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Best Geocaching Adventures 2014

This year marks the fourth year that Liz and I have been geocaching.  And we have to say, this year has been the best yet. Geocaching has taken us to so many awesome places during our travels and created some pretty great memories, especially since we’ve embarked on our Around the World Adventure!  We have also enjoyed meeting wonderful people  from all over the world, and connecting with our readers to chat about geocaching stories.  So without further ado, here are some of the best geocaching adventures we had in 2014.

A Place Where Geocaches Nearly Outnumber the Residents – Pine Mountain, GA

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Enjoying a day full of caching and scenery at FDR State Park

What if I told you that there was a small town where the number of geocaches nearly outnumber the residents that live in the town? Does a place like this exist for geocachers? No this is not a fantasy, this is Pine Mountain, GA. A town rich with U.S. history, and a geocacher’s dream. Pine Mountain, Georgia is a Geocaching Friendly town located just one hour from the hustle bustle of Atlanta, GA.

Pine Mountain, GA is one of the best Geocaching communities we have ever experienced.  They have a Geocaching Resort there and a historic state park filled with great geocaches.  Callaway Gardens and FDR State Park are a big reason why you need to place Pine Mountain, GA on your geocaching radar.

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Geocaching on Horseback with Roosevelt Riding Stables in Pine Mountain, GA

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Liz & I have been geocaching around the world for several years now. We have heard about people discovering geocaches while on boats, bikes, and some with scuba gear (now that really is #AdventureCaching!). But we had never heard of geocaching on horseback; that is, until we attended the Going Caching 2013 event that was held last October. Imagine the looks on our faces when we heard that Roosevelt Riding Stables in Pine Mountain, GA was one of the first Geo-Horseback Tours in the world. Yes that’s right…a Geo-Horseback Tour!

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Discovering Gadget Caches at GeoWoodstock XII in St. Charles, Missouri

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#AdventureCaching with some Geo-Celebrities, The GCDoc & The Geocaching Vlogger at GeoWoodstock XII in St. Charles, Missouri

Our expectations of GeoWoodstock XII in St. Charles, Missouri lived up to the billing. We got to meet so many cachers from all over the world and it was awesome to talk about our ever so growing hobby of geocaching with fellow cachers. We were looking forward to experiencing everything that GeoWoodstock had to offer, but one experience that will stick with us forever is getting the opportunity to go out in search of gadget caches with some of the more well known geocaching vloggers.

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How We Fell in Love with Geocaching – Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites GeoTour

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Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites Geo-Tour

People often ask us how we learned about geocaching, and why we got started. But one question we are rarely asked is “How did you fall in love with Geocaching?” I wish we were asked this more often. I have a feeling that people who are unfamiliar with the game think we’re a little strange to run around looking for tupperware in the woods. But that’s because they just don’t get what made us come to enjoy it so much. Our affinity for Geocaching came over time, and one of the main reasons was because of the Georgia State Parks GeoTour that took us all over our beautiful home state of Georgia. How could a GeoTour make us fall in love with a game? Well, let me tell you.

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Geocaching 101 – Better Mornings Atlanta with Peanuts or Pretzels

Better Mornings Atlanta

We recently had the opportunity to go on Better Mornings Atlanta to discuss of our hobby of Geocaching and how we incorporate it into our travels. In fact, you can go on this global treasure hunt all around the world! Geocaching has taken us to many great places around the world, but we have even made a few great discoveries in our own backyard. Geocaching is also a family friendly activity that will get all ages outside in search of adventure together.

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Geocaching Interviews with PodCacher and GeoGearHeads

Taking over the Channel

We have had a great time sharing our geocaching adventures with the podcast community.  Our interviews have been great and we love doing them.  Take a listen to some of our past years interviews with Sunny and Sandy from PodCacher and Darryl and Chris from GeoGearHeads.

PodCacher Podcast – Show 460.0 Caching Around the World

PodCacher Podcast – Show 487.0 Layover Geocaching

GeoGearHeads GGH 117:  Road Caching IV

Accidentally Discovering the Oldest Active Geocache in the World – Mingo, Kansas

Keep Mingo Alive

Windows rolled down and the breeze hitting your face as you cruise down the interstate. Music on the radio turned up high and singing those road trip songs that you only sing when you have been in the car for over 5 hours. Our road trip from Atlanta, GA to Boise, ID had all that and then some. To me, road trips feel like the ultimate freedom. Freedom to pull over at something that looks interesting, or pull into a State Park for a picnic. And to us, road trips also mean lots of Geocaching. On this particular trip I got a geocaching surprise, stumbling upon one of the oldest geocaches still active in the world!

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Taking Dad Geocaching for the 1st Time – Stanley, Idaho


Taking Dad Geocaching for the first time in Stanley, Idaho

At the start of our around the world trip, we made a stop to visit with Liz’s family in Idaho. They are big RV’ers and wanted to take us for a weekend up to Stanley, Idaho and to Red Fish Lake. Liz and her family have been coming to this part of the country for years and have always been fans of RV camping, salmon fishing, and anything that has to do with the outdoors. So for years she has been telling about how gorgeous this part of the country is, and I was excited to have the chance to head up for a long weekend in the mountains. And guess who got to ride shotgun in the RV on the way up? I couldn’t pass that up. I mean, it looks like a pretty cool way to travel right? Plus, I was really looking forward to taking Liz’s dad out Geocaching for the first time in the mountains!

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Vlogging at Geocaching Block Party 2014 – Seattle, WA


For years now we have wanted to experience the Geocaching Block Party in Seattle. With so many of our geocaching friends visiting the Seattle area and HQ, boasting about the great time they had, we could no longer pass up making a trip out there to sign the log at HQ! So we decided to incorporate a trip to the block party with the start of our Around the World Adventure, with a trip across the country from Atlanta to Seattle. After some stops along the way to visit family, we were ready for some geocaching!

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Video:  #AdventureCaching in Maui

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.29.14 PM

We love it when geocaching takes us on new adventures during our travels! On a recent trip to the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii, Liz and I went on an epic 5/5 geocaching adventure where we hiked through a bamboo forest, climbed over 3 waterfalls, and swam 300 meters to discover a hidden waterfall, and the geocache. This cache is located on a trail off the famous Road to Hana. The trail is known to a lot of people, but they usually don’t go past the first 2 waterfalls. Going for this cache will separate the tourists from the adventure seekers, and it’s well worth the effort. Beyond the second waterfall you will be taken away from the crowds so you can experience the tranquil beauty of Hawaii.

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Geocaching During a Lawyer – Sydney, Australia

Geocaching Sydney

Liz and I always try to get the most out of our travel experiences, including layovers. And recently we had a flight from Singapore to New Zealand that included a stop through Sydney, Australia with a 9 hour layover. Normally we wouldn’t want to have a 9 hour layover, but since we had never been to Sydney before, this seemed like the perfect chance to do explore a destination that we had always wanted to visit…and do a bit of geocaching in Australia for the first time!

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Video:  #AdventureCaching in Bangkok, Thailand

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 8.57.06 PM

Come around with us as we take you on an adventure through Bangkok, Thailand. There are some wonderful and creative caches hidden in this metropolis of a city. We will show you in this video some of Bangkok’s easy 1/1 geocaches, their version of a LPC (Lamp Post Cache). We will also take you on an adventure around the famous Koa San Rd. via tuk-tuk. So come along with us as we show you what Geocaching in Bangkok, Thailand is like.

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Celebrating International EarthCache Day 2014 – Our Favorites from Around the World (Geocaching)

J & L on top

Sometimes, Geocaching is not all about signing a log or trading swag. Sometimes it’s about introducing you to cool scientific landscapes. This form of Geocaching is called EarthCaches. We enjoy discovering EarthCaches because it teaches about our home landscapes, as well as other unfamiliar landscapes while we travel around the world. To celebrate International EarthCache Day 2014, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite EarthCaches from 2014.

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Video:  #AdventureCaching the South Island of New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand!

Welcome to New Zealand!

Geocaching around the South Island of New Zealand was one of the best caching experiences we have had while traveling the world. The scenery around every corner left us speechless! We rented a RV, that we named “Bessie,” which gave us the most freedom to explore on our own. Check out our video of the fun we had while geocaching New Zealand.

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