As you may know, an RV may feel a lot like a house on wheels but there can be issues when using household products in your RV. Toilet paper is a perfect example!  We’ve met numerous RVer’s over the years who did not realize that they needed special RV toilet paper for their rigs. And we’ve also seen them in campgrounds dealing with the effects, such as trying to unclog their black tank on a lovely Saturday afternoon!  Definitely not a fun way to spend your day.  If you are considering going on an RV camping trip for your next vacation, then you will want to pay attention to this post! 

So in this blog post, we’ve gathered all the information you need to know about RV toilet paper:  why you need it, how it works, and also highlighting some specific types of RV toilet paper that work great and we recommend.


Can I Use Regular Toilet Paper in an RV?

We absolutely love traveling in our RV. It feels like home to us in many ways, but we have to remind ourselves that RVs are very different.  The sewage system in your RV is different from the one you have in your house. It’s much more fragile and can clog easily. Therefore, most household toilet paper that you buy at the supermarket should NOT be used in an RV.  Broken toilets in an RV can be quite a terrible experience. Not only that, it can be quite expensive to fix if the problem is really bad and you can’t find a way to clear the clog yourself. As we stated in a recent post Myths of Living in an RV, RVing is not necessarily a cheap lifestyle — and repair costs are one of the biggest costs you will incur. 

So the last thing you want to do is break your RV by doing something you can easily avoid!


Benefits of RV Toilet Paper: What Makes It Special?

While it may be inconvenient to buy special types of toilet paper for your RV, there are some very good reasons to. One of the most important reasons to use special RV toilet paper is to protect your holding tank and RV septic system. And the best way to prevent damage is to reduce the chance of having clogs in our RV holding tank. RV toilet paper is specifically designed to quickly dissolve so you can avoid damage to your RV’s toilet system. It uses a lighter material than traditional toilet paper. The septic tank in RV’s is much more different than the ones found inside our homes. They can’t handle thick ply tissue papers, wet wipes, feminine hygiene products or any other types of solid materials! 

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What Types of Toilet Paper Can I Use in an RV?

No matter what type of RV you have, the very best type of toilet paper to use in your RV is one that dissolves quickly in the holding tank.  These are the safest for your RV septic system because they break down the quickest.  For this reason, there are actually specific types of RV toilet paper available that you can buy.  They are similar to marine toilet paper, that’s used for boats because the septic systems are quite similar in how they work. 


Fast Dissolving Toilet Paper

Known for its high biodegradability, this type of paper will not clog your RV toilet and is safe to use. 

One-Ply RV Toilet Paper = Quickest to Dissolve

If you’re looking for cheap quick-dissolve RV toilet paper, one-ply is usually what people will buy. It’s inexpensive and does the job without clogging your toilet because it’s so thin and easily dissolves in your holding tank. One downside of using this type of toilet paper is that it runs out quickly because people tend to use more of it. Also, one-play toilet paper also isn’t very durable and easily tears a part when using it.

Lastly, many people complain that one-play toilet paper is rough on the skin and can harm those with sensitive skin. Honestly, it can feel like a step up from using leaves!  These disadvantages are the main drawbacks from using cheap one-play toilet paper in our RV.

Two-Ply RV Toilet Paper = Softer, More Durable Option

For those who have sensitive skin, buying two-ply toilet paper provides a much softer experience and prevents rashes and skin irritation. This is a better choice for kids or anyone who has sensitive skin or doesn’t enjoy the one-ply experience. In general, two-ply toilet paper is not only softer but it tends to be more durable so users won’t consume so much of it at a time and it won’t run out quite as fast.

There are some softer two-ply RV toilet paper options on the market.  They are specifically made to find a balance between softness and durability while still being quick to dissolve in a holding tank.  The disadvantage of two-ply RV toilet paper is that it tends to be more expensive, and sometimes it still doesn’t dissolve quick enough.  So there is potential that it can still cause small clogs in your tank.

Unbleached Toilet Paper for Your RV

For those looking for eco-friendly toilet paper for your RV, unbleached toilet paper may be a good choice. Recycled materials used in unbleached toilet paper is more sustainable for the environment. Plus, this type of RV toilet paper is usually a low-priced option. One of the downsides of using this type is that it is rough on the skin since it uses unrefined materials. But if you are a no-frills kind of person, this type of toilet paper for your RV may sufficient.

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Where Can I Buy RV Toilet Paper?

One of the most obvious places where you can buy RV toilet paper is at any RV dealership who also sells RV supplies. Most RV dealerships, or even RV repair shops, will usually sell a few additional supplies for your RV. Larger RV superstores, such as Camping World, also provide a number of options for RV toilet paper that you can buy. However, you may also be able to find RV toilet paper other places such as marine supply stores, since boats have similar types of septic systems on board. Another convenient option is to buy RV toilet paper online and have it delivered to you. Many online retailers, including Amazon, carry a number of RV toilet paper brands that you can choose from. And you can buy in bulk to stock up with good discounts.  If you have great wifi in your RV, then it’s easy to just order it online and have it shipped to you!


Can I Buy RV Toilet Paper at Walmart?

Some people are surprised by this, but technically yes, most Walmarts do carry RV toilet paper in their stores.  However, you won’t always find the right kind in their general toilet paper aisle. The best place to go to ensure you get the correct toilet paper for your RV is to head over to the auto accessories / camping section of the store. They usually have 1 aisle that is dedicated for RV supplies — and you will find RV toilet paper on the shelves! You can also buy RV toilet paper on their website as well.


What’s the Best RV Toilet Paper?

The Best RV toilet paper is the one that fits all the requirements, as well as your personal preferences and budget.  You must have a product that’s safe for your system and quickly dissolves. But most people want something that’s soft and comfortable to use, yet also is a reasonable price for their needs. Two-ply RV toilet papers are one of the best RV toilet paper as these don’t break quickly and efficiently. Two-ply toilet papers are usually soft on the skin and don’t run out soon as it is thicker than the one-ply types. Absorbent material and septic-safe features are also useful features in finding the best RV toilet paper.

Our Personal Favorite Brands of RV Toilet Paper

Some people will prefer the more expensive options, other people are fine with the inexpensive RV toilet paper brands. So it really comes down to your personal preference.  For us, we like to strike a balance. Below are some of our favorite brands that we’ve used.


Is Scott’s RV Toilet Paper a Good Brand?

Scott’s RV toilet paper is a good and reputable brand of toilet paper for RVs, in fact, they have a specific toilet paper product made for RVs and boats. It is relatively soft for the skin as well as being quick-dissolving because the materials used for their toilet paper are lightweight. Scott guarantees that their toilet paper breaks down four times faster than competing RV toilet papers, which is one of the most crucial factors for RVers.  Scott’s RV toilet paper also claims to have excellent absorbency.  The material stays together even when you wiping surfaces hard. It also has a low price, but the disadvantage is that it is only one-ply, which means more toilet paper for use is required and it might not be as soft as you would prefer.


Other Brands of Safe RV Toilet Paper

There are a number of different brands of RV toilet paper which are safe for your RV. Below we’ve outlined a few of them that you may find a good choice for your RV needs.

Camco RV & Marine Toilet Tissue

The Camco RV & Marine Toilet Tissue is fast dissolving and is gentle on the skin. The company assures that it won’t clog up your RV toilet. Its two-ply feature means it’s more comfortable to use on the skin, and it is durable so you don’t need to use as much and it won’t tear easily when used. No perfume or dyes are in this toilet paper, which is also excellent for sensitive skin.


Valterra Softness 2-ply Toilet Tissue for RV/Marine Tanks

Designed to dissolve quickly, Valterra toilet paper for RVs is known to be clog-free on your RV tanks. The toilet paper is also gentle on the skin since it is two-ply. There is also no perfume added to this toilet paper and is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. It is thin enough to not cause any problems for delicate RV holding tanks even though it is two-ply.


Caboo Tree Free Toilet Paper

Caboo Tree Free Toilet Paper is 100% biodegradable. It is safe for all disposal systems, such as RV toilet systems. For those who are hypoallergenic, this toilet paper is excellent as it is scent-free, BPA-free, paraben-free, and chlorine-free. Be assured that it is perfect for sensitive skin, as no perfume or fragrance is in this toilet paper. The toilet paper’s feel on the skin is gentle, soft, and even has a luxurious feel to it. Personally, I love this product because bamboo is seriously some of the most luxurious feeling materials out there!


How Does Toilet Paper Dissolve in an RV?

There are multiple holding tanks in your RV. Fresh water, grey water (from your sinks and shower), and then there is the infamous black tank. This is where all your toilet waste goes. Toilet paper dissolves in your RV by disintegrating in your black tank. To help with this disintegration process, as well as eliminating odors and repelling insects is to use a special chemical treatment in our black tank.

The best practice is that anytime you are preparing to use your black tank, you prepare it by inserting the chemical as well as some water.  That way, your tank is ready to be used. Once you start flushing, there is already chemical in there that will help to breakdown paper and other materials, which helps reduce the chance of clogging your RV sewer lines. That way when you are ready to dump the black tank, it should be a liquid that comes out much more easily.

Clogs are a major headache to fix in your RV, especially in the black tank. You also don’t want to have flies and nasty odors coming from your black tank. That makes for a bad experience inside your RV!  Here are some recommended chemical products for your black tank that we have used, or have heard good reviews from other people who have used them.

Porta Pak

We usually use Porta-Pak brand RV toilet drop-ins more than any other brand. They are easy to use, we just throw a pack or two into the toilet before we head out on a trip. We especially prefer the lavender scent. They also tend to be a very affordable price. 

RV Tissue Digester

The RV Tissue Digester is a popular product that we know many people have used. It has good reviews and is a quality product. 

Thetford Aqua Waste Digester and Cleaner

Another popular brand that we have used a few times is Thetford Aqua Waste Digester. It always seemed to work quite well.

Camco TST Toilet Treatment

We’ve used this Camco TST treatment numerous times in our black tank, we find it to work well and have a nice orange smell. 


Take Care of Your RV Toilet System!

One of the most important points we want to make here is that your RV has a very delicate toilet system. It’s critical that you take care of it and treat it properly. A broken or clogged RV toilet is a major hassle to deal with. It causes all sorts of inconveniences on your trip…plus it might make your RV smell horrible! Fixing an RV toilet or clogged black tank is not a fun experience if you are doing it yourself. And if you have to take it to an RV service shop to fix, then it will be expensive! So one of the very best things you can do to avoid this is to use the correct RV toilet paper as well as a good chemical treatment to maintain the health of our RV toilet system. You will be thankful you did!




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