Must Have Dog RV Travel Gear & Accessories

If you spend the majority of your vacations with your dog then you more than likely have to pack a bag for them also.  Even more so on your next RV travel adventure.  There are so many great pet travel accessories out there to help your pet travel better.  Hana has a few of her favorites and they made the list.  Do you see something we missed??  Let us know! what some of your favorite dog RV travel gear and accessories are.  

Must Have Dog RV Travel Gear for your RV-Traveling Pups:

1. Back Seat Cover

In order to protect your car’s seats from being covered with pet hair or scratched up by your dog’s paws, it’s well worth purchasing this handy slip-resistant, waterproof seat protector for your car. The underside of this particular pet car seat cover is covered with grip dots, which will ensure that your car seat cover doesn’t move when you’re driving from one destination to the next.

2. Travel/SUV Dog Bed

If you plan on embarking on a dog-friendly road trip and own an RV or an SUV, you’ll be able to turn the back of your SUV into a large dog bed, using this innovative SUV specific dog bed. It boasts pillow shaped wings which will adapt to the size of your SUV and shock absorbing memory foam, which will ensure that your dog remains comfortable at all times. Better yet this particular SUV dog bed is easily removable, so you can take it into your accommodation so that your dog has a comfortable, familiar place to sleep.

3. Elevated Dog Bed

If you’d love to take your dog with you on your next summer vacation, it’s well worth purchasing this elevated dog bed, which boasts a cooling pad, that will make sure that your dog remains cool, even when temperatures rise. As this particular dog bed is sturdily constructed and features non slip rubber feet, you can even use it outside or during camping trips.

4. Pawhut Outdoor Pop Up Tent

If you love taking your dog camping but don’t want your dog to destroy your expensive tent, you can’t go wrong purchasing your dog their own pop-up tent. This pop-up tent is waterproof and sturdily built with a strong fiberglass rod and a polyester cover. Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of camping, you can use this pop-up tent as a portable dog house.

5. Pet Health Passport

In order to easily keep track of your furry friend’s health and to keep track of important information such as your dog’s vaccination information and the dates of your dog’s deworming treatments, it’s a great idea to travel with a pet health passport.

6. Pet Hotel Door Hangers

If you want to warn individuals to be mindful about leaving doors shut at your hotel, campground or rental home, it’s well worth hanging a pet hotel door hanger on your door. That will let individuals such as cleaning staff know, that you have a dog or dogs inside your room which may try to escape if they open your door.

7. Waterproof Dog Travel Bowl

If you’re on the hunt for dog travel products which will make traveling with your canine buddy a breeze, you can’t go wrong buying this lightweight, portable, foldable dog travel bowl. As you’ll be able to put it in a backpack to use as a water bowl for your dog when you embark on outdoor adventures together and you’ll be able to use it as a dog food bowl on road trips.

8. Pet First Aid Kit

It’s just important to pack a pet first aid kit in your car when you’re traveling as it is to pack a regular first aid kit in your car. This handy pet first aid kit features elastic wrap, gauze, antiseptic wipes, gloves, scissors, and gloves. Better yet the elastic self-adhering wrap in this pet first aid kit won’t stick to your dog’s fur. So if you want to be able to treat your dog quickly and efficiently in an emergency, it pays to have a pet specific first aid kit on hand. Especially when you’re on vacation!

9. Cat/Dog Portable Playpen

To ensure that your dog feels just as comfortable on vacation as they do at home, it’s well worth purchasing a portable playpen. This particular model has built-in ventilation panels to prevent your dog from overheating and provides shade for your dog from the sun. You can use this portable playpen outdoors as a way for your dog to safely enjoy some fresh air and you can place it indoors, to help your dog get used to an unfamiliar environment.

10. Pet Gear Tri-Fold Pet Ramp

The last thing you want is for your dog to injure themselves trying to jump into the back or your car, RV or SUV. To make it easier for your dog to safely get in and out of your car after going to a park or the beach, it’s well worth buying this easy to set up, freestanding pet ramp. This popular model boasts high contrast markings, which will make it easier for your dog to navigate your ramp. Lastly, this freestanding ramp is also covered in carpet, which provides extra grip for your dog’s paws.

So if you’re willing to purchase new dog RV travel gear and accessories in order to ensure that you get the most out of your vacations with your pets, it’s well worth considering purchasing some of the handy items listed above!

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