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What is Geocaching?

Geocaching in a Nutshell

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor “treasure” hunting game.  Geocachers use a handheld GPS device (or smartphone) to navigate to a set of coordinates.

Then they follow the clues and hints and attempt to find the Geocache (container) that is hidden!

Everyone plays the game a little differently.  But for us, we love how Geocaching takes us on an adventure, and adds some fun and excitement to daily life…as well as our travels around the world.

Geocaching Facts

  • More than 2.7 MILLION active Geocaches hidden
  • Worldwide — there is even a cache on Antarctica & Mount Everest
  • Some caches are even hidden underwater
  • Difficulty and terrain range from very easy (on the side of the road) to extreme
  • Most are located around towns, in historic places or scenic locations
  • Many caches are hidden along hiking trails
  • Most USA State Parks have Geocaches hidden throughout
  • Historic places & National Parks have “Virtual” Caches
  • Anyone can play – kids to 70+ years old!

Map of Geocaches in North Americ

Geocaching Resources


Geocaching 101:  All Stories & Topics


Geocaching 101: What Does a Geocache Look Like?

When someone wants to know more about geocaching, one of the first questions is typically "What does a geocache look like?"  But the answer is not as simple as one would think.  For starters, hiding a geocache is all about creativity.  Being creative is what makes it...

Geocaching Supplies for the Beginner Geocacher

We were all beginners at some point and knowing what Geocaching Supplies you need to start can be tough.  To those who are just getting into geocaching, it can be quite exciting venturing into this new world.  However, expert cachers know that it's not always as...

Geocaching Supplies – Winter Geocaching

Unlike the NFL or NBA, Geocaching doesn't have an off-season.  You can go geocaching 365 days a year, and every 4 years you can go 366 days. Rain or shine, hot or can always go geocaching! You can even go caching when it is freezing outside, and when there...

10 Geocaching Resolutions to Keep

The New Year is upon us, which means new Geocaching Resolutions.  As Geocachers, we love setting goals for ourselves and improving our stats.  So we've put together some ideas for Geocaching Resolutions to keep for the upcoming year.  If you have already accomplished...

Geocaching Gifts for the Geocachers in your Family

It's that time of year for gift giving!  Are you having a tough time deciding what to get the geocacher in your life?  Well with the help of our friends at Cache Advance, we have come up with 7 great gifts that geocachers will love, regardless of their skill level!...

Geocaching 101: Geocaching Glossary of Terms

When we started to get into our hobby of Geocaching, we began seeing terms and acronyms that we weren't familiar with.  It took us some time to realize what they meant.  So to help you explore the fun world of Geocaching, we referred to and pulled...

Geocaching 101: What Types of Geocaches are there?

The game of geocaching isn't only searching for tupperware in the woods & signing a piece of paper.  While there are caches like this, there are also several other types of geocaches, which enhances the fun of the game.  Some geocaches may have you go to multiple...

Geocaching 101: What do I need to go Geocaching?

The great thing about Geocaching is that anyone can do it, and they can be found just about anywhere!  Whether you prefer to explore a city, or go hiking on a trail out in the woods, there are plenty of geocaches to be found!  Even during a road trip.  To be sure that...

Geocaching 101: What’s in a Geocache? Treasure?

When we start explaining geocaching to someone, the first question they ask is ‘What's in a geocache? Treasure?’  This is a tough question to answer.  Depending on your age and personal interests, it could be either “Yes or No.”  So we will do our best here to answer...

Geocaching 101: Getting Started with Profile & App

Whenever we describe our hobby of geocaching to people we get asked the same question, ‘How Do You Get Started Geocaching?’  So we decided to put together a few beginner steps to help curious adventure seekers get out of the house and start discovering geocaches...

Geocaching 101: What is a Geocaching Trackable?

One aspect that we enjoy about Geocaching around the world are Trackables*.  Trackables are tags or coins with a code on it that you can log at and track your miles as it travels from cache to cache.  It's fun to send them out into the world to see...

Why Go Geocaching?

Why go Geocaching?  We have been asked this more than once.  There are so many great things about geocaching that attract us to this outdoor hobby that we have listed it out for you. Our First Geocaching EXPERIENCE Our first geocaching experience was during a trip to...

Geocaching 101: Geocaching Events: What Is A Mega Event?

One of the many aspects we love about Geocaching, is the community of cachers.   Geocaching Events are a great way for geocachers from all over the world get together for a long weekend filled with stories and adventures.  Besides meeting other fun-loving cachers,...

Must Haves in Your Geocaching Bag

Liz and I love spending our days outside exploring what the world has to offer.  Whether it is traveling the world, hiking through the wilderness, or just relaxing; enjoying the fresh air and scenery of the great outdoors. We have found that geocaching goes well with...

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