Geocaching in Bangkok Thailand

Have you ever been Geocaching in Bangkok, Thailand? Well, if you are planning a trip to Thailand and want to visit Bangkok, Geocaching is a fun way to add a bit of fun to your visit. 

Come around with us as we take you on a Geocaching adventure through Bangkok, Thailand.  There are some wonderful and creative caches hidden in this metropolis.  We will show you in this video us Geocaching Bangkok’s easy 1/1 geocaches, their version of a LPC (Lamp Post Cache).

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Creative Commons Western Porch, Wat Phra Kaew” by DavideGorla is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Geocaching in Bangkok Thailand

We were so excited to be able to explore the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city of Bangkok through the world of Geocaching.  And it did not disappoint us.  We were able to find a real tricky cache, a couple of simple caches and a couple of “Bangkok LPC”.  Come explore Bangkok with us.  Make sure to buckle up!

Geocaching in Bangkok, Geocaching in Thailand
Geocaching in Thailand

Geocaching in Bangkok Thailand:  GC2MFQB – Safe in the bowls of Khao San * Welcome to Bangkok*

Not only do we take you around on tuk-tuk, but we also walk you down the craziness of Khao San Rd. in Bangkok.  Khao San Rd. is a notorious part of Bangkok and we finally got to go after the cache we have had our eye on.  The cache is now archived but was at once the most favored cache in all of Thailand because it took us on a fun little adventure.  

Enjoy our journey Geocaching in Bangkok, Thailand.


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