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#AdventureCaching Guest Posts

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Do you have an awesome geocaching adventure that you keep reliving over and over? Are your family and friends tired of hearing it? Are you wanting to share it with other fellow cachers?

Well, share it with us and our readers! We are opening up our #AdventureCaching Section of our blog so that you can share your stories with fellow geocaching enthusiasts from around the world.


  • 200-500 words of original content about an adventure geocaching story you had, either alone or with friends and family.
  • 2-5 of your own pictures that go along with your geocaching story (size needs to be at least 640 x 426).
  • Please include a link to the Geocache or Geocaches you are writing about, as well as your caching profile.
  • Don’t give away spoilers unless you have permission from Cache Owner (we might be able to help you get this if you need).
  • Geocaching stories must be in English, or translated if it’s not your native language.
  • We love videos as well. If you have a video, make sure it falls within these same guidelines, and please include an introduction paragraph about the video / cache, along with a profile picture for your guest post.
  • If you would like to include your own social media links (or website if you have one), please send it along and we will make sure people can find you.

#AdventureCaching Story Ideas

–  GeoTours or GeoTrails you have experienced
–  An adventure with friends or family
–  Unique Geocaches Discovered
–  A crazy experience you had while out geocaching
–  A beautiful destination with great geocaches
–  Road Trip Geocaching
–  Challenging Geocaches
–  Cleverly hidden Geocaches
–  International Geocaching Stories
–  Geocaching Event Stories (Mega Events or Local Events)
–  Anything that you feel is a great story to share with fellow geocachers around the world.

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Where to Send Your Story

Once you have everything together, email your #AdventureCaching story over to us.  We will let you know once it is live on the website.

Make sure to share your story online and follow along on social media by using the hashtag #AdventureCaching on all social media platforms!

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