Scuba Diving Made Easy – Check out Snookah (Snuba) Diving in Koh Samui!

Do you enjoy snorkeling?  How about the idea of being able to explore beautiful underwater worlds and sea life for an extended period of time, without having to come up for air?  Have you ever wanted to Scuba Dive, but were a bit nervous to spend the money and go through the courses to get certified?  Well then Snookah Diving (also called Snuba Diving) is definitely for you!

What is Snookah Diving (Snuba Diving)?

I had never heard of Snookah Diving before I arrived in Koh Samui, Thailand.  But I had heard of Snuba over the years while living in the States and traveling to destinations such as the Caribbean, where it is quite popular.  I learned that Snookah Diving is essentially the same thing.  And on this trip to Thailand, we were lucky enough to get to try it out!

Getting our Snookah Gear situated!
Getting our Snookah Gear situated!

Snookah Diving combines the ease of snorkeling, with the ability to go deeper and explore more sea life without having to come up for air, like scuba diving. Instead of a snorkel, you have an actual regulator that is attached with a hose to an oxygen tank.  But instead of carrying the oxygen tank on your back, the tank floats in a mini-raft on the surface of the water, and you are attached with a long hose.

Snookah diving was definitely something that I wanted to try.  Luckily, our friend Dave from Samui Snookah Diving took us out for an awesome afternoon on the waters off the coast of Koh Samui, Thailand!

Why is Snookah (Snuba) Diving Easy?

Snookah (or Snuba) diving is easy because anyone can do it!  You do not need experience or any kind of certification to go snuba diving.  Because the oxygen tank is floating on the water, you are able to swim all around with the freedom to explore underwater life.  Even though your oxygen hose is attached to your raft, you are not tethered to one place because the hose is long, and the raft will float with you.  Plus, you will have an experienced guide (like Dave) on your trip to help you out along the way.


Snookah is Great For Those Who Want More Than Snorkeling, but Nervous About Scuba Diving!

One of the great aspects of Snookah (or Snuba) diving is that it is perfect for people who want to go beyond snorkeling, but are a bit nervous when it comes to Scuba diving.  When Josh and I went scuba diving in Mexico, I was a bit nervous.  And as it turned out, my experience scuba diving didn’t work out so well.  I was apprehensive, I didn’t trust my equipment, and I had a terrible cold that made it impossible to pop my ears (essential when you are diving).

Me swimming…with my raft of floating oxygen tanks behind me!

When we went Snookah Diving with Dave in Samui, he really made me feel at ease.  He explained all the equipment and gave me time to test it out before really submerging myself.  He also let me go at my own pace…so there was no race to the bottom (like the scuba instructor wanted me to do in Mexico – which freaked me out)! 

With Snookah, I was able to control my depth based on my comfort, and ability to pop my ears (which is still an issue).  But whenever I needed to come up to the surface, I was able to.  Also, there is definitely a psychological impact of having a hose tether you to the surface raft.  It gives you something to old on to (if you need it) and almost acts like a security blanket by making you feel more comfortable.  

Check Out Our Snookah Diving Video Below With Dave from Samui Snookah Dive!



Snookah Diving is Definitely Worth Checking Out!

We can’t recommend Snookah (or Snuba) diving enough.  It is a lot of fun, and it’s easier and much more affordable than scuba diving.  Yet, you can get the experience of exploring underwater worlds with the freedom that is similar to Scuba; without the certifications too!  Snookah is definitely for everyone of all ages and abilities.  And if you have an awesome guide like Dave, you will be in good hands the whole time.

If you plan to visit Thailand, be sure to check out Dave’s website – Samui Snookah Dive for more information, as well as other awesome excursions that he offers!

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