Travel Pic from the Road: Party Time on Koh Samui, Thailand

Photo by:  Josh

Date:  October 2014

Location:  Koh Samui, Thailand

Equipment:  iPhone 5C

Party time on Koh Samui is a daily occurrence.  Yep you can literally party every night of the year on this small island, especially on Chaweng Beach and at the Green Mango area.  We actually stayed on Samui for an entire month, but not to party. We were there to study and get our TEFL certificate so that we could teach English on the road.

It was a really cool experience to be able to go to school during the week, and then go out with our classmates and friends on the weekends.  Whether we were chilling at a Bob Bar, watching some Muay Thai Lady Boxing, or eating a bag of fried maggots, our weekends always made for entertaining stories during the next week of class.

This photo was taken at the famous (or infamous) Ark Bar, which is partially on the beach itself.  All I can simply say is that it is wild…and loud!

One of the things that they are famous for at Ark Bar are the fire dancers who put on multiple shows each night.  While some of the show is on the beach, at certain times a young Thai guy will venture just out into the water and climb up this stand.  He lights two ropes and starts swinging them to make this beautiful fire show.

The techno beats pounding in the background, the stars in the sky, and the reflection of the spinning fire in the ocean makes for a memorable scene.  And we were so happy to be able to capture it on camera.  Pretty cool experience.

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