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RV Tool Kit Items You Must Have Before Your Next Trip

It’s really important that you have your RV tool kit prepped and ready to go at all times, because you never know what potential issues might come up during RV travel. The last thing you want during your relaxing vacation is to be stuck on the side of the road, trying to flag down people just to ask to borrow a simple wrench. So from our experience, here are some items that you should make sure to have in your RV tool kit. 

RV Tool Kit Preparation

Just like it’s important to be prepared for a camping trip or a hike, it is important to have a set of various tools in your RV tool kit to be prepared for all types of possible situations that may occur on the road (or even when you pull off the road).  While you will need to be prepared for mechanical situations, an RV is also a house. Except, your handyman more than likely won’t make a trek out into the remote woods to fix a sink.  Here are some of the items you should keep in your RV tool kit which will help you address both mechanical, as well as home issues in your RV.

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Handy Tool Set

Having a basic handy tool set is a good start for your RV tool kit.  These toolsets will have some of the most basic tools that you’ll need for a variety of situations, and most come in a nice carrying case.  These toolsets should include tools like screwdrivers, hammers, and some will have wrenches.  These are just basic tools that everyone should have in their RV. 

Socket Set

Having a socket set is another useful item to add to your RV tool kit.  You never know when you may need it for under the hood no matter if you are driving a Class C or Class A RV.  

Cordless Drill with Assorted Bits and Nut Drives

It’s always great to have a cordless drill in your RV tool kit. You may not always have a power source nearby, especially when you are traveling, so the cordless option is a necessity for a drill.  Plus, you should always make sure to keep it charged so it’s ready to go if you need it. Having a cordless drill is actually an RV hack if you are pulling a trailer because it can be used in a creative way to cut down on your set up time dramatically.

Small Handheld Flashlight (or a Few)

Having a few small handheld flashlights around is always a good idea whenever you are camping or just traveling in your RV.  There are a lot of little spaces all around your RV where you might need a small flashlight.  But really, there are so many uses for flashlights and so it’s a great idea to have a couple of them around the RV. Different sizes and types are highly recommended, because at some point you may need a backup option if one dies or gets dropped (definitely speaking from experience on this one).

Tire Inflation Gauge

Tire inflation gauge is something that I originally hadn’t considered when we bought our first Class C RV.  However, Liz’s dad (who is an RV owner and mechanic) insisted that I get one.  And I’m so glad I did, so I agree with him that this is a must-have item in your RV.  On long road trips, it is so important to check your air pressure in your RV tires to prevent blowouts and even help save some money on gas.  Having this quick gadget handy makes it really easy to check the tire pressure at any time.

Digital Volt Meter

This is another essential item to have in your RV. A digital volt meter helps you assess potential issues on why something in your RV is not working.  Which happens more than you’d like to think with a complicated RV.  Having a digital volt meter onhand can really help you troubleshoot a situation.

Caulk and Roof Repair Kits

Just like your home, one of the big things you have you to keep an eye on in your RV is your roof.  Having some RV roofing caulk and or a repair kit is essential to have your RV tool kit.  It’s important to keep an eye on your roof and go up there to check every now and then to see how it all looks. There will be times when you have to do a little touch up on the roof with your roof caulk and such. 

Multi-Tool Knife

This small but mighty tools is probably one of the most daily-used tools to have in your tool kit.  In fact, I’d say of all the items in our RV tool kit, we use our multi-tool knife more than anything. That’s why I actually keep it in a compartment right near the main door for super easy access.

Other Essential Items Needed in Your RV Tool Kit

Spray Lubricants

Having a couple of different spray lubricants is super important to have in your RV.  WD-40 is a great spray to have.  You can use it in various areas inside and outside of your RV such as your RV slides, doors, and other places all around the RV. 

Electrical Tape and Duct Tape

Having a couple of different tape options is highly recommended to have in your RV.  Electrical tape and duct tape are two that are a necessity.  In fact, you can use duct tape for just about anything and it is important to have some for those “just in case” moments (or an all-out emergency).

Shop Towels

Having some extra shop towels around your rig is also a great idea because they can be used for such a wide variety of things. From cleaning the outside, wiping up spills, touching something that’s hot, etc. We’ve actually bought a number of packs over the years because I think we are surprised just how much they get used. You definitely don’t want to be in s situation where you have to use your good towels for some type of emergency!


Gloves are another great item to have around your RV.  Most especially, they are good to have when you are dumping!  But also, if you end up having to get on the ground and poke around under your rig or various other situations because you may not be able to wash your hands right away and you don’t want to be touching things inside / outside your nice RV with nasty hands!

Car Funnels

You really can’t go wrong with having a couple of car funnels around your RV as well.  There are a lot of moving parts in your RV and liquids. Not to mention, tight spaces!  So there will be times when you might need to add oil to either your RV engine or even your generator and these funnels will definitely come in handy so you don’t make a huge mess!

Do You Have Any Other Recommendations for an RV Tool Kit? 

We actually have a number of other items in our RV as well, but I’d say this is pretty much a standard list of items that every RV’er should have in their RV tool kit at minimum. If we missed anything or if you have any other recommendations, be sure to share in the comments below!


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