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Geocaching in the World’s #1 Airport – Changi Airport in Singapore

Geocaching is a great way to get outside and seek adventures alone or with family.  But never would I have said that Geocaching is a great way to pass the time indoors…let alone inside an airport! However, that’s exactly what Liz and I experienced recently as we were traveling around southeast Asia and had an 8-hour layover in the best airport in the world, the Singapore Changi Airport.

While we don’t usually look forward to having a layover, we really did look forward to this one because it meant that we could explore this famous airport!

So Many things to do at the Singapore Airport 

Changi Airport in Singapore has everything you could want in a long layover. There are so many things to do at Changi Airport in Singapore, where do you start?

You can catch one of the latest movies at the free movie theatre, or kill time by playing free video games in the video game lounge. Or if you want so some peace and quiet, you can go relax in the orchid garden or one of the relaxing spas.  There is even a rooftop swimming pool!!!

Josh with colored picture Singapore Airport - Peanuts or Pretzels

But the one thing that I was unaware of before our visit to the Singapore Changi Airport, was that I would be able to pass the time by geocaching. Rarely do airports and geocaching go together. However, this particular geocache has been around for many years and has been found by so many travelers from all over the world!

Geocaching at Singapore Changi Airport

We had no idea there was a geocache inside the airport until we stumbled upon it on a whim. We were exploring the airport and discovering all the fun and unique things to do, and I randomly thought “why not see if there is a geocache nearby here…or at least a Virtual Geocache.”  Imagine my excitement when I saw there was actually a cache located INSIDE the airport!    

Liz & I were totally surprised to see this. So we followed the cache description and headed towards the Butterfly Center. Yes, this airport has a Butterfly Center (we told you it is an awesome airport!).  The Butterfly Center is actually where the cache was hidden.  This was great because I had planned on going there to see the butterflies anyway!

Butterfly Center

Butterfly Center Geocache at Changi Airport

Walking into the Butterfly Center, we were surrounded by butterflies and sweet smells of fruit and flowers in the air. After a little bit of exploring and breathing in the fresh air of the butterfly center (we all know how good that feels after flying on an airplane for so many hours), I was itching to go and find the only geocache around here.

We carefully examined past logs and clues, eventually making our way to Ground Zero, and started our search. In this instance, we had to use our super stealth to find the geocache.  After all, this is a super busy airport and there were many people admiring the butterflies along with us.  How would we explain this if someone asked us what we were doing?

“No Mr. Security, we are not planting a bomb…we are searching for a geocache here in the airport!”

Geocaching in the airport
Josh loves #AdventureCaching – even in an airport!

Finding a Geocache at Changi Airport

After a little bit of searching we found what we were looking for; our first airport geocache. We waited for the perfect moment to reach in and around to grab the cache. We pulled out the cache and opened it to reveal a long log sheet of traveler’s signatures from all over the world.

“We loved being able to see all the logs written in so many different languages!”

It’s pretty cool to think of all the geocachers from all over the world who have traveled through this airport and found this cache. We signed the log and replaced the cache carefully, before continuing our tour of the butterfly center at the Singapore Airport.

Sharing Tree Singapore Airport - Peanuts or Pretzels

After leaving the butterfly center, we didn’t think long about what to do next.  After all, Singapore Airport is like a tourist destination itself – and we had an entire booklet full of fun things to do. But even with all the great things to do at the Singapore Changi Airport one thing is for sure, everyone should take some time to find the geocache!

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