Top Solo Travel Blogs to Follow in 2015

Top Solo Travel Blogs to Follow in 2015

As we kick off another awesome year, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite solo travel bloggers that we enjoy following.  We also asked them to share with us their favorite posts from 2014, and their upcoming travel plans for 2015.

Bringing us along on their amazing adventures as they explore the world on their own, here are some of our Top Solo Travel Blogs. Be sure to check them out!


This Battered Suitcase

Favorite Solo Travel Blog post from 2014:  Finding Mount Everest:  A Story of Traveling and Loss

This Battered Suitcase
Meet Brenna from This Battered Suitcase

I hardly planned anything for 2014, and I ended up going to 14 countries! I think I’ll take the same approach for 2015, although I already know that I’ll head to Spain at least once in the spring and back to my home country of Canada in the summer. After a trip to South Africa, Botswana, and Zambia last April, I really fell in love with that part of Africa and would love to return, possibly to Mozambique or Namibia. I’m also hoping to do a road trip through the Balkans (Montenegro and Albania are both very high on my list of places to see), perhaps head to Georgia or one of the “stans”, and spend a lot more time travelling around the UK. Living in London makes travelling around the UK and Europe so easy, so I plan on taking advantage of it!

Voyager For Life

Favorite Solo Travel Blog post from 2014:  Solo Travel in India

Voyager For Life
Meet Renuka from Voyager for Life

As far as my plans for 2015 are concerned, I definitely have bigger travel plans. I want to travel more and possibly outside the country as well. I want to tick off many places that I always wanted to visit, and explore some offbeat ones, too.

Don’t Stop Living

Favorite Solo Travel Blog post from 2014:  A Backpacker’s Guide to Iraqi Kurdistan

Dont Stop Living
Meet Jonny Blair from Don’t Stop Living


In 2015 I plan to finally crack my 99th and 100th countries on my backpacking journey. It has been a long, crazy, fun and tough journey down the years through places like Guyana, Ethiopia, North Korea, Iraq, Transnistria, Nagorno Karabakh, El Salvador and Antarctica. I am currently running a vote for my readers and website visitors to vote for my 99th country Don’t Stop Living and for my 100th country I will decide things myself. I’m pretty excited to reach the milestone, and to reach it properly – not just flying in and out of places and ticking off lists – I’ve spent most of the last 11 years since I left my hometown travelling and working full time all over the globe.

In the meantime, travel wise I plan to visit some more parts of Europe and crack into West Africa for the first time. A few of the Pacific Islands are also high on my list so time and money permitting I may make it there too. Plus I’ll be working on some exciting new side projects to run alongside my main website Don’t Stop Living!

Happy New Year everyone!

Hippie in Heels

Favorite Solo Travel Blog post from 2014:  Most Popular Travel to India Questions Answered

Hippie in Heels
Meet Rachel from Hippie in Heels

As far as I know, 2015 will be more third year living in India and traveling around SE Asia. I love living on the beaches of Goa and growing my businesses: blogging, candle-making, and thai massage. I figure if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it! I know this monsoon, I’ll head back to the U.S. for at least a month to spend time with family I only see once a year. I also expect to spend about a month in South Sri Lanka learning to surf, visit the Indian islands, and I’d love to spend some time in Europe visiting Ben’s family in England and Austria. I miss snow, so I’d like to spend time in the mountains next year.

The Hungry Partier

Favorite Solo Travel Blog Post from 2014:   Top 7 Party Cities in the World

The Hungry Partier
Meet Drew from The Hungry Partier


I have a lot of travel plans in 2015, which immediately starts off with a 3-month backpacking trip through Myanmar, India and Nepal. Then, I will return home to the USA for a few months before heading on another 3-month backpacking trip around Europe. I plan on visiting about 20 new countries in 2015, and I can’t wait!

Alex in Wanderland

Favorite Solo Travel Blog Post from 2014:  Proud to be an American

Alex in Wanderland
Meet Alex from Alex in Wonderland


What I’m planning for 2015: My year will kick off with a road trip through Florida to visit family and friends, followed by a few months of solo travel through Central America. I always try to spend the summer season traveling domestically through the US, and in the fall I’m heading back to Southeast Asia. I’m most looking forward to taking it slow and savoring a more relaxed travel pace!

Mike’s Road Trip

Favorite Solo Travel Blog Post from 2014:  Finland fascinates; winter activities thrill

Mikes Roadtrip
Meet Mike from Mike’s Road Trip


I will be kicking off 2015 with a trip to Lake Havasu City for their annual balloon festival. Other road trips in the planning process for the first quarter of the year include: Napa Valley, Santa Fe and the French Island of Martinique. I will be traveling less in 2015 to focus on finishing my first book, Lines, Signs and Forks – Diaries of a Nomadic Road Tripper.

Flashpacker HQ

Favorite Solo Travel Blog Post from 2014:  SPOTLIGHT:  Los Angeles Advice From A Local!


Flashpacker HQ
Meet Travis from Flashpacker HQ


2015 is shaping up to be a busy year for me. I will be photographing the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas for Getty Images and then heading to Coachella with friends, which is always my favorite time of the year. I have a few other photography gigs lined up as well as some production work on the Emmy awards in September. Travel plans already include Burning Man, Las Vegas, Spain, and Bangkok. I also have big plans for Flashpacker HQ, including a shift towards much more photography and a site redesign. Looking forward to seeing everyone out on the road! Here’s to an extreme 2015!

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