Top Family Travel Blogs to Follow in 2015

Top Family Travel Blogs to Follow in 2015 As we kick off another awesome year, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite travel bloggers that we enjoy following and some of our favorite posts from them in 2014.  Bringing their kiddos along on their adventures and making great memories as they explore the world together, here are some of our top family travel blogs. Be sure to check them out! We have included a link to our personal favorite posts from these bloggers, but we also reached out to them to find out what they are looking forward to most in 2015.

Family Rambling

Favorite Post from 2014:  Living Like Laura in DeSmet, South Dakota

Family Rambling
Jodi and her family

In early 2014 we had saved enough money to fulfill one of our own travel dreams- the purchase of a motorhome! So readers will be seeing a huge focus on RV and camping adventures on Family Rambling in 2015. Our destinations haven’t been decided yet, but we are hoping for one good, long exploration through multiple states – and possibly crossing an international border!

GlobeTrotting Mama

Favorite post from 2014:  Aha Moment in India – #Blogust

Globe Trotting Mama
Heather, Ish, Ethan, & Cameron (National Geographic Travelers of the Year (2012)

We’re gearing up for an active summer in 2015. Most of our travel happens once the kids are out of school and so we tend to go full throttle for those two months. This year road trips – cars and RVs – will take the lead. They are a favourite because of the time it gives us together. We’re hoping to head into lesser known places across the United States and get a better understanding of our neighbours to the South.

Dotting The Map

Favorite post from 2014:  Do’s and Don’ts of Air Travel With Young Children

Dotting The Map

We are very excited for 2015. Our kids will take ski lessons for the first time, we have plans to check out a few Caribbean islands, and will be doing some extensive touring of the Southeast. We also need to renew my five year old’s passport this year so we are excited for some international destinations as well. Also we wrote and published a children’s ebook called Monsters Don’t Ride on Airplanes this year, a book that encourages good behavior while riding airplanes. We believe this is something that both people with young children and those without can get behind because it will help make the experience more enjoyable for everyone!  Check it out, Monsters Don’t Ride on Airplanes.

Have Baby Will Travel

Favorite post from 2014:  Using Car Seats on Airplanes

Have Baby Will Travel

Our travel plans for 2015 will include a lot of mini-breaks and extended long weekends. Although we have a set amount of vacation time, we’ve found that by breaking it up into more, shorter getaways makes us feel like we’re getting more bang for our buck! Also, we’ll definitely be heading back to Cuba as much as we can. With the travel embargo soon lifting for our American friends, we want to gather as much info as possible and enjoy the Cuba we’ve come to love before things really start to change (hopefully for the better).

Jetlag & Mayhem

Favorite Post from 2014:  10 Ways To Keep A Baby Entertained During A Flight

Jetleg & Mayhem

As my kids (3 and 5) get older, I’m finding it even more amazing to travel with them and watch their delight at each destination we arrive in. On the agenda so far in 2015 are trips to Phuket in Thailand, London (where my family are) and Louisiana! I also quite fancy the idea of doing more train travel, perhaps in mainland China.

Families Go

Favorite Post from 2014:  5 Essentials to Pack For a Family Trip to Paris

Families Go Travel

I’m the editor of FamiliesGo!, where we help families plan vacations that are fun for everyone in the family, not just kids. We’ll start 2015 by returning to one of our favorite winter destination, Lake Placid, in the Andirodack mountains in upstate New York. We’ll ice skate on the Olympic speed skating oval, walk on the lake if it’s frozen, ski at Whiteface mountain and cap off our days enjoying the beer and food at either of the towns two really excellent microbrew pubs. I’m looking forward to being active during the day so I can enjoy without guilt the lobster mac & cheese and the Adirondack Brewing Company. We’re not sure yet of our summer plans, though we are leaning toward a roadtrip across either the Northeast or Southest US. We’ll end the year with friends, glamping on the US Virgin Islands, a back-to-basics beach vacation I’ve always wanted to do. And we think our daughter (nearly 8) is old enough.

************************************************************************************************************** All photos were kindly provided by these wonderful bloggers. We would like to thank all of these busy family bloggers for sharing their stories with us! Be sure to check out their blogs during 2015 so that you can follow along with their adventures too. We wish them all the best in the coming year. Happy New Year – and Happy Travels! – Josh & Liz

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