Geocaching Podcast: GeoGearHeads (GGH 154: Caching Nomads I)

Recently we caught up again with our friends DarrylW4 and TheBadCop from the popular GeoGearHeads Podcast.  We joined the live broadcast was from our apartment here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  During this live segment, we shared some of our Geocaching stories from the road including: Geocaching at the airport, taking Travel Bloggers geocaching for the first time, and many more.  We also answered a couple of viewer questions from the live GeoGearHeads Geocaching Podcast chat room.  

GeoGearHeads Geocaching Podcast with Peanuts or Pretzels


Watch our GeoGearHeads Geocaching Podcast below.


Make sure to listen to our first podcast with GeoGearHeads:  Road Caching IV

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