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Best Geocaching Road Trip Apps

Who doesn’t love good Geocaching road trip apps?  One of the things we love and why we go Geocaching is that it can turn a road trip into a fun adventure.  In fact, we found our first Geocache together during a road trip — and we were hooked ever since.  But there are lots of road trip apps out on the market that can also make your road trip that much more enjoyable.  So we’ve put together a list here and made it easy for you to download.  Happy Travel Caching!

Geocaching Road Trip Apps

As Geocaching technology gets better and better, that means that the Geocaching app is getting better and better.  There are some great road trip apps to go along with your Geocaching app.  But first things first, you will need to download your Geocaching App and set up your Geocaching Profile. 

Geocaching® App

geocaching app, geocaching profile

This app is a given for any road trip, and we’re sure that many of you already have it.  But if you are new to Geocaching, then you know you need to have this app to enhance your road trips.

Download App:  iOS Android

PodCacher App

Geocaching road trip apps,

If you are on a Geocaching Road Trip, then you must have this app hooked up to your car stereo.  Sunny & Sandy from PodCacher has been entertaining cachers from all over the world for over 10 + years — including us!  You can listen to any episode from their massive collection of geocaching goodness.  Some of our personal favorites would have to be Podcacher Episode 460, 487, and 519 — among so many others!

Download App:  iOS Android

Also Needed for a Road Trip:  Car AdaptersCar Mount, & Aux Cord

GCTools – The Geocaching Tool Collection

geocaching road trip app, geocaching apps

All geocachers could use this app to help them figure out caches on the road.  This app helps you by letting you add coordinates, solving mystery caches, and by guiding you through those multi-stage geocaches.  Plus so much more.

Download App:  iOS Android


Spotify app, road trip apps

An obvious choice, but not for the reasons you may think. In addition to its seemingly limitless music selection and “subscribe to playlist” feature for friends, Spotify’s offline streaming function means access to thousands of albums and artists – regardless of your location or data situation.

Download App:  iOS Android

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All Trails

All Trails app, road trip app, geocaching road trip apps,

Never get lost on the trails again!.  Sometimes it’s great to get out and stretch the legs with a small or big hike.  Sometimes, these walks are spontaneous and you aren’t as prepared as you should be…which means you can very well get lost.  With this app, you can download over 50,000 trails all across the US with a click of a button.  The app leaves bread crumbs back to your car, and get all the info you need to enjoy your hike.

Download App:  iOS Android

Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder

Ranger App, road trip apps,

Easily find nearby parks with the activities you want to do. Whether it is a National Park, State Park, Local Park, or just public lands. This is a comprehensive database, and a great app wherever you are in the States.

Download App:  iOS Android


roadtrippers app, road trip apps, geocaching apps

Very cool app!  Navigate your road trip by accessing maps, guides, save places you want to visit later or that you have already seen, and maintain a blog.  You can also leave notes for future visitors in case you stumble across something awesome.

Platform:  iOS Android

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road trip apps, waze app, geocaching road trip app

A community-based navigation app that provides alternate routes, real-time traffic updates, and notifications…as well as comparing gas prices!  The system is updated in real-time by drivers who are on the road themselves.  An added benefit is the ability to notify drivers about speed traps (thank you technology!).

Download App:  iOS Android


Gas Buddy App, road trip app

Find the cheapest gas out there with GasBuddy.  This community-based app lets users update gas prices in real-time so that you can get the best price possible in the area.  To encourage people to share updated prices, you get points toward a prize giveaway when you contribute.  (Liz’s dad love’s this app!)

Download App:  iOS Android


iExit App, road trip apps

iExit maybe your best friend when driving on the interstate.  It tells you the upcoming exits, and the facilities you can find at each.  For example, gas, hotels, rest areas, or specifically a Chick-Fil-A.

Download App:  iOS Android

Hotel Tonight

hotels tonight app, road trip app

Looking for a last-minute place to crash, check out this app.  Search for luxury to budget hotels easily, and get first booking discounts.  This is a great road trip app. 

Download App:  iOS Android

AllStays – Camp & RV – Tent Camping to RV Parks

AllStays App, road trip app, RV apps

This is one of the most complete and useful apps we’ve found to help you find great campsites.  Search and filter places based on services, or without.  From tents to RV resorts, parking lots, fuel, rest areas, repairs, and more.  So relax and enjoy your adventure, knowing that this app will help you find just the right place to stay when you are ready.

Download App:  iOS Android


Enjoy Your #TravelCaching With These Road Trip Apps!

We hope these road trip apps will help you out when you are on your next travel caching adventure.  It’s amazing to have so much helpful information and convenience at our fingertips.  So don’t go without these on your next trip!

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