Vlogging at the Geocaching Block Party 2014 – Seattle, WA

For years now we have wanted to experience the Geocaching Block Party in Seattle. With so many of our geocaching friends visiting the Seattle area and HQ, boasting about the great time they had, we could no longer pass up making a trip out there to sign the log at HQ!  So we decided to incorporate a trip to the block party with the start of our Around the World Adventure, with a trip across the country from Atlanta to Seattle. After some stops along the way to visit family, we were ready for some geocaching!

Taking over the Channel

Taking over The Geocaching Vlogger’s YouTube Channel

We were asked by our friend Joshua, The Geocaching Vlogger, to be a guest on his You Tube channel and put together a video about our experience at the 2014 Block Party.  Normally we don’t do a lot of video, but we had a really great time running around interviewing cachers from all over the world.  So instead of being behind the camera, we were out in front!

Meeting Cachers at our Booth


Our experience at the Block Party was great.  We booth space in the vendor area so that we could more easily meet other cachers and trade stories with them.  We love this aspect about geocaching.  The caching community is world-wide, and everyone is so open and friendly.

Our booth was shared with a couple of great friends, Chris aka Bad Cop from GeoGearHeads and Caching in the NW Podcast and our friend LAN Monkey a vlogger from Vancouver, BC Canada.  And we had the privilege to be interviewed by The Bad Cop on his Caching in NW podcast.  Listen to it HERE.

We ran into my friend Jeremy from NYC Geocachers

Having the booth space also helped us to get some great video interviews for The Geocaching Vlogger video for Joshua.   Overall, it was a great place to base ourselves during the day and take turns running around exploring the Block Party!

Juan from Miami


Finding World Class Geocaches

Telephone Cache


Not only did we get to meet so many people from all over the world, but of course what is a geocaching event without doing some geocaching?!?  We were really excited about having the opportunity to go and explore some of the more well known geocaches from around the world.  Do any of these look familiar?


Lawn Games and Food Trucks


Where to eat?  How about some of the best food trucks in all of Seattle.  They had a pizza fire engine truck that was cooking pizza out of a stone oven, as well as tacos, and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches!

Not only were there great geocaches everywhere, there were so many great games everywhere.  Including Lawn Games like bowling.  We even challenged Lackey, Carly to a game.

Meeting Geocaching Legends

Bryan, Co-Founder

We also had the privilege of meeting Bryan, Co-Founder of Geocaching, who was just awesome.  In fact, all of the Lackeys at Groundspeak are great!  And when you say hello to the Lackeys at the Block Party you may get a cool limited edition trackable to take on your travels.  It was really great chatting with them and to see how much they enjoy bringing this fun game to the rest of the world!

Signing the Log

Signing the Log

We had a wonderful time at the 2014 Geocaching Block Party in Seattle. We highly recommend to all geocachers that they make the time to travel to the heart of geocaching country, in Seattle, for the annual Block Party. Not only are there some great caches all around that area of Seattle (which you can explore through the HQGeoTour), but there is also the famous HQ Geocache.

Watch our Vlog from the Geocaching Block Party HERE

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