What is an EarthCache? A Geocache with a View

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One of the reasons that we enjoy geocaching is that it can educate you on local history, science, architecture, and natural landscapes.  There are actually several different types of geocaches that you can discover, but one of our favorite types geocaches are EarthCaches.

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Enjoying the view of The Gorge EarthCahe in the North Georgia Mountains.

What is an EarthCache?

*** EarthCaches are virtual geocaches that are organized by the Geological Society of America. The cacher usually has to perform a task which teaches him/her an educational lesson about the Earth science of the geocache area.

The wonderful thing about EarthCaches is they are typically located in areas that physical geocaches are not allowed, such as a National Park.  So this virtual geocache is a great way to earn credit for the find, while learning about the EarthCache location.

One of our most favorite EarthCahes that we discovered was the Cliffs of Moher, in Ireland.  We will never forget this cache because of the geological history of the area and how the cliffs formed.  Plus, the views were absolutely amazing.

cliffs of moher, ireland coast, europe, virtual geocache, earth cache
Enjoying the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland – a great EarthCache

Some EarthCaches Require Detective Work

Some EarthCache owners require you to do a little research to answer a couple of basic questions to get credit for the cache.  As discussed in our Abe Lincoln Highway Geocaching Story, we had to do some detective work in order to get credit.  But being the history nerds that we are, we enjoyed the challenge!

abe lincoln home, abraham lincoln home, lincoln natural spring, earthcache, virtual geocache, Lincoln National Park
Taking a peek at the natural underground spring at the Abe Lincoln family home

On our way up to Indiana and the GeoWoodstock X Mega Event, we stopped by the Ohio River to take in the views of Louisville.  We pulled out our smart phones to see if there were any geocaches close by; and we noticed that the Ohio River was an EarthCache!  Reading through the cache’s description, we saw that we needed to answer some questions to get credit for the cache.  So like a scavenger hunt, we had to walk around the area for clues to help us answer the questions.

Earthcache, ohio river, louisville, KY, IN, Sellersburg, geowoodstock X
Enjoying the beautiful views of Louisville, KY on the Ohio River

EarthCaches are located all over the world.  We recently visited Niagara Falls on our way up to Toronto for the annual TBEX conference.  Of course we had to stay a night and enjoy the Falls at night and the next morning.  Yet another EarthCache!  EarthCaching is a great way to see some of the most scenic locations in the world and document your travels.

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Enjoying Niagara falls from the Canada side. Beautiful morning for an EarthCache!

EarthCaches Combine Science, History, and Scenery

This is what we love about geocaching, and EarthCaching in particular; it combines science, history, and incredible scenery.  Our EarthCache list continues to grow with our research and dreams of continuing our travels to amazing sites in far away lands.

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Getting ready to hike up the stairs to explore Batu Caves EarthCache – Malaysia

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Exploring an EarthCache on the Salmon River – Idaho

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