Top Couples Travel Blogs to Follow for 2015

Top Couples Travel Blogs to Follow 2015


As we kick off another awesome year, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite travel bloggers that we enjoy following and our favorite posts from them in 2014.  Making memories as they explore the world together, here are some of our Top Couples Travel Blogs.

We also asked them to share with us what they are looking forward to most in 2015.  Be sure to check them out & follow along too!

Hecktic Travels

Top Travel Blog post from 2014:  5 Life Lessons from 5 Years of Travel

Hecktic Travels - Top Couples Travel to Follow for 2015
Pete & Darlene from Hectic Travels – National Geographic Travelers of the Year (2014)

For 2015, we’ve got a couple of big adventures planned, but mostly we will be doing more of what we love: traveling slow and getting to learn a few countries on a deeper level. Oh, and we also hope to hit up a few travel conferences as well (as we’ve sadly been ignoring them up until now).

Top Travel Blog post from 2014:  Zaanse Schans for $10 A Day Top Couples Travel Blogs to Follow 2015
Cez & Agness

The 2014 has brought us many changes in our social, personal and travel lives. I’ve moved to Amsterdam where I started my master’s degree in New Media and Digital Culture whereas Cez decided to stay in China and continue his adventures across the provinces he has not seen yet. Let’s hope that 2015 will bring us more spontaneous trips across South America and that I will be able to see more of Europe. One of my dreams to come true is traveling to Barcelona, Helsinki and Copenhagen! Fingers crossed I can make it there!

Bruised Passports

Top Travel Blog post from 2014:  Offbeat Paris:  Alternative Things To Do In Paris

Brusied Passports Top Couples Travel Blogs to Follow for 2015
Savi & Vid

We spent 2014 exploring Asia and Europe. We hope to spend a large chunk of 2015 exploring Australia and New Zealand. We’ve never been to that side of the globe, so we’re excited. But we will definitely make our way back to South East Asia sometime during the year – it’s hard to resist the people and street food in that part of the world.

My Tan Feet

Top Travel Blog post from 2014:  50 of Our Favorite and Exciting Things to do in Costa Rica

My Tan Feet Top Couples Travel Blogs to Follow for 2015
Yeison & Samantha

2015 will be an exciting year for us as we actually have no set plans! The only thing we have planned for certain is to spend the holidays in Washington with Samantha’s family, spend a week in Las Vegas and then we are going back to Costa Rica at the end of January. We have a house sit lined up for March but besides that, we are planning on being nomadic and traveling around Costa Rica the whole time. We are hoping to create a follow up post to our 50 of our favorite activities in Costa Rica and discover 50 (or more) awesome things to do there!

Travel Past 50

Top Travel Blog post from 2014:  Finding My Ancestors in Skane, Sweden

Travel Past 50 Top Couples Travel Blog to Follow for 2015
Tom & Kris

Our 2015 plans are still a little up in the air. For the first quarter, we’re probably going to land somewhere warm (or at least warmer than northern Europe, where we are now.) That might be southern Spain, Morocco, with Israel and Egypt thrown in there somewhere. For the rest of 2015, we’re thinking Africa might be our focus. But, we’ve yet to decide for sure.

Nomad is Beautiful

Top Travel Blog post from 2014:  15 Wonderful Things to Do in Koh Lanta

Nomad is Beautiful
Ivana & Gianni

We hardly ever have a plan for more than a couple of months in advance, however, we picked a few destinations we’d like to visit in 2015. In the beginning of the year we’ll move from Northern Thailand to Myanmar and in spring we plan to visit India for the first time.  During summer time we’ll stay in Europe, where we’ll use our InterRail Global Passes we got recently and explore southern Europe. Hopefully we’ll finally get to Portugal, one of our dream destinations! Summer is also our family time, so we’ll travel to Italy, Slovakia and Czech and later on, in early autumn we’d love to visit Mongolia. In October we should be at TBEX Asia in Bangkok, which sounds exciting after we attended TBEX Europe in Athens in 2014.

With Husband in Tow

Top Travel Blog post from 2014:  5 Things I Have Learned From Getting Older – On Turning 39

With Husband In Tow
Amber & Eric

After making Ubud, Bali our home base for the last year and a half, we are ready to move on. We are giving up our lease on our gorgeous Bali villa to head back out on the road. The question is, where do we go from here? We have realized how much we miss really great food. We also realized we cannot move from one spot to another like we did our first year on the road. We want to revisit places that we love and miss, and to spend longer amounts of time in those cities, but are eager to explore new places again. This is a very vague way of answering the question regarding our 2015 plans. We have no idea what 2015 holds for us, and that is part of the excitement. It stresses us out that we cannot make a decision, but it is the best kind of stress a couple can possibly have!

Never Ending Voyage

Top Travel Blog post from 2014:  Our Most Adventurous Housesit in the Spanish Alpujarras

Never Ending Voyage
Erin & Simon

We’re currently in Guatemala and will move on to Mexico later this month where we’ll spend a few months living by the beach, probably on the Oaxacan coast. Our plans for the rest of 2015 aren’t definite but may include Disney World in Florida, New York, England, Italy, and Berlin. We hope to be in Asia by the end of the year—living in Ubud, Bali for a few months is an appealing option.

 We Travel Together

Top Travel Blog Post from 2014:  Diving in Sinkholes

We Travel Together
Jon & Monica

2014 was a really good traveling year for us, and 2015 will be at least as good, if not even better. We’re not ready to reveal our biggest plans yet, but we’re looking forward to sharing the coming year with our readers, both during the planning stage, once we get to our destinations, and all our experiences once we’ve gotten home.

Notes of Nomads

Top Travel Blog Post from 2014:  International Pillow Fight Day, Trafalgar Square

Notes of Nomad
Jessica & Hai

After spending the entirety of 2014 on the road full-time in the UK and Europe, we have now returned to our adopted home base of Tokyo. We have big plans for 2015, which include consolidating our Japan niche as well as taking a number of trips within the Asian region. For now, we’re enjoying the Japanese New Year festivities – special foods, temple visits and generally setting 2015 off on the right foot. Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and wonderful New Year 2015!

Peanuts or Pretzels

Top Travel Blog Post from 2014:  Around the World Adventure:  Announcing our Journey of a Lifetime

Josh & Liz Top Couples Travel Blogs to Follow for 2015
Josh & Liz

Hopefully, we are on your top couples travel blog to follow too!  We are continuing our Around the World Trip by living and working in Guangzhou, China.  Spending 2015 immersed in Chinese culture is something that we are really looking forward to.  And we are especially excited to explore this enormous, and naturally beautiful country!  We also plan many Hong Kong trips as well in 2015, since it is only 2 hours away from our new home in Guangzhou.  2014 was amazing, and we know 2015 will be just as great.

For more great couples travel blogs to follow, check out our list from last year!

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