Video: #AdventureCaching in Maui – Na’ili’ili-haele WaterFalls Cache (Geocaching)

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We love it when geocaching takes us on new adventures during our travels!  On a recent trip to the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii, Liz and I went on an epic 5/5 geocaching adventure where we hiked through a bamboo forest, climbed over 3 waterfalls, and swam 300 meters to discover a hidden waterfall, and the geocache. This cache is located on a trail off the famous Road to Hana.

Geocaching Maui, Hawaii

The trail is known to a lot of people, but they usually don’t go past the first 2 waterfalls.  Going for this cache will separate the tourists from the adventure seekers, and it’s well worth the effort.  Beyond the second waterfall you will be taken away from the crowds so you can experience the tranquil beauty of Hawaii.  Watch the video a look at why this cache easily makes it into our top 10 caches we have found around the world.

Come #AdventureCaching with us in Maui



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