#AdventureCaching Guest Post: Flying to a Geocache in Big Bend Ranch State Park Texas

#AdventureCaching GP Flying to Geocache GC3XFEA – TxGCC13 Big Bend Ranch I – Presidio, TX

Guest Post by: Madelyn & Jared (Evie3211 & flyinag11)

Flyinag11 (otherwise known as Jared) was building time so that he could get hired into the airlines.  He also knew I wanted to go camping and so we decided to put the two together and go geocaching out at the Big Bend Ranch State Park in Texas.  So we packed our bags and threw them on the plane and started our adventure.


We flew our little plane 5.7 hours with one pit stop all the way over to the other side of our state and we were blown away with the scenery. I always thought the desert would be a bit monotone and boring but this desert was anything but! The sunsets were spectacular and plants were so diverse. The stars were so clear at night and we enjoyed looking at them as we ate our dinner. Everything was so quiet. It was so nice to finally not have sound going on in the background as you have here in the city. It was one of the nicest nights of sleep we got ever…even while camping!

Desert Flowers

The next day we tackled two geocaches. First was TxGCC13 Big Bend Ranch I right by the airstrip. Second was Big Bend Ranch Texas Outdoor Family. Neither of these caches was very hard to find…you just have to get here first! There is also no cell phone service, so we had to use the GPS for all geocaches. This is something that you would need to think about and load onto your GPS before you go!

Madelyn Going for the Geocache

The scenery was so beautiful. We even ran into some local wildlife while exploring the areas around the caches…thinking they were javelinas!


Our trip was short and mostly for building flight time for Jared. But the hours in the plane were definitely worth it to explore this beautiful area.

We made a video (mostly for my personal memory keeping) but it shows the beautiful ariel views we got to enjoy while traveling and captures the sunset and scenery we got to take it while exploring.

Watch the video of the adventure HERE

You can check out Maddie’s blog at daughterandwife.blogspot.com where she talks about her passion for God, running, navigating her gluten free lifestyle (doctor ordered) and of course geocaching!

Download Geocaches from the Texas State Parks Geocache Challenge and start your adventure today!


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