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VIDEO: Our Favorite Geocaches in Asia With Gary from Geocache Talk Podcast!

Too many great caches, too little time to write about all of them.  So until we get a chance to put down on paper (or in this case, the online blog), we were happy to chat with our friend Gary over at the Geocache Talk podcast about some of our favorite geocaching finds during our Around the World Journey!

We are now back in the States on a new adventure, having spent two and a half years traveling and exploring the world. But no matter where we go, we are always geocaching.

We enjoy geocaching because it gives us a unique way to explore a new destination.  

Searching for a Geocache often takes us to interesting or historic places, sometimes it takes us off-the-beaten-path, and other times we’ve been able to make some great friends along the way.  Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to go out and explore — sometimes even taking you on a tour of the most popular tourist sites…without you having to pay a tour guide!

We refer to it as “TravelCaching.”

Listen and Watch the Peanuts or Pretzels Geocache Talk Podcast Below:


Want More Geocache Talk?

If you enjoy geocaching and want to hear more about it, or if you are new to geocaching and curious to know more, be sure to subscribe to our friend Gary’s podcast at Geocache Talk.  Every week, there’s a new show to enjoy with guests from all over the world!

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