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Geocaching Supplies for the Beginner Geocacher

We were all beginners at some point when it comes to Geocaching.  For those of you who are just getting into it, venturing into this new world can be quite exciting!  However, expert cachers know that it’s not always as simple as reading a clue and going in for a find.  You will soon learn that sometimes you need specific geocaching supplies to be prepared for any geocaching obstacle that might come up during a geocaching adventure.

Why Would You Need Supplies for Geocaching?

Some of you might be wondering why you need supplies to go geocaching. Well, if you haven’t discovered already, there are some pretty basic things that every cacher needs to have if they even want to play the game. For example, how are you going to sign a log that you found if you don’t have a pen with you?

But — there’s so many more situations that you may encounter when you are out Geocaching! For example, what if the log is wet…how can you sign it?  What if you need to climb a tree to retrieve a cache? How about if you are trying to make the find, but it’s getting dark faster than you expected and you simply are not willing to give up when you are so close? And also…what’s the best way to organize and carry all of your awesome new geocaching supplies so you are always ready for an adventure when it comes your way?

Oh the things we will do for a Geocache!

So in this post, we’ve come up with a list of some of the very basic Geocaching supplies to help ease you (or a friend) into this new hobby of geocaching.  We’ve also added some “nice to have” Geocaching supplies that may serve you well if you encounter some of the more interesting and exciting caches out there!

Our List of Geocaching Supplies for Beginners

Check out some of these great Geocaching supplies to get you started out Geocaching.  You can, of course, go geocaching without some of these supplies, but some will help enhance your geocaching experience as you get started.  Here are some geocaching supplies for beginners. 

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Geocaching® – Free App

geocaching app, geocaching supplies

The first thing you will need as far as Geocaching Supplies would be to get a Geocaching profile and download the Geocaching App.  There is a free version to get you familiar with geocaching, but the $9.99 app is likely what you want — if you really plan on caching!

Geocaching Starter Kit

This kit has everything to get you started with geocaching.  It makes a perfect gift for new cachers, teachers, group leaders, scout leaders, or anyone who is setting out on their new Geocaching adventures.

Waterproof Phone Case

This is the ultimate geocaching smartphone case.  This ultra-light and waterproof case is perfect for geocaching in all types of weather.  This phone case is good for geocaching in the winter or summer time.  Perfect geocaching supply for a beginner.

Rite in the Rain Pen

One of the most important things about Geocaching is being able to physically sign the logbook in the geocache.  However, sometimes elements such as rain or a wet log can make this a challenge.  Never fear — the Rite in the Rain Pen will ensure that you can still sign that log and claim victory regardless of the weather!  This all-weather pen can write on any wet log, and even in the freezing cold.

Rite in the Rain 4″ x 6″ Pocket Notebook

Speaking of rain, it can also dampen your spirits when you are trying to go after multi-caches or puzzles and are having a hard time taking notes while out on the Geocaching trail.  With this all-weather notepad, you won’t have to worry about rain ruining your plans again.

Petzl Headlamp


Even if you aren’t into night caching, we’ve all been there — it’s light when you begin searching, but quickly turns to dusk…and possibly dark!  Refusing to give up, you use any light you can to try and illuminate the area.  But you don’t want to waste your phone batteries using it as a flashlight, and you need your hands to search for the cache!

This is why you should really invest in a good headlamp.  While you may think it looks a little goofy, no one can deny the freedom they provide when looking for a cache.  They provide great light, and easy of use leaving your hands free to search!

Geocaching Swag


Of course, the swag aspect of geocaching is fun for all ages.  Even I have found some great little trinkets inside of caches all of the world.  It is always good to have something in your Adventure Caching Bag to be able to trade.

*If you take something out of the cache.  You must put something in for the cacher behind you to discover*

Idiots Guide to Geocaching


If you are still trying to grasp this whole geocaching game, then check out this guidebook.  It’s super easy to read and breaks it down for you with imagery and examples.  Great for those people who enjoy reading and really want to get “in the know” about geocaching.

Garmin Oregon GPS Series

At first, we didn’t think we need a GPS to go Geocaching.  And to a certain extent, it is true.  However for us, we quickly realized to do the type of Travel Caching that we love, we would need a GPS.  While we’ve had a few different GPS units over the years, we can honestly say that this Garmin Oregon series is our absolute favorite by far!

Some GPS units are incredibly difficult to figure out, but this one is so simple and easy to understand!  It is a touchscreen, and has all the elements that make it easy for Geocachers to use!

Trackable Tags (5 Pack)

Another fun aspect of geocaching are geocaching trackables.  These little tags include numbers on them that allow you to track them all over the world!  You will often find them in Geocaches, and you can pick them up and take them to another.  Each trackable has its own page, and so you can see where they’ve been.

You can also create your own trackable and send them out into the world!  We’ve seen them with various missions, such as visiting all the football stadiums in the country or traveling to a far off country in the world.  Sending out a trackable is a fun way to play the game, seeing how far they travel!

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Geocaching Trackable Patch


Not only is it fun to monitor trackables you have sent out on a specific mission, but it’s also fun to track yourself too.  We love seeing how many miles we have traveled from cache to cache.  You can also be discovered by other geocachers this way.

For us, we have a patch on our “adventure bag” and our travel backpacks so that we can see how far we’ve gone in search of geocaches – and adventure as we travel all over the world!

Mounatinsmith AdventureCaching Geocaching Bag


After acquiring all these geocaching supplies…you need somewhere to store them and keep them with you when you need them.  And for us, there is no better place than the Mountainsmith Day TLS.

We absolutely LOVE our Mountainsmith TLS bag.  We had been using it for years prior to caching, but when we started caching…we realized that it really is perfect!  You can even turn your AdventureCaching Bag into a trackable by sewing a trackable patch on it (like we have).  It is an amazingly functional, lightweight bag to hold your geocaching supplies.

Geocaching Supplies Are Great Gifts Too!

We hope you’ve discovered some new, and useful items for your upcoming caching adventures — or for your friends are might just be getting into Geocaching.  These items make great gifts for others, as well as yourself.

For more ideas, check out our Geocaching Gear Shop (click the banner below).  Happy caching!

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