Geocaching Resolutions to Keep for the New Year


As the year draws to a close and a new year is on the horizon, it’s common for many of us to look back on our experiences and look forward to the new adventures that await.  One of the coolest things about being a Geocacher is that we have the opportunity to have some pretty amazing, and unique memories that many others don’t have the opportunity to experience.  Even with all these great memories, there is always something more to be had.  And the first step to accomplishing something is to set a goal.  So to help you come up with some goals for the new year, we have put together our recommendations for Geocaching Resolutions for the New Year.

Geocaching Resolutions

Discover a Geocache High in the Mountains

Sometimes nothing beats setting out on a 3 to 5 hour hike in search of a view that can take your breath away.  What makes it even more rewarding is being able to sign a logbook at the end of that hike.  Not only can you get some good exercise, see some amazing views, but to do it all in the name of geocaching is a great resolution to set for for the new year.  Go get that 5/5 geocache.

Sunrise 2

Discover a Geocache Low on the Beach

To be able to accomplish this geocaching resolution you will need to head to the beach.  On a beach you might be able to find an actual cache container or an EarthCache, which helps to explain the science behind the beaches.

Heading to a beach in search of a Geocache may take you off the beaten path, and to some beautiful hidden beaches around the world that you may never have known about.  We once found a geocache on a secret Red Sands Beach in Hawaii.  No signs, no directions other than our Garmin leading the way for us.  And it was a truly beautiful and unique beach!

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Discover a Cache on Leap Day

February 29 Geocaching Resolutions
Calendar Geocaching Grid

There are a few special Geocaching Days in the calendar every year and then there is Geocaching on Leap Day.  February 29th only comes around every 4 years and if you miss out then you will have wait another 4 years to be able to mark this day off your calendar geocaching grid.  Don’t forget to get out there and discover a cache on this day and more than likely get another souvenir to add to collection as well to remember this special Geocaching Day.

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Turn a Muggle into a Geocacher

Geocaching Muggles
We met these ladies while out geocaching in Sydney, Australia. We needed them to move to be able to get to the cache. We explained geocaching to them and they were so excited to help us find it.  Who knows, maybe they have since discovered geocaches all around Sydney.

Don’t keep this awesome geocaching hobby to yourself, share it with friends and family.  This can include a co-worker, a relative, or a close friend.  We all know that Geocaching is a fun adventure, and it is even more fun if you are able to share it with someone.

When introducing geocaching to someone new, start off with something easy.  A simple 1/1 geocache is a great way to show someone what a geocache looks like, and help you to explain the game.  Then take them on a hike or to a really cool and cleverly hidden geocache…then you will have them hooked.

If you want to help them started, how about the Dr. B Newbie Starter Kit 

Hide a Creative Geocache

GeoWoodstock, Geocaching, Mega Event, event, St. Louis, Missouri, Geocache, Peanuts or Pretzels, Travel, adventure, Lewis and Clark, History, event
Creatively hidden geocaches make geocaching so much fun. Here we are trying to solve this gadget cache with some friends in St. Charles, MO at GeoWoodstock XII

Another great geocaching resolution is to make a creative geocache that you can share with your local geocaching community. If you are a creative person, and enjoy making things (or enjoy stumping other people), you can let your imagination run wild with the many unique ways to make, and hide a geocache.

Most caching veterans recommend that you find at least 100 caches before attempting to hide a cache.  This will help you get ideas on various creative techniques.  Another way to get creative ideas for caches is searching on YouTube and by following a couple of geocaching boards on Pinterest.

Help a Trackable Reach its Goal

Trackable, travel fleas, geocaching, geocache, travel bugs, Savannah, oak coins, world, adventure, peanuts or pretzels, GC, patch, tags, Geocaching trackables
Here is a Trackable we released in Key West from our wedding. We wanted it to make it to Hawaii, and we saw a picture of it online in Hawaii just a couple of months later. Thanks to the geocaching community!

Some people may not be able to travel and see some of these iconic or off the beaten path destinations around the USA (or the world).  So a fun aspect to the Geocaching game is to release a trackable with a specific destination goal.  This let’s them feel like they are going on the journey too — especially when people share fun pictures of the trackable in all these locations.

As travelers, we find it SO rewarding to be able to help others reach their goals through geocaching.  **Make sure to read the profiles of trackables to help them reach their goals.**

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Get 10 New Geocaching Souvenirs

Thailand Souvenir NEW Thailand Souvenir

If you are like us, then you love to see new souvenirs in your profile.  Another great geocaching resolution is to set a goal of collecting 10 new souvenirs.  You can get a new souvenir by attending a Mega Event or Giga Event.

You can also get a new souvenir by discovering a geocache in a new US state, which you have not found a cache in previously.  Also keep an eye out for summer souvenir challenges. That’s a great way to get some souvenirs added to your profile.

Host Your Own Event With a Twist

Maker's Madness, Geocaching, Rome, GA, Rome GA, Geocache, Hiders, Hide
Liz and Victoria from (I Hunt For Fun) picking out the perfect disguise at a local geocaching event

Do you attend geocaching events in your community?  Did you know you can create and host your own event in your community?  But not just a normal event…make it unique, interesting…and fun!!!

Hosting a fun Geocaching event with a special twist is another great Geocaching Resolution for the new year.  You can create a geocaching event during your travels, or host a lunchtime meet and greet.  Have a pot luck and get to know your local geocachers (and their cooking skills).

How about hosting a water balloon fight to cool off in the summer, a cookie cook off, potluck, Christmas gift exchange, etc.

The possibilities are endless with a little creativity!

Discover the Oldest Cache in Your State

Keep Mingo Alive
Here is the Oldest Active Geocache – Mingo GC30 in Kansas

There is something cool about holding a piece of geocaching history in your hands.  Geocaching has been around for over 15 years now and there are caches hidden around the country that are still active from when geocaching went live.

A cool geocaching resolution is discovering your state’s oldest cache. If you have already done this then find the 10 oldest caches in your state.  If you have already done this, then search for the oldest in another state.

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Complete a GeoTour or GeoTrail

Josh Geocaching in Seattle - a great way to tour the different areas of the city!
Josh Geocaching in Seattle – a great way to tour the different areas of the city!

Completing a GeoTour or GeoTrail is no easy feat, so adding this to your geocaching resolutions is a must.  There are so many great GeoTours all around the world.  From Washington, Italy, Peru, and Australia, there are GeoTours and GeoTrails for everyone.

GeoTours are a great way to get to know the history of an area better while also discovering new off the beaten path destinations as well.   Another bonus is that most GeoTours have an award for completing the tour.  So it’s a really fun way to explore a destination while on vacation, during a short getaway, or if you are just passing through.

Search out GeoTours & GeoTrails near you HERE

Make a New Year Resolution to Accomplish a Personal Geocaching Goal

So as you think about the past year and all you accomplished, take some time to consider the upcoming year and all the the things you want to accomplish.  The best way to accomplish something new is to set a goal and go for it.  That’s why Geocaching Resolutions for the new year are great!

The great thing about geocaching is that you can do it however you like, and it has a little something to fit everyone’s interests.  And surely there are some things you would like to see and do through geocaching that you haven’t yet accomplished. So we hope these Geocaching resolutions have inspired you to come up with your own Geocaching goals for next year.

Happy New Year & Happy Caching!


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