Get Your Outdoor Thrills in Koh Samui, Thailand with Adventure Samui

Koh Samui, an island in the Bay of Thailand, is known for its beautiful beaches and all night parties. But beyond the island’s many resorts (and scores of young backpackers making their way to the notorious Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan), Koh Samui is also full of activities for outdoor adventure seekers.Being such a hot tourist destination, there are a lot of activities to choose from when you are planning a trip to ThailandDuring our visit, we were able to experience the best of Koh Samui’s outdoor activities for ourselves with Dave and his crew at Adventure Samui!

Adventure Samui

Our Full Day of Outdoor Fun with Adventure Samui!

Adventure Samui has the adventure aspects of Koh Samui down, and they make it easy for you to plan your visit and combine activities. You can break up your adventures by daytime and nighttime, and there are many options to choose from.   We decided to do a little bit of both day and night activities – so we could have a full day of adventure on Koh Samui.

Snooker Diving - Peanuts or Pretzels

Snookah Diving on Koh Samui

Our first adventure with Adventure Samui was Snookah Diving. What is Snookah Diving I had asked? Well, snookah diving is very similar to scuba diving, but much easier.  You don’t have to be certified, and you don’t have to carry all the heavy gear with you under water.

There is an air tank floating above you in a raft, and you are attached to it by a long oxygen cord.  This gives you the freedom to get down past snorkeling depths, but without all the hassles of the scuba gear.


This was our first experience snookah diving, and man was it cool!  Dave and his crew made us feel extremely comfortable with the gear, and with the depths that we were exploring at. It was an awesome experience and one that we will not forget.


Next Activity – Bungy Jumping or Reverse Bungy!

After drying off from your snookah dive, you have the option to continue your adrenaline filled day with a high-flying bungy adventure!  So we headed over to see the guys at Bungy Samui, who will give you a thrill of a lifetime.

These guys are the pros, and they’ve been doing this for years.  They are the experts, and even make their own bungy cables, as well as having rigorous testing and maintenance processes in place to ensure safety of their passengers.

Mark getting instructions - Peanuts or Pretzels

You have two options to choose from for your adrenaline boost.  You can either do a bungy dive from the top of their crane, or you can do a reverse “Superman” launch from the ground into the sky!  If you choose the dive, then you can also choose to touch the pool with your hands, or go for a refreshing head dunk!  But if you’d rather stay dry, then that’s ok too – it’s up to you!

During our visit, our friend mark showed us what the Superman was all about. And from this video, you can see too that he seemed to really enjoy it!

Watch Mark do The Superman HERE

Unique Night Aquatic Adventure – Light Boarding

The last item on our fun-filled day of adventure in Koh Samui, was to have a relaxing kayaking ride around Chaweng Beach…at night!  This new adventure was something that we had never head of before.  It is called, Light Boarding.

We met Dave and his crew out on the some docks and were surprised to see what this Light Boarding thing would be all about.

Light Boards - Peanuts or Pretzels


First, Dave gave us the quick rundown of the boards and how they work. Basically, these are actually boards are actually double-hulled kayaks.  Being hollowed out in the center makes it easier to balance. And the kayaks were actually a hybrid between that and a paddle board.

So the way it was designed, you could easily sit…or even stand while you paddle!

Light Board

Each board is equipped with a series of lights that shine underneath into the clear water.  The lights from the board attract the fish to the surface so that you can see them easier, and we discovered that some of them were jumping fish!  Yes jumping fish.

You had to be on the lookout for fish who jump…and land inside your kayak!

The boards were also equipped with a control panel, which allowed us to change the colors as we wanted.  Different colors attract different kinds of fish, and other flashed.  At night, it was really beautiful to see!

Light Board 1

Dave took us all around Chaweng beach. It was actually a really cool way to view all the resorts and party-bars from the peaceful setting of the water. We continued around the beach and landed in front of the famous Ark Bar.  The Ark Bar on Samui is known for it lively parties on the beach and its fire dancing.

Being in the water on the kayaks, we had front row seats to an amazing fire dance show.

Light Boarding = a Great Ending to an Adventure-Filled Day on Koh Samui!

Hanging out here in the water beyond the beaches of Koh Samui, was a great way to end our adventure-filled day.  We enjoyed bobbing in the ocean, sitting back to take in the tranquil sounds of the waves, and the lively scene on the beach.

Looking up, we could see the stars in the sky, looking down we could see the tropical fish, and over at the beach we could see fire shows and dancing lights.  Wow!

Our full day of adventure on Koh Samui was just that, a full day.  It was such a memorable experience, and Dave and his crew were impressive.  Their dedication to safety is first and foremost, but their friendly manner and focus on their guest’s experience was fantastic.

We highly recommend spending the day with Dave and the crew at Adventure Samui.  

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