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Bluff Works Men’s Travel Slacks

$ 93.00

The BEST Men’s Travel Pants on the Market (or so we think!)

Josh has a pair of these pants, and they are simply amazing.  Whether you travel for business, or if you are a traveler who occasionally needs to kick up the wardrobe for a night out, these pants are perfect.

They are lightweight and pack compactly, plus they are totally wrinkle free!  Yes, we are serious because we have put them to the test ourselves (being crammed in a backpack for 3 months).  And they don’t need to be dry-cleaned, a huge inconvenience for anyone…but especially travelers.  You can toss them in the wash and they hold up fine.

The fabric is very durable, we could wear them hiking if we wanted to.  But they look like dress slacks, so Josh wears his to work as an English teacher abroad.  It’s great to have a versatile pair of pants when traveling – because even as a backpacker.

As a traveler, these Bluff Works pants are useful for all the special hidden pockets, including one for your cell phone and another discreet zipper pocket.

As if that wasn’t enough, these pants are super comfortable — Josh actually enjoys wearing them!

Need more convincing?  Check out our complete review!


Available colors:  Charcoal (Josh’s favorite), Grey, Navy Blue, Light Brown, Black, and Khaki.

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