Top Travel Blogs to Follow for 2016

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TOP Blogs to Follow in 2016
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Wow – another year has flown by.  2015 was an unforgettable year for us, since we have been living and teaching China.  But as this crazy year comes to a close, we are looking ahead to lots of traveling in 2016.  To help us get inspired and keep our New Years Resolution to travel, we have put together another list of awesome blogs to follow in the coming year.  So here are our top blogs to follow for 2016 their plans for the up coming year.

top blog to follow 2016


"Dan and Audrey standing at the equator line in Uganda."
“Dan and Audrey standing at the equator line in Uganda.”

Uncornered Market

Top Travel Blog Post for 2015:  24 Reasons Why the Freedom to Travel Matters

Each year we try to take at least one long trek to disconnect, in order to reconnect with ourselves and nature. In 2015 we spent two weeks trekking the Peaks of the Balkans in Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo. For 2016, we’re planning to walk the Camino de Santiago and have family from the U.S. join us for part of the route. We’re still sorting out details on a few big adventures on the opposite side of the globe, but we’re also looking forward to enjoying some time in our home base, Berlin, this summer as we’re usually on the road during this time. And, we’re looking forward to finishing up a few book and speaking ideas that we’ve been mulling about for a while.


Nomadic Chica

Nomadic Chica

Top Travel Blog Post for 2015:  You Don’t Need to Quit Your Job to Travel and be Happy

When I started with I never knew it would be such a rewarding experience. Until now, I’m kind of the Unicorn…and one of the very few Chilean Travel Bloggers out there.
Last year was an amazing year, full of hard work but also so many learnings, I hope this will keep being a year with many great experiences and new knowledge and wisdom gained, I plan to keep meeting great and like minded people who are inspiring me to keep my Travel Blog project! I tend to live my life with an open agenda, so I can follow new opportunities life is putting on my way.

Regarding to travel plans, I’ll start 2016 in South America with lots of celebration: New Years eve, in Valparaíso (Chile) and few weeks after that I’ll go to Brazil for the carnival! Yuhuu! After that, I still have my agenda very flexible and on my Bucket List is Antarctica and Central America, hopefully, I’ll head to both!  I’m also looking forward to being back on the road on a long-term, and I’m working and preparing everything before the big step.


Going Awesome Places

Going Awesome Places

Top Travel Blog Post in 2015:  10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for Competitours

While I don’t have any concrete plans right now, what I’m looking forward to most in 2016 are a few things. 1) I’m hoping to finally complete a big project to overhaul the Going Awesome Places blog which will take a considerable amount of work and 2) after one year off from diving, I’m really excited to hit the water in 2016 thanks to a trip I’ve planned to Hawaii. Beyond that, everything is up in the air as I’ve learned that a lot of travel as a blogger is so last minute and ad hoc.

If there’s one aspirational place I’d like to go to, it would be Iceland. There’s something magical about that island with its mix of rugged beauty, dramatic landscapes, and mysticism of the Northern Lights. I gotta go!

Don’t Forget to Move

Top Travel Blog Post from 2015:  How to Travel Responsibly

Something tells us that 2016 is going to be a big year for Don’t Forget To Move… as soon as we figure out where we’re going! Whatever we do, we’ll be committed to bringing our readers more amazing articles on responsible tourism and adventure travel around the world. We’ll kick the year off with a Californian coast road trip for New Years, probably go back to Mexico for a little while and then cross the Atlantic for Europe by June for 3-4 months. After Europe we’d love to head back to Southeast Asia to rejoin our digital nomad amigos in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We had such an awesome time there this year and can’t wait to hook back into the blogging community up there… if we don’t get sidetracked on the way!


" "

That Backpacker

Top Travel Blog Post from 2015:  Johannesburg to Cape Town: 3 Week Itinerary for South Africa

I’m really excited for 2016 because I’m going to be spending the first half of the year in a place that feels like home – South America. I’m doing a big trip together with my husband and we are planning to hike the Inca Trail, go vineyard hopping in Chile, visit the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia, and tick off some other bucket list items.


Liz and Josh in park

Peanuts or Pretzels

Top Travel Blog Post from 2015:  Save Money on Your Next Vacation with Geocaching #TravelCaching

2015 has been a memorable year for us.  Living and working in China was only a dream a year ago, and now that dream will soon be complete as we finish our contracts.  In April we plan to spend a couple months traveling all over China, and seeing as much as we can.  After that, our plans are a little more open.  We will likely head back to SE Asia for a while to explore some countries we have yet to visit, such as Laos and Vietnam, then perhaps we will head back to Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia.  Hopefully there will also be a trip to India and Nepal mixed in there too…but who knows!

We look forward to seeing what 2016 will bring us, and are excited to continue putting together some great tools to help our readers plan their trips too.


Legal Nomads

Legal Nomads

Top Travel Blog Post from 2015:  Facing Fear & Learning to Sail in New Zealand

For 2016, I am very much looking forward to eating my way through Oaxaca, in Mexico. During the last 7+ years of travel I have spent much of my time in Asia. While I am sad to miss sticky rice and some great soups, I am really excited to exploring the food of Mexico and Oaxaca itself. I have never spent time in the region and there is much to explore! I’m also working on the gluten free cards project ( and will expand the available country cards for the coming year.


The Road Forks

The Road Forks

Top Travel Blog Post for 2015:  The Idea Behind the Downtown Southern Food Walks

2016 is going to be full of adventures, in both the travel world and our new entrepreneurial lives. Our food tour business, Atlanta Food Walks, is rapidly growing and we’re learning how to travel with a rambunctious toddler. We’ll be bouncing around the Southeastern United States, while getting ready to launch our second food tour in Atlanta focusing on immigrant cuisine, and we’re hoping to head back to Argentina because we didn’t have much chance to explore it when we were in Brazil last year.


PS Im On My Way

P.S. I’m on My Way

Top Travel Blog Post from 2015:  How to Look for Host Families Abroad

2015 has been a good year as I was able to finish a 3-year journey in South America. I am currently traveling in Asia which gave me a chance to visit home and I don’t have anything lined up for 2016. I will let the Universe surprise me. When the time comes, then I will decide. However, I am really curious about traveling the southern part of Africa (by land) for a year!


Jessie on a Journey

Jessie on a Journey

Top Travel Blog Post from 2015:  How Solo Travel As A Female Changed My Life

So far I have four trips in the works for 2016: heading solo to Thailand and Bhutan in January, Namibia (including a safari!) in February, a romantic Seattle trip in March and a cycling trip through the USA with the Young Philanthropists during the summer. I’m actually equally excited about all. Bhutan and Namibia are exciting because both seem largely untouched and lesser explored. Seattle will be awesome because I’m in a long distance relationship with a chef and we’re pumped to explore a new city together (especially the seafood!). Moreover, since cycling through Kerala two years ago I’ve been craving another bike trip. Looks like I’ll get one this year!


Thanks for the Inspiration!

Thanks to all these great bloggers for all the travel inspiration.  We look forward to following along on your adventures, and creating our own in 2016.  Wishing you all the best in your travel endeavors — Happy New Year!


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