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Geocaching Podcast: @PodCacher Show 519.0 – Peanuts or Pretzels in China (Interview)

What’s it like to go geocaching in China?  What have we been up while traveling and living in China?

Podcacher- Peanuts or Pretzels in ChinaDuring a recent trip to Hong Kong, we were able to catch up with our friends Sonny and Sandy from the world famous PodCacher, Geocaching Podcast!

We always love chatting with them and were happy to share some stories with their podcast listeners about what it is like to go geocaching as a “foreigner” in China.  We also talked about how we have discovered one of the best geocaching communities in the world, in the small region of Hong Kong!

We also talked about planning those summer vacations with our #TravelCaching section, as well as reminding people that they can submit their OWN Geocaching stories to us for publication on the website in our “AdventureCaching” guest post section.

Lastly, we were excited to let people know about really cool new tool that all of us aspiring film-makers will be interested in (as well as a special discount code for you!).

All that and a whole lot more — check out our latest interview on the PodCacher Podcast.


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