Top RV Parks Near Disneyland

If you are traveling in your RV along Highway 1 or exploring southern California, you more than likely have Disneyland on your list of places to go.  In fact, many of us who enjoy the RV lifestyle have California on our list.  And even though Disneyland is right in the heart of the urban LA suburb of Anaheim, there are a couple of great options for RV parks near Disneyland.  Here are 6 RV parks new Disneyland where you can stay and play!

RV Parks near Disneyland in California


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Anaheim RV Park 

This is our favorite places to stay while experiencing Disneyland in California.  This Disney themed updated RV park is easily located near the entrance of Disneyland, which is great if you are trying to catch those early magic hours or need to run back to your RV for a break or check on the your pet before heading back in for the fireworks. 

This RV Park has all the amenities you could ask for.  Laundry, wifi, club house with free coffee, pool and hot tub, and a small dog walking area.  They even offer dog walking services, if you want them to take out your pooch during the day to give a break (although, we usually take Hana to Camp Bow Wow nearby in Anaheim for a full day of fun at daycare).  They also sell Disney Park tickets here too and it is a stop on the public transportation if you don’t want to drive into Disney and park.

If you miss the fireworks at the park, no worries.  You can easily see them from the RV Park.  

Overall, we really enjoy this park and the friendly people. We’ve stayed a few times!

Anaheim Harbor RV Park 

Anaheim Harbor is a great location to Disneyland.  The RV Park is actually walking distance to Disneyland, which makes it the perfect spot to be able to go back and check on your pets if you need.  Another great park to watch the Disney Fireworks if you miss it at the park.  

Canyon RV Park 

This RV park is located 20 minutes from downtown Anaheim and has a great biking trail located on property.  This park has cabins located here so if you have family come visit you for a Disney day can stay.  Canyon RV Park is a great location for all attractions in or near Anaheim.  

Parque Santiago

If you are looking to stay in the area for a longer period of time, then Parque Santiago might be a good spot for you and your family.  This is a mobile home/RV Park, so you will be staying with long term RV travelers.  

Orangeland RV Park 

Have you ever stayed on an orange farm?  Orangeland RV Park is a beautiful RV Park located near Anaheim and Los Angels.  This park is really great for all sizes of RVs.  In season many of the sites have orange trees you can pick your morning oranges from.  That doesn’t sound too bad. 

Newport Dunes RV Park

Located in Newport Beach, this RV Park is beautiful and a great place to stay while having a Disneyland adventure.  A bit further away from the park, which will make it a bit difficult to check in on your pet, but if you are not traveling with pets then its perfect.  Consistently voted Top 10 Luxury RV Parks in America, this park looks like tons of fun to stay at with family or couples.

Have Fun at Disneyland!!!

There are some great RV Parks near Disneyland to stay at.  Each one is a bit different and offer a little something different.  So if you are RVing and planning a trip to Disneyland, we hope this list can help you with your planning.  Have fun at Disney! 

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